Revenge of the Stratics Mods

by Alphaville Herald on 12/09/04 at 8:49 pm

stratics mod.jpg
Still master of his domain: A Stratics mod fondles his sensual red Swingline stapler while contemplating the next SLH writer to ban from his domain.

Well, in the 5 days that have passed since the Second Life Herald published The Story on how links to links to the Second Life Herald have been prohibited on Stratics, the Stratics mods have turned their vengence machine against contributors to the Herald. In particular, Ian has been permanently banned (lol, like that will keep *him* away) and RB has been banned for 72 hours. Some details are in the comment section to the prohibited linking story, but I am gathering documentation for a more thorough report in the near future. Stay tuned… Meanwhile we encourage our readers to supply us with further reports on abusive and corrupt behavior by the Stratics mods (both sim stratics and other stratics boards).

3 Responses to “Revenge of the Stratics Mods”

  1. Father Callahan

    Sep 12th, 2004

    Thanks Urizenus for giving me credit for that photograph!

    Just kidding :)


    Sep 13th, 2004

    More Stratics Selective Enforcement
    I just heard that a poster on the Sims Stratics forums has been informed that having a link in his sig to his website which links to the Second Life Herald which discusses economic issues in MMORPGs which is very very bad and must be exorcised. You can…

  3. simon

    Sep 14th, 2004

    Stratics banned me once because I put a link to a site whos Forms mentioned Evangeline.

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