Jeff Brown vs. Jeff Brown

by Alphaville Herald on 18/12/04 at 3:05 pm

EA’s Vice President for Corporate Communications, Jeff Brown, and the other Jeff Brown (aka ButteredNinja)

Turns out there is another Jeff Brown with ideas about the game industry and he is not all that happy to share the name of EA’s corporate spokesperson (“to be honest, it makes ME look bad when someone who shares MY name tends to make himself out to be a supreme jackass”). His blog is well worth visiting.

But JB2 can talk some smack in a pinch too. Best quote: “You’ve all read the stories no doubt, if you haven’t, maybe you should. Basically, EA, the mega-media mogul behind franchises such as Need for Speed, Madden, and a slew of other titles, has taken the love that many videogame developers have for their profession, and the industry as a whole, and killed it. But not just killed, oh no, they had sex with it first, with a strap-on made of porcupines and lemon juice, and thereafter ordered $300 worth of Indian take-out cuisine and skipped the bill. “

Picture of EA’s corporate headquarters found on Jeff Brown 2′s blog.

At one point JB2 riffs on the following quote from JB1.

“We killed ‘em on football. They could give that thing away for free, scotch-taped to a ham sandwich and we’re still going to beat them,” Jeff Brown, EA Vice President on the subject of ESPN NFL 2K5, a stellar football game retailing at a low, low $19.99.

“Well, that isn’t very nice is it? And to be honest, it makes ME look bad when someone who shares MY name tends to make himself out to be a supreme jackass. But I digress, merely a competitive quote from a rival developer/publisher? As we all know, EA has manned the Madden franchise for the past 15 years, that is no small feat and deserves to be applauded. But while I may not be an expert on all things football, I do tend to think myself fairly competent on judging games. And in my humble opinion, Madden and 2K5 are both great games, but unlike its rival, ESPN NFL 2K5 is a fresh, entertaining, and well made title that in many, many cases, beats Madden’s pants right off. “

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