The Other Way to Run a Forum

by Alphaville Herald on 02/10/04 at 7:33 pm

Thanks to Toy for passing along this tidbit. While the Stratics Mods are busy falling overthemselves threatening to ban people that provide links to sites that link to sites that link to sites that sell game currency, Robin Linden (an EA escapee, btw) offers the following breathtakingly simple and sane policy for the SL Forums:

“…in interpreting the TOS clause about linking to content on other websites, we’ve tried to take a pretty liberal approach and only delete links that contain broadly offensive material (videos of beheading people in Iraq) or material that’s posted as a specific personal attack against an individual (a picture of someone giving an obscene gesture).

We do not have any interest in trying to control content on 3rd party websites, fansites or not. It’s up to the moderators of those sites to decide how they want to manage their sites.”

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  1. Jasmine

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    Off hand note, incase anybody feels like it they can e-mail me at I set up a seperate e-mail for those wishing or wanting to continue any sort of debate with me privatly.

    Your saying the Second Life Rules are much, much more clear and nicely put. While this is great and everything, saying TSO rules should be like SL rules is wrong. It is wrong because TSO is not SL. While SL apparently does have a better system than TSO’s forums, going around saying it one thing is better than something on a very unfavorable website among the EA and Stratics lovers is not going to change a single thing. Except cause hate, fueds and a bunch of other mean/nasty unessary things.

    The best option would be to send an email to Brekkee explaining your view of the rules and how you think their wording should be changed. Perhaps, because, I feel strongly over this I might swallow my own advice and see about emailing Brekkee.

  2. RB

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    SL is an adults game.
    TSO is a kids game.

    There’s your differance. of course EA just plain sucks at anything online too (4 failed mmorpg’s) so that doesn’t help. Guess they suck at choosing 3rd party hosting too.

    - RB

  3. Simon

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    “SL is an adults game.
    TSO is a kids game.”
    Dont you think the rules for TSO would be much more clearer then?
    Mr. Linden knows how to run a gaming company. jeff brown or whoever runs EA proballay got his degree at HarvErd College. or the “Quallity College”.

  4. J

    Oct 2nd, 2004

    Hi Jasmine,

    Just to clarify, TOS stands for “Terms of Service”.

    She wasn’t talking about The Sims Online (TSO). :^)

  5. J

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Hi Jasmine,

    Just to clarify, TOS stands for “Terms of Service”.

    She wasn’t talking about The Sims Online (TSO). :^)

  6. Dan Druff

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    “While the Stratics Mods are busy falling overthemselves threatening to ban people that provide links to sites that link to sites that link to sites that sell game currency”

    J, I could be mistaken, but that looks to me like a TSO-related reference.. (then followed up by “TOS” in a separate paragraph) considering all the posts here about TSO Stratics mods and their practices.

    Ahhhh, good ol’ Stratics.. the place (SWGS, anyway) that put a few viruses on my computer and the computers of several other people, and then tried to tell us it was all our fault.

  7. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    J, thankyou for pointing that out to me, I ment RoC but I put TOS.

    I would like everybody to know that I swallowed my own advice and took the time to construct to e-mail Brekkee regarding the issue. I will not share publically the contents of those e-mails because I feel that these are personal. I will tell everybody that the response I got was positive and it looks like something is/will soon be in the works of changing, making it easier to understand the rules.

  8. Mafioso

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    There’s that naivety again. You actually think Brekke will/has the power do something?

  9. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Naivety is not what that is.

    I will tell you what it is.

    It is me stepping up to go through the process of changing something I am not happy with and feel strongly about. It takes babysteps and lots of time.

    Yes, I do have faith that Brekkee will not let me down. I have confidence that she has the power to at least do something in Sims Stratics since she holds a lot of weight there.

    While Brekkee is in no position to start editing the basic rules that Stratics as a whole has had for five years, she can pass my suggestions up to the powers and put me incontact with them.

