In the Belly of the Beast

by Alphaville Herald on 23/11/04 at 9:44 am

CMU Researcher Randy Pausch

Academic Randy Pausch has provided a rare look into the workings of EA Corporation in a recent paper entitled “An Academic’s Field Guide to Electronic Arts“. The paper is based on Pausch’s residency at EA and is intended as a sympathetic portrait — designed specificially to help academic institutions to build programs to feed the EA human meat grinder (see previous story). Mmmm, more hearwarming stuff. But despite the intended goal of the paper being to Feed the Beast ™, some insightful comments slip through the fluffing. My favorite:

“Probably the most surprising thing I learned about EA is that its leaders, including its creative leaders, describe it as a packaged goods company like Procter and Gamble or Nabisco.”

Know what? I didn’t find this surprising AT ALL!

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