Jeff Brown: We aren’t the Only Sweat Shop!

by Alphaville Herald on 23/11/04 at 9:24 am

EA’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, Jeff Brown

Just a few days ago, when we blogged the heartbreaking post from EA Spouse, we predicted that Jeff Brown would weigh in with some suitably unhelpful comments. And now he has! While the post from EA spouse has now received some 3000 comments (including many stories that second the picture painted by EA Spouse), the Washington Post, in an article entitled “Serfs up in the Video Game Industry“, Jeff gives us the EA line: well, everyone else in the game industry treats their employees like crap too.

Mmmm, heartwarming.

One Response to “Jeff Brown: We aren’t the Only Sweat Shop!”

  1. RB

    Nov 23rd, 2004

    lol. it’s all so true. lol.

    EA treats online gamers like crap, so no wonder it’s so horrible for employees. EA is nothing but a giant sourball in the industry. Sweet and nice looking on the outside, but very unplesent inside.

    - RB

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