JC Soprano has a Christmas Present for EA

by Alphaville Herald on 24/12/04 at 8:05 pm

In this interview infamous TSO mafia boss JC Soprano returns to TSO. Having been interviewed on CNN and covered in periodicals ranging from the Boston Globe to CNet, JC is the ghost of Christmas past AND Christmas future, back to haunt EA. In this interview he talks about the reason for his return, his smackdown on Reno Parks (aka Reno Blaze) for two-timing Gina Fatale, his corruption of the nationally reported (NY Times, NPR, etc) Alphaville Presidential Elections, and has some smacktalk for Baller, Tony Gambino, Jeff Brown, etc.

Urizenus: ok, JC, good to see you again, what’s the 411?
JC Soprano: Well I have decided to come out of retirement and have been back in TSO Since December 17th. Assumed control of my old property, which luckily was left intact as I left it, and am in the process of reopening the casino. If all goes as planned should be back open by end of this weekend.
JC Soprano: Oh and our website is back online.. www.JC Soprano.com
Urizenus: What brought you back?
JC Soprano: Boredom? lol Actually I kinda missed playing it. Plus I hear they have made some changes that I felt needed to come. I know I said that EA would pull the plug on this after christmas sometime. I figure if I am right I might as well retire with the game and ride it out until the end. If I am wrong well then hopefully EA will be getting lots of new customers because of Christmas and TSO will be the game which it should have always been. A game with a good sized customer base. I just got done playing Star Wars Galaxies and their customer base is huge, but unfortunately if you thought EA Games customer service was bad you should check out Sony Online Entertainment’s.
JC Soprano: It’s more fun when more people are playing it. When I retired TSO was dying
Urizenus: Well why didn’t you come to Second Life.
JC Soprano: I was there indirectly. I never signed up for personal reasons, but have been debating on signing up just to hang out with some old friends like Sonny Satriale and one of our newest Soprano members Gina Fatale. It’s cheap enough to sign up so I figure why the hell not. I just am not going to let it consume more time that TSO. There are talks of a documentary being done on my group so my focus is on TSO at the moment. That’s partly the other reason why I came out of retirement. Lot’s of old members are coming on board too.
JC Soprano: I did manage to mess up Reno Blaze’s world though in SL. Bad Boys I think they called themselves.. I didn’t even play and I FUBAR’d him.
Urizenus: Do tell!
JC Soprano: He was Gina Fatale’s man. Basically I got some intelligence that he was messin around on her in-game and as she is my friend I told her. She of course did not believe me at first and then I got a hold of some names and presented them top her which of course she still didn’t believe me. Somehow though the truth came out and they ended up splitting up. So in essence, I broke them up. Then he decided he would be billy bad ass to me on Yahoo. Well punks jump up to get beat down.. So I talked to a few people that I knew played and managed to have his little island taken care of, which it was. From there he became a total dick, not that he wasn’t before, but his friends and associates slowly backed away from him or he got paranoid and kicked them out. I had at least 1 person in his gr.
JC Soprano: group and that made him paranoid as hell.
Urizenus: I never did like that guy.
JC Soprano: No one did I don’t think.
Urizenus: You think you can still get that kind of drama in TSO?
JC Soprano: hahaha I already have. There is this lil wanna be called Baller. Bought a spot on our island and in his bio it says he is the head of The Sim Mafia. I messaged him my first day in being all nice and he thought I was a friend fucking with him. Which I could understand since i had a 0 day Sim then. He hadn’t noticed my founder icon though. I got my old account back, but EA had already deleted my character. He tried to tell me that he created that group and what not, tried to claim he had 15 members. I simply laughed and sent him a press article about me and what I do. He then didn’t beleive I was who I said I was so I got control of my old island spot back which is The Sim Mafia lot. At this point I had some members start to gather intel on the guy and found out he has…
JC Soprano: hardly any members and most of them are him on multiple accounts. His lot Sim Mall has himself for all the roomies. Kind of a rip off lot if you ask me too. He sort of scams people out of their objects for hella cheap prices and then jacks up the price to resell. Anyway, I then contacted his supposed family in which they denied even knowing the guy. Needless to say at one point he came to us and asked to join. That was right when I had gotten the lot back from Chances. He also claimed he would leave the island, but that has yet to happen. I figured I would give the kid (assuming) a small repreive until after Christmas. He hasn’t gotten into line by then, well.. You can guess..
Urizenus: What kind of business ventures do you have planned?
JC Soprano: Well the casino which has always been our bread and butter will be reopening. I got all the classic dice games. Things are changing within the group too to allow a more independent form of game play. In real life the mafia may work together in a crew but they all have independent things they do to make money. I do plan on getting back into the Simolean selling business and my e-bay strategy guide business.
Urizenus: Are you ready to come clean on your role in the Alphaville Prez elections now?
JC Soprano: hahaha Why you gonna bring up old sheeit? lol Where the hell is Mr. President anyways? I haven’t talked or seen him in forever. My role in the Alphaville elections was simply planning. I presented the ideas and whether or not he ran with them I have no clue.
Urizenus: Well did you offer an election-fixing plan?
JC Soprano: Yes of course I did.. I just said that lol
Urizenus: Did he say he liked the plan or did he say it sucked?
JC Soprano: Nah he sounded like he was going to do it. Then that one story came out and he got spooked and was talking about not doing it, so I truly have no clue.
JC Soprano: But yes, I was the idea man on that
Urizenus: rotfl
Urizenus: Any hijinxs planned for EA?
JC Soprano: All I got to say is Merry Christmas EA Games. I missed you Tigger!! You know how I do it. I challenge everything. If EA don’t like what I am doing this time around after all the free advertising I have given them and all the people I have resigning up to join, they can kiss my ass. That goes for you too Jeff Brown! It’s about time you actually treated the players with a little bit of respect since they are paying the bills, not you.
Urizenus: Tigger quit man
JC Soprano: No shit? Damn… How’s the new person? She up for the challenge?
JC Soprano: or He.
Urizenus: Tigger’s been working for SoE, rotfl
JC Soprano: No wonder!!!!
Urizenus: fark man, u haven’t been reading the Herald!
JC Soprano: Nope haha It was SL Herald
JC Soprano: hahaha Sorry man, I don’t play SL so why read it? I do get sent some articles sometimes, but thats about it.
JC Soprano: Gina and a few others are real good about keeping me informed
JC Soprano: I haven’t been playing, but I am still very much in the loop
Urizenus: Any messages for PM or Tony Gambino or the Triads?
JC Soprano: Tony Gambino? What a laugh, not worth the time or energy. PM? I haven’t talked to him in forever. I hear he’s doing well though. Hopefully eventually the past can be the past. The Triads? Don’t start none, won’t be none. I haven’t fucking with them so why would they fuck with me? They could try, but they better pack a lunch. I tried to be diplomatic too much last time I played. This round I won’t let things slide as easily. I have a lot of old members coming back. The co-founder of the family Big Italy is coming back as well as a few other old school members.
Urizenus: alright man, merry festivus
JC Soprano: Merry Christmas

