Second Skin, part 5: Mistress Midnight

by Alphaville Herald on 21/09/04 at 5:13 am

By Miravoir Psaltry


Believe it or not this is the 5th SL skin artist we’ve talked to. Previously in this series of interviews we spoke with Chip Midnight, Santana Lumiere, and CherryBomb Hare and Kathmandu Gilman. In this installment we speak with Mistress Midnight, best known for her elegant and sensual goth skins.


Miravoir: what is your focus in skin art, are you going for direct photorealism, or do you paint your designs?

Mistress Midnight —-Not so much going for photo realism, I dont want Pores and zits on my real face, so why would i want it in sl :) hehe

Miravoir: i noticed many photorealistic skins are either mottled or have seams at the arms, if you use photos, how do you overcome that

Mistress Midnight —-I feather in a solid color, all of my skins are seam free :) –i hate seams! to me, it may take 10 more uploads, but i won’t be happy until its seamless

Miravoir: why did you decide to go with your style?

Mistress Midnight—-I am not sure, I guess from the skins that are out right now, im constantly getting requests to have my makeup added to it, so i figured, i’d just do some myself :)

Miravoir: what is your philosophy of beauty?

Mistress Midnight—-Beauty is a personal thing, whatever makes you feel confident will make you glow, and a glow can come through in attitude, so clearly visible in game :)

Miravoir: how much are your skins

Mistress Midnight—-My skins are $3500 with 4 makeup textures included, right now i have light, dark, and gothic skins –modifications are 1k

Miravoir: how much detail do you put into your skins

Mistress Midnight—-Everything that I would like, i put in, i have textured stud earrings on my personal one, and a silver tooth in the back too :) no one can actually see it, but i guess its my skin trademark :)

Miravoir: What is your favorite design?

Mistress Midnight: My favorite design is my goth skin…

Miravoir: Thanks so much for your time :)

Mistress Midnight: You’re welcome


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  1. ahdiahn

    Sep 21st, 2004

    Great articles – just one thing – you got Chip’s last name wrong in this one, and in a couple of previous ‘skin’ ones.

  2. urizenus

    Sep 21st, 2004

    Yikes, it’s Chip Midnight. OMG I gotta change those mistakes. thanks for the correcion ahdiahn. (I was writing about the Morning Star and Evening Star, so I guess that’s where I to that Morningstar stuff).

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