BallerMoMo King: “they know they can”t fuck with me”

by Alphaville Herald on 28/12/04 at 1:31 am


In this interview we visit BallerMoMo King (aka sexypimp, aka YourHighness) in his private sim mansion and talk about his devastating sim-crashing attack on Reno Parks (a location we last visited to report on the Parks/Fatale nuptials). He tells all, from the reasons for the attack (dissed by Reno), to the other five sims that went down, and the aftermath of suspensions and bannings of his avi’s. He also confirms that Sasami Wishbringer approached him about strong arming the Herald into pulling the story about Sasami’s 8 yr old slave/cyberprostitute avi (naughty Sasami, tsk tsk).

BallerMoMo, in casual attire, relaxes in front of his fireplace.

You: I wanna ask about your operations, your club, your attacks
BallerMoMo King: I dont have a club :)
BallerMoMo King: never wanted to have 1
You: casino?
BallerMoMo King: Casino is for me and my friends only
You: haha
You: ok, then about ur big fucking house!
BallerMoMo King: LOL

BallerMoMo strolls through one of the understated rooms in his mansion.

BallerMoMo King: u can ask me anything u wanna know
You: u have a gang here no?
You: a crew, whatever
BallerMoMo King: I have bodyGuards
BallerMoMo King: but for attacks
BallerMoMo King: i do them myself
BallerMoMo King: Just the way One Song did in the Second war of Jessie.
You: what do the bodyGuards do?
BallerMoMo King: My bodyguards: i ask them 2 take snapshots of the attacks i do
BallerMoMo King: they dont do anything special
BallerMoMo King: cuz i do the attacks
BallerMoMo King: and they guard me when i go 2 clubs
You: gotcha
BallerMoMo King: cuz many fuckin newbie’s try 2 act cool
BallerMoMo King: by holding guns and shooting everyone
You: meaning newbs wanna test BallerMomo?
BallerMoMo King: LOL … No one can test me …everybody knows me here …
BallerMoMo King: and they know they cant fuck with me
BallerMoMo King: U can ask One Song

Bodyguards Chad and Dan

BallerMoMo King gave you Snapshot.
BallerMoMo King: look at that hill
You: terraforming attack?


BallerMoMo King: Just fucking around with reno land
You: why did you want to attack Reno? were u working for someone?
BallerMoMo King: i was talking To reno in IM …..
BallerMoMo King: and i was telling him
BallerMoMo King: that his men wanna join me and be my bodyguards
BallerMoMo King: instead of being in bad Boys group
You: and he didn’t like that idea?
BallerMoMo King: at that time he was making fun of me in public and i never knew till my girl IMED me and told me that
You: you mean he would dis you at clubs and shit?
BallerMoMo King: i was like wtf …im a man talking to a man in IM and he is trying 2 act cool in front of girls
BallerMoMo King: i was in his island
BallerMoMo King: he started talking big …..
BallerMoMo King: it was like im not into holding guns ….and shooting around like newbie’s do
BallerMoMo King: i was like reno ur dead i will send u a gift soooon
BallerMoMo King: 2 days later ….i started the attack ….and crashed his sim with other 5 sims
You: were the other sims an accident?
BallerMoMo King: Yep :) i wanted 2 bring one sim down
You: oops
BallerMoMo King: things went wrong so 6 sims went down
BallerMoMo King: i know that it could fuck the other sims
BallerMoMo King: but i thought that things were fixed 2 bring only one sim down
You: so the attack was personal between you and Reno and had nothing to do with Gina.
BallerMoMo King: Well it had nothing to do with Gina …it was about him talking big
BallerMoMo King: when all what they can do is use guns and start shooting
You: well, you were trying to get his gang to defect to you
BallerMoMo King: Nope they wanted to work for me ..cuz i pay goood
BallerMoMo King: i pay everybody guard between 500linden to 1k for an hour
You: they came to you and asked to work for you?
BallerMoMo King: Someone told them that im looking for bodyguards
BallerMoMo King: then they told me that they are interested
You: so they must not have had much loyalty or respect for Reno
BallerMoMo King: Some of them ….when they saw me around they traded cards with me
BallerMoMo King: and was like please we don’t want u to tell reno that we did
You: wow, well tell me about the global attack
You: did you use One’s nukes?
BallerMoMo King: I used Nukes ….. u dont have to be in the sim to attack the sim
BallerMoMo King: u can be somewhere else and do the attack
BallerMoMo King: and i had scripters help me with that
You: I think I’ve seen the weapon
You: so why did the Lindens suspect you if u weren’t present
BallerMoMo King: Cuz reno knew that i didnt like him he told the lindens
BallerMoMo King: even Chad
BallerMoMo King: he was force tped By andrew linden
Chad Bard: yea i got banned for about an hour

