Tigger escapes the 11 city hood for greener pastures

by Alphaville Herald on 15/09/04 at 7:42 pm


[sorry for the delay in reporting this -- earlier draft got nuked. The Good Father's fault I am sure. --Uri]

By: Father Callahan

According to Sims Stratics sub-Minister of Thought Control, Leah, and this notice on the SWG boards, Ex Senior Online Community Representative for TSO, Tigger is now working on the ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ project. Her new job is “Assistant Online Community Manager.” While we disagreed with Tigger about a lot, we wouldn’t wish a career at EA on anyone, so we are happy she has escaped to MUCH greener pastures. Go Tigger! And, while we didn’t feel free to say it when she worked here, now that we no longer have a professional relationship, the whole SL/AVH staff would like to get you into a chat room and say this: HAAAARRRR!!!

Press Release follows

Diane “Tiggs” Migliaccio’s Letter to the Community

Heya! My name is Diane Migliaccio however I go by the name of Tiggs (yes, I am a female gamer). I am the new Assistant Online Community Manager for Star Wars Galaxies and here to help make Kurt’s job a bit easier. Some of you may remember me from my previous positions held at Electronic Arts with the Ultima Online Volunteer program and The Sims Online Development team. *looks out and sees some familiar faces*.

For those that don’t know me I will give you some background information on myself. I was given the nickname Tigger (Tiggs) for being a hyper-active child, teenager and adult. The only people that refer to me as Diane are my parents and it is usually followed by me having done something wrong :P I am a workaholic that will surprise you at all hours with posts on the forums. Sleep is for the weak is my motto; though as I get older I am adding on an hour of sleep here and there. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my children, our two black Labs, Gaming or floating around on our boat on Lake Travis taking in the sun.

I won’t bother going through the games I have played in the past since you have heard it all before. I will give you some background on my gaming style. *looks around cautiously* I love PVP and I am a power gamer. I do play Star Wars Galaxies when I can. Right now I am in the process of moving so I can’t play as often as I want to right now. However that will change and once I get settled in my characters will get the attention that they really need.

My last position before coming to Star Wars Galaxies was with The Sims Online in the role of Senior Online Community Representative and my main focus was the community. Wait!!! Before you huff and puff that The Sims Online is a very different game from Star Wars Galaxies; I have to say that the one thing that will always remain the same with any game is the passion that the community has. I have spent the last few days reading over all of the Star Wars Galaxy forums and that passion shines through. *psst… I hear you!!* You, like the previous communities I have dealt with, want to be heard or acknowledged so at least you know you are not posting in vain. I will try my best to acknowledge your posts even if it is a simple post that says “Great Idea” or “I will pass this on to the team”. I am very laid back and it takes a lot to make me “pounce”. All I ask is be constructive in your posts, agree to disagree and remember there is a human with feelings that wrote that post you are replying to and we will get along fine!

I am looking forward to getting to know you the community and extremely excited about working with some past co-workers/friends and the best people in this industry that are on the Star Wars Galaxies Team.

See you on the boards!!


7 Responses to “Tigger escapes the 11 city hood for greener pastures”

  1. RB

    Sep 15th, 2004

    Hooray for Tigger. Good for her. She’s gone to a job that will actually take her somewhere. SWG is going places in a big way. TSO is a dead end job. Plus just being run by EA makes it bad. ha.

    well wishes for tiggs at SWG :)

    - RB

  2. SM

    Sep 15th, 2004

    YAY TIGGER!!! I am so happy to hear u have moved and i wish the best of luck in SWG :)

  3. Slag

    Sep 16th, 2004

    Die all you Tigger ass kissers ..DIE !! Go work on your kewl sigs.

  4. urizenus

    Sep 16th, 2004

    ROC Violation! Ban slag! Ban Slag! Ban Slag! On second thought, I’m gonna work on a kewl sig for myself instead. rotfl.

  5. Slag

    Sep 16th, 2004

    Lol Uri I double-dog dare you to trot out your kewl sig. Hmm I might have to run over to SWG and kiss me some Tigger ass. OUT

  6. Sam

    Sep 24th, 2004

    WTF you giving that ho press for? Damn I have lost all respect for you!

  7. urizenus

    Sep 24th, 2004

    Sam, take a pill and go get a massage or something.

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