It’s Christmas Eve in SL. Do you know where your churches are?

by Alphaville Herald on 24/12/04 at 9:05 pm

church 0

For a variety of complex reasons I found myself stuck in the Westin Hotel in Warsaw Poland on Christmas Eve, so I thought I would check in on SL for some holiday cheer. My first thought was that I should check out some churches and see what was happening. I searched on ‘church’, found five hits, and visited all (though one was a desanctified goth place). The churches were empty, of course, but Club Edge was hopping and the cyberescorts were hard at work. Pictures follow.

church 1

church 2

church 2.2

church 2.3

church 3

church 4

church 4.2

church 5

And meanwhile, back at Club Edge…

church 6

church 7
Hmmm, looks like Minato stole Sasami’s hair. Well hey, whatever works.

church 8

3 Responses to “It’s Christmas Eve in SL. Do you know where your churches are?”

  1. Misha Martov

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Nice to see you visted my little church.

  2. urizenus

    Dec 31st, 2004

    it was very impressive Misha, congrats!

  3. Maria La Veaux

    Jan 6th, 2005

    Being a Catholic, On Christmas eve, I was in my RL church, attending RL Midnight Mass officiated by a properly Ordained Priest.
    In life, for me anyway, there are some things that shouldn’t be trivialized by treating it as a game. My Faith is on the top of the list.

    Churches in SL are good builds, I even saw, in a sandbox area, someone constructing a reproduction of Notre Dame De Paris, But they are not, and by nature of their construction Cannot be, Consecrated, and to the best of my Knowledge, are not run by Ordained Priests or Ministers. I am well aware that there are other denominations that make use of meeting halls and Lay Preachers, But even those seem to favor the RL approach to Going through the motions in the digital world.
    I am also not surprised that the one place that Did have People in it was a Dance Club. After all,, for some Christmas is a time of Celebration, and these people were Celebrating. I would say, Given the environment. The game areas were each treated with a proportional amount of response from players. Parties attended, and Mock Churches Shunned in favor of the real thing.


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