Gaming Open Market Hacked Again

by Alphaville Herald on 22/09/04 at 11:42 am

GOM strike price. Hmm, Lindens need to do something about the deflation.

As Dan Hunter has reported on Terra Nova, the Linden dollar/US dollar money exchange, Gaming Open Market, has been hacked again. Thankfully, the Lindens are working with Jamie Hale (aka Zeppi Schlegel) to rectify the situation. Obviously we are going to see a few of these episodes before we get the kinks out and the security up. Hopefully everyone will have enought patience to see this through.

“Well, it happened again. Someone took advantage of us and we have another mess to clean up. Linden Lab noticed the problem early and stepped in and froze all the funds in Zeppi’s account so that the fraudster couldn’t make off with any. But of course, that prevented a few of you from getting your withdrawals. Rest assured your money (USD and L$) are safe – we just have to sift through the records to figure out who owes what to whom. If you have “lost” any L$ in the past day, please reply to this email with the details (time and avatar name) and I’ll add it to the list to correct.

You’ll notice the site is locked out. We decided to close the doors for a bit while we get things under control. I know this is a pain for some of you, and I’m really sorry. I’m also sorry because I’ve been ignoring the bazillions of IMs I’ve been getting. I’m not trying to be rude. Just trying to get things ironed out so we can get return to service as quickly as possible.

The in-world ATMs have been collected because we figured while we were down cleaning things up, we’d touch up the ATM scripts which have been crufting up over the past few months.

Once again, I apologize for any inconveniences. We’ll be up and running very soon, and your money and L$ are, as usual, completely safe. You’re welcome to confirm that with your local Linden.”

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  1. urizenus

    Sep 23rd, 2004

    Here is an update:

    Sorry for the spam, but I wanted to give you an update.

    We have put in place two new restrictions for PayPal deposits. First, you will need to have an *activated* Second Life avatar link. If you don’t, visit the ‘My Avatars’ page and follow the instructions.

    Second, until we implement a scaling restriction, you will only be able to make a maximum of $500.00 deposit in any given 24 hours. As soon as we can, we will lift this restriction for trusted clients.

    We expect to have the transactions up to date and the site opened up again by tonight. Thank you for your patience.

    Jamie Hale
    President – Gaming Open Market Corp.

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