Chad observes as the fun starts

You: so they just took Reno’s word for it?
BallerMoMo King: Nope i got drunk
BallerMoMo King: and i told lindens to suck my dick
BallerMoMo King: and i told lindens that it was me who did that attack
BallerMoMo King: and i told them fuck u and fuck ur SL cuz i have a first life
You: u shouldn’t tease them like that!
BallerMoMo King: i was drunk
BallerMoMo King: so they knew it was me
You: fair enough
BallerMoMo King: and i got banned
BallerMoMo King: i came back 2 them later
BallerMoMo King: got naked and told them 2 suck my dick ……
BallerMoMo King: and i told them that next attack will be on them
You: very political
You: what did they say to that?
BallerMoMo King: thats what i did :) when i was drunk
BallerMoMo King: they ignored me …and suspended my accounts
BallerMoMo King: till i called them on phone
You: how many accounts did you have
BallerMoMo King: 6 or 7
You: and how many did they suspend?
BallerMoMo King: 4 of them
You: did they suspend this one?
BallerMoMo King: Nope never :)
BallerMoMo King: i didnt do the attack with this av
You: is this your main acct?
BallerMoMo King: Main av was sexypimp
You: gotcha
BallerMoMo King: and YourHighness
You: is that one still suspended?
BallerMoMo King: It was ..not till i talked to them on the phone
BallerMoMo King: and they contacted me 4 weeks ago
BallerMoMo King: and they told me they wanna suspend sexypimp
BallerMoMo King: Ian linden told me he wanna suspend sexypimp …..
BallerMoMo King: cuz there was a Nuke attack happened
You: what sense does it make to only suspend *some* of your avis?
BallerMoMo King: Well One Song talked to andrew linden
BallerMoMo King: and andrew linden knows me very well
BallerMoMo King: they said no use from banning me anymore
BallerMoMo King: cuz i will come back with another av
You: right, cuz you would keep coming back
BallerMoMo King: yes and would use different credit cards
BallerMoMo King: for the new av’s
You: Isn’t kind of expensive, having this island, this house, paying your bodyguards, and having all these accts?
BallerMoMo King: Hmmmmmmmm not for me lol
You: lol, ok
You: what do you think went wrong with the global attack — why did so many sims go down?
BallerMoMo King: I never figured it out …since i didnt do the script :)
BallerMoMo King: i used it
You: did you ask the scriptor?
BallerMoMo King: Nope … i didnt ….the attack happened …and sims went down ..i didnt care
You: Did you pay for the script? for the nuke?
BallerMoMo King: I paid for both ….. i paid 100k
You: so it is a scripted object that flies to the target sim and crashes it?
BallerMoMo King: Yes it is …. i have some small nukes i can show u here
BallerMoMo King: i never use them
You: sure!
You: do they crash the server? or do they reterraform the land/
BallerMoMo King: They make the sim laggggy ….those are small ones


BallerMoMo King: i can set one now it will kill u and i will tp u back
BallerMoMo King: Thats a briefcase
BallerMoMo King: small one
You: a briefcase nuke
BallerMoMo King: i was fixing 2day
BallerMoMo King: Nuke Ready
You died and have been teleported to your home location
The SimCast Evil Eye: Has fixed it’s gaze upon you, mere mortal!
BallerMoMo King: i will tp them back
BallerMoMo King: If i used it a lot in a sim it can bring it down
You: by lagging it do death?


