Stratics hacked/defaced

by Alphaville Herald on 21/12/04 at 7:25 am

stratics hack

It appears that the entire Stratics network was victimized by a defacing worm earlier today. No word yet on whether the worm is sophisiticated or just the work of a garden variety h4x0r script kiddy. For sure these worm writers need to think of more creative messages. We are awaiting further information, but given that the President of Stratics once told us to “go piss up a rope” I don’t think we will be the first to get the newz. –The Phantom
stratics hack 2
Above is what people accessing the Stratics Central site (and Sims Stratics) see as of this posting.

2 Responses to “Stratics hacked/defaced”

  1. ajdown@jp

    Dec 22nd, 2004

    *sigh* dumbarse hackers….. 9.06am EST 22nd December, just gone to Stratics and it’s screwed again. According to Brekkee posting earlier it’s Flashlink that’s been attacked, and locking Stratics out. That’s certainly what appears to happen anyway cos the flashlink url stops in the address box.

    I wonder who has it in for flashlink?


  2. Mick Lite

    Dec 22nd, 2004

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