Avatar of the Year: One Song/Mr. Fairplay

by Alphaville Herald on 30/12/04 at 4:04 pm

One Song, in his golden battle suit, raises his corporate flag in Jessie

Dedicated readers of the Herald know that our coveted Avatar of the Year Award (the “Avi”) goes to the avatar+alts that did the most to change the virtual news over the past year, for better for worse. This year the selection was an easy one: One Song/Mr. Fairplay. Indeed, the only competition he had was from his own scripted intersim ballistic missile that can deliver sim-crashing nukes to selected targets in SL. How could you vote against a guy who torched the Reichstag and raised his corporate flag over the still flaming structure? But there was so much more…

One Song firing away

I first saw One Song when I was visiting a member of the Diad mafia (run by the ex Vince Soprano of tso) and a shootout with the neighboring W Hats erupted. Shortly thereafter, One Song arrived and issued a stern warning to the Diads, telling them that they didn’t know who they were messing with. Not sure the Diads heeded the advice, but it did typify the kind of underground conflict resolution that one sees in Second Life — leading figures (sometimes gang leaders or respected group leaders) interceding directly to talk sense into one or both of the parties (similar roles are played by Chaunsey Crash (in the Pancake Stryker incident)and Cinda Valentino).

The next time I saw One Song, it was at the outbreak of the Second Jessie War. He and Tank Levy were busy acquiring most of the Stamford sim, with an eye to building a megamall between the teleport station and Club Elite. When the WWIIOLers took umbrage at the project and built a giant wall, One Song was incensed. When they called him a pussy, war broke out, leading to a series of global attacks between One Song and his allies in The Cartel on one side, and the WWIIOLers and the Techsols on the other.

At the time of the Second Jessie War, One Song was operating a club/cyberbrothel called Diamonds, and while there were other cyberbrothels, no one was so brazen about it, posting prices for all the services.

Prices posted at One Song’s erotic dance/cyber club

Club Diamonds was also interesting because of the dancers’ tables that One Song had scripted.

Diamonds dancer Cathy Curie, at a dance table scripted by One Song

What I didn’t know at the time of the Second Jessie War was that One Song had also done most of his own scripting, including the invisible armor that made him impervious to gunfire and turret fire in Jessie. Even the fully armed flying mechanical moose couldn’t bring him down!

Even the moose couldn’t bring down One Song

But of course his big scripting project at the time was his intersim nuke weapon, which he boasted could bring down the entire SL grid if he wanted it to.

One Song’s intersim nuke delivery device

Was the nuke ever used? That is a good question, since there are rumors that it was used in BallerMoMo’s attack on Reno Parks and the Bad Boys gang in their private sim, crashing it and 5 other sims as well. And there are other rumors, for example surrounding the autoreturn of all objects at club X-tacy. Microscopic scripted objects infected the sim and turned the land into lag hell, forcing the club owners to autoreturn everything on the property. Was One Song involved? He certainly had a motive after his break with Tank Levy, but the world may never know for sure.

Of course the break with Tank Levy led to further drama, including the controversial boxing match between One Song and Tank Levy and David Jacobs at Second Life boxing. When One Song won the match, it appeared that David Jacobs became incensed with his SLB partner Tommy Rampal for organizing the event and pulled out of SLB, trashing the boxing venue in protest.

But then One Song, or should I say Mr. Fairplay, went clean. More or less. He devoted much of his energy to scripting his infamous poker table, which today is one of the most complex (and fun) objects in SL and is a staple at better clubs and casinos.

One Song at the poker table he scripted

His big project of late has been attempting to organize a private mini-grid of sims off the mainland, which will have its own set of rules and governance structure. Called Dream City, if carried off, it will become, in effect, the first true Virtual City State in the metaverse.

Of course the One Song avi is still called out of retirement to flex some muscle and slap down miscreants, the most recent case being when Sasami Wishbringer attempted to enlist SL gangs in a harassment campaign against the Herald because of our reporting on Sasami’s sales of hentai porn and his roleplaying as an 8 year old slave/prostitute.

Often he can be seen at Linden Town Meetings in the persona of Mr. Fairplay, the politician: passionate defender of the rights of land barons, critic of SL’s plans to introduce a kiddie grid, and advocate of a bottom-up approach to conflict resolution (i.e. Lindens butt out).

For all these reasons, One Song/Mr. Fairplay is our avi of the year!

18 Responses to “Avatar of the Year: One Song/Mr. Fairplay”

  1. Ian

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Pretty cool stuff, and awsome scripter. But let me put my JR ego on:

    OMFG NOOO!!!! WHY DIDN’T I GET #1 , OMFG OMFG OMFG I am so cool and I have no Real life or any friends except my trial accounts and 12 year old mafia members!!!!

  2. RB

    Dec 30th, 2004

    A very predictable and deserving result. Really should have had 2 divisions though. You can’t compare TSO to SL.

