Sims 2 Marketing Campaign: sex sex sex sex sex

by Alphaville Herald on 20/09/04 at 1:26 pm


Faithful readers of the Herald know that we don’t like to discuss s-e-x, and only do so under duress, but the new advertising campaign by EA for the Sims 2 begs, pleads and grovels for attention and blogging. What we find fascinating is the conjunction of the new advertising campaign with EAs insistance that there is “absolutely no sex” in the online sims. I guess we are to conclude this: people want sex with NPCs, but would never cyber with human typists. Question: what does this tell us about EA? Conjecture: it is not run by humans but by the matrix. Or maybe The Borg. But we knew that.

Ah, nothing says gaming hyjinx like infidelity and catching your spouse in the sack with someone else! (Or being caught with someone else!) What could be more fun than that!

There’s no sex in TSO, but oh those randy NPCs in Sims 2!

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  1. RB

    Sep 20th, 2004

    I’ll save JB the breath and post this for him.

    There is absoloutley no sex in Sims 2! It’s all in your mind. has this so called professor seen any? where is his proof? These are more baseless allegations only seeking to damage our perfect *smirk* reputation. Pish posh at the herald, they know nothing.

    Jeff Brown
    Vice President of Bemused Department.
    Electronic Arts
    1234 no clue blvd, California.

  2. Evan

    Sep 19th, 2007

    The Sims 2 does have sex, RB. They don’t call it sex*, they call it WooHoo. When they do “WooHoo,” the Sims are fully clothed and the 3D animation does not show “anything going into anything.”

    *You can, not that you should, download mods and hacks that can make it say “Sex” or “F***.”

  3. Anomynous

    Dec 3rd, 2007

    okay first they do have sex. but in the game its also a choice. and also i agree with the guy’s comment before mine.

  4. lala

    Sep 25th, 2008

    there is no cant even see what they’re doing. people are soo stupid.

  5. Diana

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    … Seems that you need to raid a sarcasm sign for those people around here…

  6. Lucy

    Nov 11th, 2012

    Yes they do fuck each other they go in bed so you cant see!!! dummys!!!

  7. Alice

    Jul 28th, 2015

    WTF there is no sex in sims

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