BallerMoMo King: Yep it makes it for u impossible to move
You: what was the pic of the terraforming attack on Reno then…
Chad Bard: yea i can vouch for that considering i had to take pics. of the mess
You: that looked like something else
You: haha
BallerMoMo King: No thats a small nuke …… My nukes are not on This avi
BallerMoMo King: let me show u pics of the attack
BallerMoMo King: and how reno island looked
You: i don’t understand how the nukes re-terra an island
BallerMoMo King: i will send u the pics
BallerMoMo King: That one is just like the One One Song used in The second world war of Jessie
BallerMoMo King: which have been used in Reno island
BallerMoMo King: Sometimes .i wanted to see the attack myself
BallerMoMo King: which made me give one of my av’s to someone to do the attack while i watch the sim goes down
Chad Bard: It was a brilliant attack just lagged the hell outta me…but it was interesting to see
BallerMoMo King: The attack happened long time ago
BallerMoMo King: after that i stopped
BallerMoMo King: and became a peacefull guy with this av


BallerMoMo King: unlesss someone fucks with me thats something else
You: like Reno did
BallerMoMo King: Yep….. so when i saw JC talking about baller i thought he meant me
BallerMoMo King: and i was ready to start a new attack on him …which was gonna be way much bigger then the attack which happened to Reno
You: hard to attack a guy that isn’t in SL
BallerMoMo King: Yep :)
BallerMoMo King: thats what i figured out
BallerMoMo King: i thought he meant me
You: haha. what if someone comes to you asking you to attack someone for them?
BallerMoMo King: i found out later that he didn’t mean BallerMoMo ..He meant Baller who’s in TSO
BallerMoMo King: i never do that
BallerMoMo King: Unless he is my SL bro or friend
BallerMoMo King: i will do it for him
You: Well people ask you to…
You: why do u think Sasami Wishbringer came to you
BallerMoMo King: Cuz of my contacts in SL
BallerMoMo King: and cuz people know who i am
You: Did Sasami ask you to conduct a global attack on me?
BallerMoMo King: She never did :) but she thought that if i asked someone to erase the article they will just do it ..since nobody wanna fuck with me
BallerMoMo King: then i talked to One Song
BallerMoMo King: he told me ur his friend …….. and asked me to stay away from it
You: ok, so she figured you could intimidate me into removing the article?
BallerMoMo King: Yep she thought that
BallerMoMo King: untill i told her i wont do anything for u anymore
BallerMoMo King: i tped One Song
You: Did she want On Song to do the same?
BallerMoMo King: she talked to him but she was not nice to him i was like fuck that i won’t help her
BallerMoMo King: No ..she wanted to convince One Song to ask u to take the article away
You: yeah One showed me the log
You: she was pretty fresh with him, I thought
BallerMoMo King: she was not talking in a nice way
You: no, considering who she was talking too
BallerMoMo King: and she didn’t appreciate me trying to help her
You: that was clear from the logs
BallerMoMo King: and one song wanted to post the article
You: I know
BallerMoMo King: to show her view of point
BallerMoMo King: and she never wanted
BallerMoMo King: so it was all waste of time
You: I offered to interview her too, but she would rather start neg rating parties against innocent people like Artemis
You: so she wouldn’t do an interview
BallerMoMo King: she wont appreciate the help
You: nope, sometimes people don’t know when you are trying to help them
BallerMoMo King: so i stopped helping her from that day
You: alright Baller, I gotta run now…
You: this was a great interview
BallerMoMo King: Ok nice to meet u
You: It will be up by New Years…


10 Responses to “BallerMoMo King: “they know they can”t fuck with me””

  1. JC Soprano

    Dec 28th, 2004

    Love the pimp suit! lol

    JC Soprano
    Pimpin ain’t easy

  2. Robert Vito Leone

    Dec 28th, 2004

    Nice nukes..Could blow up some major things with enough of those lol..

  3. Andrew_Linden

    Dec 28th, 2004

    Sigh. As the person who has to clean up messes such as this as well as spanking the perpetrators I find the sensationalism that the Second Life Herald lends to acts of grief as counter productive to my job.

    Just as people like to role-play in games like TSO and SL while mixing in Real Life aspects of their character, the SLH is role-playing as a pulp gossip newspaper that occasionally mixes in real news.