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  1. David Jacobs

    Dec 28th, 2004

    There is a difference between typing one word wrong and typing a whole paragraph wrong someone. However, you are right..So..Congrats! :)

  2. JC Soprano

    Dec 28th, 2004

    I love people who post anonymously… It’s a message board post.. Oh well, guess some people aren’t as brave as others.

    JC Soprano
    Not even worth a witty comment…

  3. David Jacobs

    Dec 28th, 2004

    It should be added to the poem ‘If’:

    If you can post on a message board and use your name, then you will truely be a man.

  4. Robert Vito Leone

    Dec 28th, 2004

    People who post under no name on the board are afraid because they can talk the shit they want and get away with it..Though someone is probably who hates JC..

  5. someone

    Dec 28th, 2004

    Robert, please go back to your fake kiddy mafia and stay out of the big boys play.

  6. Robert Vito Leone

    Dec 28th, 2004

    My fake kiddy mafia?Well little boy least i have the balls to say who i am..Least my name aian’t someone..Your name should be Im afraid of People..

    Now i suggest you go get a name and a life..

  7. Chad Thomas

    Dec 29th, 2004

    EXCUSE ME but your aticle is wrong i am the one who corruped the elections remember?

  8. JC Soprano

    Dec 29th, 2004

    hahaha Whatever Chad.

