The Second Coming of Dyerbrook

by Alphaville Herald on 01/12/04 at 10:39 am

DB turns in the goateed male avi in an LL Bean barn mucking outfit for the Nubian Princess Look. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

When the history of the Alphaville shard of TSO is finally written, Dyerbrook will figure prominently. In the early days s/he nearly hounded Will Wright out of the game — incensed by Will’s friendship link to Mia Wallace (rumor has it that Will got frustrated enough to out Dyerbrook). Dyerbrook led a one person crusade againt the Sim Shadow Government, delivering lamps to illuminate the darkness that had descended over territory controlled by what Dyerbrook saw as a corrupt totalitarian virtual government. And then of course there was the long and animated crusade against the BDSMers (as in the exchange between DB and the Gorean slave Toy and her mistress Maria). Well, now that Toy, and Maria (now Angelique) and Lady Julianna have moved to Second Life could Dyerbrook be far behind? As in TSO DB is sporting several avi’s, but the principle avi is named Prokofy Neva, and s/he is blogging his Second Life life. This should be interesting.

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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 1st, 2004

    Hehehehe slow news day, eh Uri? For a minute there I thought you were going to blog on what my founder’s account fetched on ebay, but hopefully I can still save THAT story for my readers.

    No, I didn’t turn in my goatee or my duck-hunting jacket which was P.S. NOT purchased at that effete LL Bean place but at the Wal-mart’s in Chechnya, ME. It’s just that you haven’t kept up with all my SL looks and accounts — and frankly, you didn’t keep up with all my TSO accounts and looks either, or you might noted that Jaded Fate and other dark-hued female sims=Dyerbrook. I guess you didn’t look up Dyerbrook Parvenu in SL, he has some of the old DB look but the home-made jacket is sadly not up to par with the Sims duck-hunting look — like so many SL things! If you can’t make it or buy it — you’re screwed! Honestly, I don’t know where I could buy a duck-hunting jacket in SL because the look there is so fashionista.

    Now I know why you didn’t answer Hopalong Kerensky’s IM about whether he could transfer the Simkast mage to another sim — you were writing copy to dis me!

    Why, yes, I once heard second-hand that Will Wright was mad that I put him as the King of Spades in my Card Deck of Evil modeled after the Iraq War Most Wanted card deck (this page has since been removed from my site), since I believed that yes, objectively, by encouraging the purchase of balloon friends, and keeping his balloon link with Mia, Will Wright did facilitate the evil totalitarian organization known as the Sim Shadow Government. Interestingly, I reserved the place of Ace of Spades for the generic figure of “You, the Player” since I believe that evil/griefing/chaos/ in these games is caused by good people doing nothing, and evil can only occur if you personally allow it to.

    However, I’m not aware that Will “outed” me lol. Where did he do that? I wish it could have been at my SL lot, I need the dwell. Nor did he get hounded out of the game because of me — that’s silly — for one, he’s still in the game, I talked to his sim not so long ago and I still see several accounts of his active there, and second, ermmm I think it was his employers that hounded him out of that project and put him on Sims2, no? You tell me, you’re the game dev insider.

    Don’t you LOVE my African Nubian Princess? I even made her clothes out of scrap of kenta cloth jpeg found on the Internet lol. Doesn’t that tiara just *make the outfit* ROFL? That sim –oops I mean AVATAR — is named Varian Neutra and he has like 30 looks, of which only 2 are female. Does that make me a shim? a s/he? Hrrrm. I think the latest is a preacher in a black Matrix coat with purple hair and sunglasses made by Barnesworth Anubis.

    Yes, Prokofy Neva is my main sim — oops I mean AVI — in SL and most of the time he has blonde hair, a monacle, and a tux. Interesting that in one game, they place the emphasis on the individual and his character, and the word “sim” is used for that person, and in another game, they place the emphasis on land, and the word “sim” is used for the land/neighbourhoods.
    We are what we simulate, no?

    “S/he?” Yuckies, is that like that W/we and H/e crap that those BDSM people do? Couldn’t you just call the person by the pronoun of the sim/avatar/outfit they chose to present at the time?

  2. Urizenus

    Dec 1st, 2004

    >Hehehehe slow news day, eh Uri?

    yep. Can another interview with Grannie Celestie be far behind?

    Actually, your barn mucking coat and boots shaded more to the Ralph Lauren side than the Walmart end of the spectrum. The tiara on the Nubian princess gives the game away DB, you’re a closet lover of brie and chablis at a minimum, but what you are really all about (ok blame the ruskie connection) is caviar!

  3. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 1st, 2004

    Ralph Lauren? OMG, I can’t believe you’re giving away my chief source for SL clothing:
    The swatches are fabulous. Yeah, they don’t always come out so good in SL but that’s because I haven’t learned how to use PSP with the templates yet.

    Brie and chablis? Is that what they serve at those wine-and-cheese get-togethers at your university, Uri? I’m more of a goat cheese and Stoli person myself. Little fishy eggs? Yeah, I have to swallow a lot of those in Russia even though I don’t like it that much but it’s nourishing and has lots of protein hmm like some other stuff.

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