The Herald Made Me Do It: Interview with virtual gangbanger PrincessHoHo

by Alphaville Herald on 28/12/04 at 11:35 pm

In this interview we talk to legendary MMORPG gangster grrrl, PrincessHoHo. Banned multiple times in TSO, There, and Sociolotron, she has recently come to Second Life, seeking fame and glory. What kind of fame and glory? Why is she a scammer/griefer/gangbanger? Well, she claims the Herald made her do it…

urizenus_sklar: PrincessHoHo, you’ve been a famous scammer/gangster grrrl on tso, there, sociolotron, and now second life. when did you start playing MMORPGs?
PrincessHoHo: about two years ago, i love being a hoho on MMORPG’s
urizenus_sklar: well, how did u discover MMORPG life?
PrincessHoHo: well it was one cold and winter day i was surfing the net and came across the herald website….i seen how these MMORPG players received international fame from the herald and i just had to have a piece of it!!!!!!!!!!
PrincessHoHo: my god my lips could almost taste the fame and glory!
urizenus_sklar: sweet, so you came into tso because you read about it in the Herald?
PrincessHoHo: yes it had great influence on me
PrincessHoHo: i could not control myself once i got into tso too let me tell you
urizenus_sklar: well that doesn’t explain why you were such a disruptive influence in tso. I mean banned 20 times? wtf?
PrincessHoHo: once i read bout them damn scam houses
PrincessHoHo: i had to scam
urizenus_sklar: well, tell us about the Free Money for Dumbfucks house that you ran
PrincessHoHo: the house name said it all, it was owned by me myself and I
PrincessHoHo: i ran the whole thing
PrincessHoHo: a dumbfuck would walk in
PrincessHoHo: and boom i scammed the fucker out of his money
urizenus_sklar: that’s cold. why would you want to scam an innocent dumbfuck
PrincessHoHo: cuz he a dumbfuck? and tso dont do shit bout scammers lol
PrincessHoHo: and also cuz i got the ideas from the herald
PrincessHoHo: the herald made me do it i tell ya!
urizenus_sklar: well now, why did you leave tso and come to SL
PrincessHoHo: to see what dumbfucks i can screw with there
PrincessHoHo: and there are plenty!
PrincessHoHo: plus i seen the story
PrincessHoHo: err stories
PrincessHoHo: this ball boy and soprano
PrincessHoHo: i want in on the fame
urizenus_sklar: oh yeah, those
PrincessHoHo: give me my headline!
urizenus_sklar: and that guy One Note
PrincessHoHo: yea bet he can’t sing for shit
urizenus_sklar: oh I don’ know…
urizenus_sklar: but listen I have to ask you about the incident the other day…
PrincessHoHo: go ahead
PrincessHoHo: as long as i get a headline
urizenus_sklar: at the 2nd annual virtual reenactment of andrew linden’s prom night
urizenus_sklar: is it true that you dressed as a furry mime and crashed the party?
PrincessHoHo: yes this is true i did it
urizenus_sklar: and the punch bowl incident?
PrincessHoHo: and i stuck that furry little tail of mine right in the punch bowl
urizenus_sklar: *shudder*
PrincessHoHo: it was scandalous!
urizenus_sklar: people must have been horrified
PrincessHoHo: it felt so….evil
urizenus_sklar: did you get reported?
PrincessHoHo: actually i think andrew found it a turn on
PrincessHoHo: he kept requesting more punch more punch!
urizenus_sklar: *smack*
urizenus_sklar: shame on u
PrincessHoHo: so i gave him punch
PrincessHoHo: and some furry tail
PrincessHoHo: and once u go furry u never go back
urizenus_sklar: but why on earth would u do such a thing
PrincessHoHo: well the herald made me do it
PrincessHoHo: i crave the fame and glory the herald can give me
urizenus_sklar: now why? what’s in it for you if you get in the pages of the Herald?
PrincessHoHo: my name on a blog!
urizenus_sklar: wowzers, that IS big
urizenus_sklar: big big stuff
urizenus_sklar: I see where you are coming from now
PrincessHoHo: to see PrincessHoHO in Bold font would be my dream come true
urizenus_sklar: well hun, you about to get your wish!
PrincessHoHo: *does furry tail happy dance*
urizenus_sklar: woot
PrincessHoHo: shakin’ what my momma gave me
urizenus_sklar: turn around lemme check out that tail again
PrincessHoHo: *bends over*
urizenus_sklar: its still wet for some reason
PrincessHoHo: lol ask andrew bout that
urizenus_sklar: *smack*
PrincessHoHo: oh you a fresh one!
urizenus_sklar: Um, the interview is officially over… *smack*

5 Responses to “The Herald Made Me Do It: Interview with virtual gangbanger PrincessHoHo”

  1. One Song

    Dec 29th, 2004

    Awwwww I’m PrincessHoHo’s fan…officially from this point! Is she sweet or what? Maybe its just me. Or is it the fact its 7.40am UK time and I am bored to death reading funny non-sense in the SLH. Who knows either way congrats in your dream coming true Princess. many kisses!!!

  2. ajdown@jp

    Dec 29th, 2004

    You wouldn’t be the HoHo or HaHa or whatever it was that was involved in a house trashing in JP recently, would you?

  3. Cinda Valentino

    Dec 31st, 2004

    I am in shock everytime I’m reminded people still play TSO. I guess theres godda be somewhere for the less creative, slow minded gamers online.
    Thin the herd.

  4. b;leh

    Dec 31st, 2004

    Cinda you just about hit it except for: Fat European slobs who have no life but to report potential botters…play the game to.

  5. ajdown@jp

    Jan 5th, 2005

    Um Ian…. I do play the game, and very successfully, despite your pathetic efforts to try and ruin my reputation.


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