    - RB

  3. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Actually I support this decision. Ian for the last time my name is JC, get it right and quit coming off as a dumbass. The only decision I didn’t support was you being on here as #2. Still don’t. You haven’t done shit. I’m not going to litter this thread though with a silly little argument with you. This is One Song’s thread, not yours.

    JC Soprano
    Supporting One Song For #1, But Not Ian For #2.

  4. David Jacobs

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Although we’ve had our differences, I must admit that over One’s time in SL he has done alot of things to impress me.. Not all of which I agree with, however they have all been impressive.. So congratulations Mr. Fairplay or Mr. Song! :)

  5. Seth Galloway

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Have y’all forget about me? Congratulations to whoever Mr. Fairplay/Mr. Song may be.

  6. Ian

    Dec 30th, 2004

    JR I’ve admitted I haven’t done shit. Get over it.

    You’ve done absolutely nadda. Now go back to your dead end job

  7. JC Soprano

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Ian, please get better lines than a dead end job.

    JC Soprano

  8. Gina Fatale

    Dec 30th, 2004

    i agree with RB should of had two divisions one for SL and one for TSO, definately i agree with One Song being number one for SL but really think JC should of been in top 3 at least, just my opinion…

  9. ian

    Dec 30th, 2004

    gina in order to qualify, you need to actually do something.

  10. urizenus

    Dec 30th, 2004

    gina herself is a strong top 5 candidate. Ran the DG mafia on tso, but got into Alphaville enough to be in the middle of the Mr-President groping scandal, then came to SL just in time to be on the ground during the 2nd Jessie War (see her and father Callahan in the pic where One Song unveils the nuke), went to work for One Song, got fired, got hitched to Reno, was part of the implosion of that gang and then moved on to the Black Hand mafia. Quite a little career. Big John Jade was another possibility. Club Elite PLUS the tso nude skin patch definitely put him up there, but the patch was really work previous to 2004. I classify JC in this group, as he was busy with RL the second half of the year. Evangeline, who was winding down over the past year might get in there, but again, he was retired for most of 2004. Seth Galloway would have to figure in that tier too. Plus a half dozen Jessie folks. Too hard to rank this group. Oh well…

  11. Gina Fatale

    Dec 30th, 2004

    me top 5? lol please tell me you kidding right but nonetheless im flattered :P

  12. Cinda Valentino

    Dec 30th, 2004

    Congrats One! And lets hear it for UNbiased reporting!!!! JK I love you both!!!! Now lets see what happens NEXT year. I’m sick of playing Ms. Nice Guy. On Guard.
    Hail Valentino’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ian

    Dec 30th, 2004

    come to think about it, Gina is defiantly a top 3. You were involved in TSO and SL

  14. One Song

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Thank you all! Firstly, I would like to thank all my supporters, visualists and idealists who believe in my leadership skills and helped me get where I am today! There are too many names to mention and those people know who they are! Secondly I would like to thank all the Second Life Herald staff who enlighten us on daily events and occurances in Second Life. Thirdly, all those who written congratulatory comments in regards to the outcome of my placement as “Avetar of the Year”. And lastly, I would like to thank all my close friends, allies, and even some of Linden Lab’s workers such as Bub Linden who is still a die hard member of One Song’s fan club and a good friend even after some people dropped out to free group slots “lol”. Other people in Linden Lab who are respected are Jeff and Rheya Linden for playing the nice cop role, regardless of how tuff the going gets, lets think who else, I guess Philip Linden for creating and trying his best to keep the dream alive regardless if some of us disagree on his policy (me being one of them). Andrew Linden for his hard work and dedication in mantaining the grid and restoring after the mess people like myself can cause now and again. Who else…the poker community in SL for their elevated respect held for Mr Fairplay and bringing their dream one step closer to reality. BallerMomo King that despite of the destruction he can cause in SL can do good! He whom will be the first person to contribute 3 simulators to the upcoming Dream City project that could shape the SL of tomorrow’s landscape. Finally, Urizenus himself for being a good friend, open minded, righteous, fearless, talented man and allowing me to be his hero! I hope I haven’t forgot anyone. If I have know that I am grateful! Thank you all, thank you!!!

  15. Evangeline

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Ugh, I have lost a lot of my popularity =(

  16. urizenus

    Dec 31st, 2004

    rotfl, great acceptance speech One!

    Eve, you haven’t lost popularity, only unpopularity. And this ain’t no popularity contest anyway. No, its much much bigger.

    Ooooh, and Cinda throws down the gauntlet for 2005. Wooot!! It’s gonna be a goood year. Especially if BallerMoMo can get and stay unsuspended.

  17. Seth Galloway

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Woo.. I got mentioned, That of course makes me feel great, Heh. Thanks for mentioning me in the little speech. Has anyone ever played SWG?

  18. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Mr. Fairplay is the man. Him winning the avatar-of-the-year award is sweet, and takes the sting out of me not winning it. But the only reason I didn’t win it was because Uri didn’t guess who all my alts were : )

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