Big Mick Permanently Banned from Stratics!

by Alphaville Herald on 12/10/04 at 8:33 am

Well, the tale of Stratics keeps writing itself, and just when u think the plot couldn’t get any thicker, well, it gets thicker! Just days after opening his own chat board as an alternative to Stratics, Mick Lite has been banned from Stratics for having a link to his own board in his bio. You can read the story in Mick’s own words below, but some interesting questions come up. Was Mick looking to get banned? Does that mean he *should* have been banned? Have the Stratics mods completely lost all sense of proportion?

From Mick’s site:

“Thats right, I received another “friendly warning” today, when I posted on a thread from Sir, letting him know to be careful. He posted 2 minutes after his own post. When I posted a minute after my post, it was deleted and I was warned for bumping and spamming the boards when all I did was add another sentence to what I was already talking about. Right after the friendly warning, I received an official warning. The official warning stated that I was previously warned for having a link to this site in my signature. I deleted it from my signature after I was warned. But my official warning came from me having a link to this site listed as my homepage in my bio…. wtf?? And that if I posted again, I would be banned. During this escapade, I was talking to Honeybuns on AIM lol. I asked her to please ban me because I was a stratics plus member, and decided I did not want to waste anymore good money to keep that site in operation. She said she could not ban me because I asked her, but if I posted again without removing the link to this site from my bio, then she would. So I posted in the City Hall saying Hi Honeybuns, how are you this evening…. and was banned lol.”

8 Responses to “Big Mick Permanently Banned from Stratics!”

  1. Slag

    Oct 12th, 2004

    Slow news day Uri ?

  2. Jasmine

    Oct 12th, 2004

    Yes your site is illigal on stratics not because of it’s anti-stratics mood, and everything stratics is not but because you have simolean selling going on there and that is not allowed to be linked to. You are not “Banned” you are on what I think is a “temp ban” meaning they put you on ban until you remove the link out of any place on Sims Stratics.

    Anyway Mick, you have your own forums now to hang out on :D Who needs stratics?

  3. RB

    Oct 12th, 2004

    Hard to tell slag. since the day has only begun in the US. close to 9am the “posted by” bit says.

    And like Mick cares. stratics is nothing. and he has more accounts. lol. :D

    only the “hard core” luffers will be left on stratics when him and others + me are done.

    we’ll steal ALL thier worthy posters. lol.

    - RB

  4. Mick Lite

    Oct 12th, 2004

    Now they changed it from perma ban to 24 hour ban… lol

  5. Sicko

    Oct 15th, 2004

    Interesting that when I posted on Mick’s website, to a thread that was addressing me, my posts were immediately edited, my profile childishly altered, and when I complained about Mick’s lack of consistency in choosing his battles, I was immediately banned. What a clown.

  6. Mick Lite

    Oct 19th, 2004

    Be careful, your ctrl v buttons are going to wear out fast, you post that same message over and over and over and sent it to so many sims. The best part is not one of them believed you and they all put you on ignore lol. Guess you should go back to Jamba Juice.

  7. God is a hoax

    Oct 19th, 2004

    It does not really matter if your pack of dogs believes me or not. However, I do admit that ctrl v is very convenient.You may want to check your facts, dear. All of my sims are still very much in use. You know this Mick, you are just frustrated that all your complaining to Maxis did nothing. Hehehehe. And I will spam whoever and whenever I please.The best part is, is that you continue to believe I am Eve. I find this very amusing, and I’m sure Uri can confirm that I am indeed not Eve. I can’t believe how slow you really are. GEt a clue. At least I have proved how naive and stupid you really are.GJust look at the vocabulary you use. So mature. Get your facts straight dear, and choose your battles wisely. Good luck with the site. You will surely need it, dear. ;]

  8. Mafioso

    Oct 19th, 2004

    What a loser.

    And I’m not talkin bout mick.

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