SOE vs Big Mick

by Alphaville Herald on 02/10/04 at 7:23 pm

Mick Lite and his OnlineGameBucks site just can’t stay out of the news lately. No sooner does he reward his 10,000th customer with 500K extra free simoleans in the hardcore city of Dragon’s Cove, than Sony Online Entertainment tries to bust a cap in his ass over his sale of time cards and CD Keys for SWG, EQ, and Planetside. While Mick’s Lawyer check’s out SOE’s case they have suspended sales of all SOE products (Platinum Pieces, etc.). Statement from Mick follows.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Starwars Galaxies, Everquest and Planetside have been removed from the store on our site for purchasing time cards and cd keys. They were removed because Sony threatened to sue us if we did not stop selling their products. This really sucks as SWG was our number 2 seller.

We don’t know if the removal will be temporary or not. I currently have my lawyer looking into if they have a case or not. They are claiming that by our selling we are devaluating their trademark. So until further notice all Sony products are no longer available.

But we all know SOE sucks ass anyways.

Mick Lite

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14 Responses to “SOE vs Big Mick”

  1. Mafioso

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    Even if they didnt have a case, if they hauled you to court it’d be disasterous. I knew of an auction site that got sued for using the same font as the Ty website – Comic Sans. They had to change the font because it would simply cost too much to fight in court.

  2. TBT

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    LMAO SOE sucks bad enough for you to profit quite nicely from and be your #2 seller? :-)

    It’s NOT like you don’t or didn’t know selling SWG stuff is not allowed as Sony games have always been that way so this should come as no surprise to you, me or anyone. Heck people have got away with it for close to a year now so its time to take on a different game and replace it is all or face the consequences what ever they may be should anyone continue.

    I laugh at the people that get pissed off at the game companies whos games we cheat/exploit and profit from because we are the ones who are wrong in the first place so if you get mad get mad at yourself as it was you who choose to take the course in the game in which you did.

    If TSO/SWG/EQ or who ever bans or terminates me I’d be a friggin fool to be mad at them for the actions I obviously did wrong in the game..

    We all have to accept responsibility for our actions at some point..

  3. You know who TBT

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Hmmm funny when I said that on those forums, you thought the opposite… Don’t go John kerry on me

  4. TBT

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Hmmm really now? I do not recall ever saying that if i were banned or terminated that i’d be pissed at the game company.. I KNOW damn well i’m in the wrong..

    Oh and there are millions of people on the internet so if you want to post and play guessing games i have no clue so why dont you just say who you are not that it really matters..

  5. TBT

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    As for john kery i’m assuming you are talking about how he’s labled a flipflop?

    I am sure that in all your years you’ve never thought one way on a subject then later as you learned more have changed your mind..

    That’s far better then never admitting you were wrong or maybe see things differently later and having 100s, no 1000s die because of your bad decision making as an example..

    I see it everyday in web forums ust like these where people think one way then after they learn more they then change their initial thoughts..

  6. trailblazer

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    There is a strong rumor going around that SOE might not be in charge of SWG much longer, that Lucasarts might take over SWG soon after Jump to Lightspeed goes live, the rumors are coming from a couple of things, one because of some hiring by Lucasarts, and that they signed EA to run SWG in Japan, from what I hear that Lucasarts is not pleased by the direction that SWG is taken, and that SOE strayed to far off the original plan for the game.

  7. Storm

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    If you look closely Trailblazer you’ll notice the job is for marketing..LA doesnt just give SOE rights to there games, they need to keep it at a certain standard, and they need to allow LA to have some say-so. That “say-so” is what this job is…It’s been around for awhile, they just fired the past one because of more and more people leaving the game, and SWG failing faster and faster.

  8. Mafioso

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Please don’t bring politics into this, before I go Bush on your ass.

  9. RB

    Oct 3rd, 2004


    LA CANNOT!!!!!!! let EA run any aspect of SWG. EA is abhorrent with anything relating to online games.

    no way they ganna F up SWG for me. EA sux at the internet :P so they can stay in thier corner.

    I’d be advising LA not to do business with EA. :O

    - RB

  10. Storm

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    EA is the lesser of two evils when compared to SOE in my opinion…or at least when it comes to SWG (EQ2 looks awesome).

  11. Mick Lite

    Oct 4th, 2004

    Sucks ass as in the way they run their game into the ground. Them being my #2 seller has nothing to do with that. I have my ways of generating my traffic and have become a pretty good salesman. :) My lawyer likes the story of a kid in Korea who was being sued by a Diablo I believe, and won the case. We are trying to find more info on that kid.

    SWG has lost a lot of subscribers but most are waiting around to see if the expansion is worth it. I didnt hear about them giving their game to somebody else (EA or whoever) to run, but I did hear a lot of job position changes were taking place because it was going down hill.

  12. TBT

    Oct 4th, 2004

    Mick look in tsoe wasn’t it DS who posted about that kid in korea awhile back?

  13. Mick Lite

    Oct 4th, 2004

    TSOE Website has been down for months.

  14. TBT

    Oct 5th, 2004

    well megatomix or whatever its the same thing.. they converted most of the posts from the old tsoe..

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