Stratics bans anti-Kerry .sig

by Alphaville Herald on 21/10/04 at 7:34 pm

Ohhhh Stratics, you’ve done it again!

Just when you think the Stratics Thought Police have run out of speech to ban, a stratics user now claims that the following .sig was banned by the Mods:
banned sig.png
I mean, I’ll be voting for Kerry too, but it would never occur to me to ban a siggy like that. Given that Stratics is really the only common space for discussion for tens of thousands of gamerz, this really raises serious issues about whether such draconian censorship is not violating a basic public responsibility one takes on when running such public discussion forums. Message from stratics mod follows.

Change of signature
From: Lyliane Dea
Received: 10/16/04 08:52 PM

This is warning to modify your signature.

Political discussion isn’t allowed on the game forum, and are more suitable for the Off topic stratics forum.

Furthermore, supporting your own view in your signature is acceptable, however, attacking the other side is not.

Please modify your signature before posting again. Not complying could result on actions on your stratic account, and the removal of further posts done with that signature.

Have a nice day.

banned sig.png

57 Responses to “Stratics bans anti-Kerry .sig”

  1. urizenus

    Oct 24th, 2004

    Well, I don’t call them ‘housewives’, AJ, I call them “homemakers”, and they are in point of fact managers of small businesses, typically being responsible for managing a small army of plumbers, cable tv guys, electricians, yard workers, in addition to arranging the planning, transportation, and feeding of numerous members of the family. Oh and let’s not forget shopping for supplies and arranging the social calendar for the family. Chances are they also handle all the home finances (not trivial in this day and age). And while I have met many such persons at baseball/soccer/gym/karate/ballet/etc practices in my day, I have yet to meet a lonely one. Am I a homemaker? Well, if I was I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed of it.

  2. ajdown@jp

    Oct 24th, 2004

    If you read Stratics a bit more carefully, you’d understand it was a tongue in cheek reference to one of your pet troll’s signatures :)


  3. Cocoanut

    Oct 24th, 2004

    “Well, I don’t call them ‘housewives’, AJ, I call them ‘homemakers’, and they are in point of fact managers of small businesses . . I have yet to meet a lonely one. Am I a homemaker? Well, if I was I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

    What? WHAT??? Uri said all this? I may love you after all, Uri!

    You forgot to put in the part about raising children, teaching them, guiding them, mothering them, and all that (where applicable).

    Not to mention holding down an outside job concurrently to all this (where applicable).

    I prefer the term “housewife” over “homemaker”, myself, given its lengthy and respectable history of usage. But I like “Domestic Goddess” even better.


  4. urizenus

    Oct 24th, 2004

    teacher too, Coco, good point. And its a lot harder, more challenging, and more rewarding than teaching…let’s say…at the university level.

    I think the title should be Chief Household and Family Operations Officer.

  5. TBT

    Oct 24th, 2004

    Clearly sees aj’s way out of a subject when he knows he’s been bewat or told….

    “Wah you said something nesty or negative so therefore our conversation ends and i don’t answer you”.. typical playground child behavior, you talked mean to me so i’m notv talking to you blah blah..

    keep shutting him up uri someone needs to.. He may as well call himself god he sure acts like he has the answer for everything thats wrong..

  6. Grady

    Oct 25th, 2004

    *Agrees with TBT’s last post*

  7. ajdown@jp

    Oct 25th, 2004

    TBT, what are you talking about?

    I was merely correcting another of Uri’s mistakes, that’s all, so if you could perhaps be a little more specific in your accusations next time, it would be much appreciated.

    Perhaps if you had understood the context to which I referred to the ‘housewife’ joke, then you would have understood it, but I guess it was a little too advanced for you. People know who I am, you’re probably best staying as an anonymous troll.


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