    JC Soprano
    Everyone wants to be me. =)

  9. Big Italy Calabria

    Dec 31st, 2004

    All I can say to that is “HERE HERE!” Its about damn time we got JC “shoot first ask questions second” Soprano back in TSO where he belongs. JC and I have had our flair ups in the past but I’ll kill a mofo that tries to step to him or TSM as a whole. To all you fake phony wannabe grinders “you may think you know who we are, but we definitely know who you are.” You stickmen stink like shit in a birds nest and you all will be found out and dealt with in time if you think youre gonna run up on this family. Welcome back JC, I’m riding with you till the wheels on this muthafucka fall off!
    PS. I like to give a shot out to all my baby mamas rofl!

  10. Joshua MaranZano

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Hello JC Saprano. I have heard much about you and I would like to say welcome back!! And robert vito leOWNe welcome back to punk ass MOFO.

  11. Joshua MaranZano

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Damn Typo Soprano. My Bad

  12. JC Soprano

    Jan 1st, 2005

    haha Sup Big Italy! Thanks for your support. Same to you Joshua. 2005 is gonna be the shit!

    Hey Italy.. Hit me up on yahoo. =)

    JC Soprano
    Happy New Year

  13. Robert Vito Leone

    Jan 14th, 2005

    Well sorry for the late comment but..

    Joshua:Do you have some sort of problem?Btw Josh the FBI is still looking for you since you hacked :)

    JC:Nice to see you back…People inculding Businessmen coming back into the game is some sort of a good sign lol

  14. boo parks

    Jan 16th, 2005

    soprano your a fucking idiot. I lol evertime I see your post cause you remind me of johny dangerously. Dude your a big joke.

  15. justme

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    back to gina and jc , what’s going on between them two, friends or more ?

  16. urizenus

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    I have photos but can’t show them because your eyeballs would melt in their sockets and then your head would explode at the utter horror of the spectacle.

  17. JC Soprano

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    justme- Chances, why don’t you just ask the source?

    JC Soprano
    Strike 1

  18. Gina Fatale

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    Who wants to know bout me and JC? ask me in game and i shall tell you :)

  19. justmeagain

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    Chances isnt the one asking here JC , I am as a close friend of hers, She means a lot to me and i dont want to see her hurt, if you cared for her you wouldn’t hurt or want her hurt either. Do you actually know what you have in her JC? Your actions say you don’t. Gina dont hide behind the game – spill it here where the question was asked or say nothing.REAL LIFE feelings are involved here.

  20. Toreu

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    This is an obvious publicity stunt by JC “no friends” Soprano

  21. JC Soprano

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    Toreu – Keep trying to be insulting. Trying is the key word in that sentence.

    justme – Get brave and reveal your identity and maybe I’ll spill the beans.. Until then your just another nameless loser hiding behind a fake name… No offense. lol =)

    JC Soprano

  22. justmeagainandagain

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Too late JC she told me and you really suck man,I cant believe what you said and thought she shouldnt be upset over it and come join you and Gina in SL , you need to get a clue dude and stop thinking only about yourself for once .WHAT AN ASS, YOU DONT DESERVE CHANCES, Try for once to be a real man, your making guys like me look bad dumb ass. I hope you get what you deserve from her,i’d kick your ass to the curb and then kick it again if I was her,you need your ass beat down for this,Chances asked me not to that she’d deal with it in her own way, I respect her way to much to do it but watch yourself JC something might come flying your way one of these days,What a fool!!!! — get out of the box

  23. Jessica MaranZano/Martinelli

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Toreu, Dont be hattin on JC just cause you aint him, thats ur problem,

  24. Gina Fatale

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Hide behind a game? you won’t even post your name here lol, anyway here is my yahoo id as well lizsims2003, now come ask me whatever it is you need to know.

  25. JC Soprano

    Feb 4th, 2005

    lol This is humorous. Justme you got no clue what the fuck your talking about so quit trying to be Betty Crocker and stay out the fucking mix.. Aight?

    JC Soprano
    I didn’t realize it was Amatuer Comedy Night

  26. Mike Joz

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Mike Joz Waz Here!! Make Way For The Bad Guy!!!

  27. Robert Vito Leone

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Mike..Your the one who has You killed Soprano in battle..

    Mike..You have been beat down by me so many times its not even worth it anymore


  28. JC Soprano

    Feb 4th, 2005

    Mike Joz Waz Here?? How 80′s. Who cares.

    JC Soprano

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