    In the meantime other things can be done, and I feel like going ahead and doing what I can to improve the current situation and bring about some changes before, I sit around the Alphaville Herald complaining.

    I prefer to take the proper steps in changing something I do not like rather than going around slandering somebody because I feel they are at fault for something I do not like.

  10. Father Callahan

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Dear Ms. Politically Correct Jasmine,

    I was laughing all threw your statement. Do you think Brekkee or anyone in her position gives two shits? Obviously they have seen many people complain about how the rules are up to debate.

  11. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I am going to ignore the sarcasm in the way you addressed me. Obviously people have complained to them through e-mail.

    There is a srong difference between complaining and being constructive. My E-mail was not a complaint, it was something constructive which took a long time to write and process all my thoughts. Yes, I do think Brekkee does care. If she did not she would not have taken the time to respond to my e-mail. If she did not care she would not have the position she currently holds.

    I am determind to change a few things and when I am determind, there is no stopping me.

  12. Mafioso

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I can see the response now..

    “We have taken your comments into consideration and thank you for your time.

    Have a nice day, we hope that your thoughts of us actually thinking your statements have any merit help you to sleep better tonight.

    We aren’t sincere about anything and just dont give a crap.”

  13. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    Mafioso, I am happy to that her response was much different than what you have written there.

    Stop being so cynical and open up your mind a little bit.

  14. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I am happy to say that her response was much different than what you have taken a stab at guessing it was like.

    Try not to be so cynical, open your mind a little bit. Take a chance at seeing the positive side of things. It’ll make you a much happier person in the long run. :D

  15. Father Callahan

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I don’t think being cynical is as worse as being naive.

  16. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I am not naive, I relieze that they can throw my ideas/time and effort aside and not do one thing. Right now I am going to have an open mind, I believe deep down weather or not Brekkee wants to she does care to a certain extent. She has to care, unless she wants to get fired.

    I have faith right now. You do not. That is fine, I will go my way and you go yours. I refuse to sit here and call you names just because, you have a different mindset than I do about things.

  17. Father Callahan

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    She doesn’t have to care…she won’t get fired. You send the email to her personal message box. Not like the guy who runs it knows. IF you actually want to talk to someone who cares… go to

    and contact the two guys at the top… “Den” and “Jhariden” … i would suggest Jhariden, he runs the place.

    That is someone who MIGHT care.

  18. Jasmine

    Oct 3rd, 2004

    I sent it to her personal Staff Stratics ones:

    Father Callahan, I am already two steps ahead of you, with contacting Jharidan. Apparently my E-mail was forwarded to him, however, if I do not hear back from anybody in two to three days, I will go ahead and send him my own message directly to him.

    I do not want to become an annoying pest to them. What I want is to slowly work at it one step at a time. Consistantly without giving up, until I am almost 100% certain there is nothing more I can do.

    Oh yes, and Father Callahan, I think you care too. If you did not you would not have taken the time to get that information for me.

  19. Mafioso

    Oct 4th, 2004

    Lol, you are truly an optimist. You think that, not only will they care, but that they’ll care if youre not a pest? Squeaky, annoying wheels get the oil more than a quiet wheel. Though, if Stratics has the same policy as EA, they wont care if they crash the whole car.

  20. Father Callahan

    Oct 4th, 2004

    I don’t really care, because I know it is a lost cause. But if someone actually wants to try to do something, I can atleast have the heart to help them. But if *I* really did have a heart, I wouldn’t tell you any of that, because it is just a waste of your time. I am surprised if you got anywhere in life with your approach of “I believe in them, and I will do anything to make it change”…well in EA’s and Stratic’s case anyways :-/

  21. Jasmine

    Oct 4th, 2004

    Optomistic no. Realistic yes.

    Look at it this way:

    I would not even bother if it was EA games I was dealing with, because they’ve been walking around with their heads up their asses for forever now.

    Stratics is not EA, it has several other sucessful components to it, and it is going strong. The community made Stratics successful and it is the community that holds the most weight over there.

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