    Unfortunately, it has become clear to me that some acts in SL are actually done with partial intent on getting mentioned in the SLH for fame and glory. That’s why I consider SLH one of my headache’s — it provides much of the reward that greifers seek. In fact, the SLH provides belated dividends for griefers’ investments: the SexyPimp incident was months ago, and the SLH likes to dredge up old names and events to inflate fame and infamy.

    We at Linden Lab take griefers seriously. Users who engage in behavior similar to SexyPimp are bascially burning an alt, risking their other alts, and jepordizing their plans to expand in SL (such as buying private estates and such).

    SL griefiers usually receive warnings first since we at LL believe that the SL environment is open enough that even users who initially turn to grief for entertainment can eventually find a creative and productive aspect of the world that is just as entertaining or more so. However, a single griefer can ruin the experience for 100 people, so it is not within LL’s best interest to let them continue. If the grief continues we escalate countermeasures to raise the cost (time and money) that the griefers must spend to continue their game. Unfortunately some griefers have a lot of time and money to burn.

    Finally, I’ll offer some advice (and a plea):

    Please don’t Drink and Drive SL. It really makes my job difficult when I have to deal with drunk mistakes.

  4. JC Soprano

    Dec 28th, 2004

    Is this Jeff Brown’s twin brother? Cry me a river… You look at it as a headache, when you should be looking at it as job security.

    JC Soprano
    *Has flashback of Tigger from TSO*

  5. Wen Nomad

    Dec 28th, 2004

    You people are really something. Do you really feal that just because someone dosnt like you, or even says one thing slightly bad about you, it is acceptable to go on some sort of rampage and makeing sure no one has fun unless you are “respected”. People have a right to thier own opinions. I agree strongly with much of what Andrew has said, but really the pure and simple truth is your need for attention forces you into this alternate ego of l33t web terrorist and you wont rest until you are known and “feared” by all. SL is not about just having fun yourself(especially not at the expense of others), its about working together so that everyone can have fun.

  6. Urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2004

    “It is an inevitable result of all this that we should seek in the world of fiction, of general literature and of the theatre compensation for the impoverishment of life. There we still find people who know how to die, indeed, who are even capable of killing someone else. There alone too we can enjoy the condition which makes it possible or us to reconcile ourselves with death—namely, that beyond all the vicissitudes of life we preserve our existence intact … In the realm of fiction we discover that plurality of lives for which we crave. We die in the person of a given hero, yet we survive him, and are ready to die again.”

    Sigmund Freud
    Thoughts for the Times on War and Death
    Collected Papers Vo. IV, London: Hogarth Press, 1953, pp. 306-7.

  7. Ian

    Dec 28th, 2004

    I agree with what Andrew has to say…but if Uri didn’t report on the grief in SL, who would ;) . And this blog doesn’t give me the thoughts to go around on SL Lagging rampage. It makes me laugh.

  8. JC Soprano

    Dec 28th, 2004


    You would agree with Andrew.. =P

    JC Soprano
    Ian is hard headed, but ok with me. =)

  9. urizenus

    Dec 28th, 2004

    It’s seriously brain dead to think that the Herald increases the amount of scamming, griefing, and gangland conflict. One Song had never heard of me at the time of the Second Jessie War, and to the best of my knowledge sexypimp hadn’t either when he attacked Reno. But just wait and see, next week a Linden will blame the Herald for Grimmy Moonflower on the grounds that he foresaw our existence. We heard the same thing in Alphaville. “The Herald is creating the scam houses” — yet the Free Money franchises existed before we entered the game and they still exist. Please stop blaming the messenger. Or, to put it more clearly, don’t blame me for your perceived failures.

    And I’ve yet to see anyone address JC’s point that the gangland game is actually good for these social MMORPGs. I’m not saying it is and I’m not saying it isn’t, but could we at least let that thought furrow our little Linden brows for a nanosecond before we get all huffy and blame the virtual media?

  10. JC Soprano

    Dec 28th, 2004

    If anything all the gangland role playing does is add content to the game. Granted its content that not all players want, but it is content that produces customers and obviously media attention which equals free advertisement. Here is something that Joseph Lazzlo a business analyst said about players like myself.. In this case he was talking about me:

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