He’s Baaaaaack! BallerMoMo Returns, Attempts to Instigate Interclub Warfare

by Alphaville Herald on 19/01/05 at 9:33 pm

By Matthias Zander and Urizenus Sklar

SL residents know that tensions occasionally flare between owners of nightclubs, but today’s drama was something new. Allegedly, someone associated with Paradise Island offered a payment of 20K Lindens to Lestat’s Dark Erotica owner Sox Rampal on condition that he bomb club The Edge. This appears to have been an attempt to instigate interclub warfare. According to investigations undertaken by Herald reporters, the new drama coincided with the appearance of a new avatar, named HellRaiser Millions who immediately took ownership of Paradise Island from Hellsing King. There is now credible evidence that HellRaiser Millions is in fact banned gang leader (and r/l brother of Hellsing King) BallerMoMo King.

On the morning of January 19th, according to Sox, a yet-unnamed person who is “from Paradise Island” allegedly offered Sox $L20,000 to “f**k up” The Edge, one of SL’s most popular nightclubs. Sox says that he has spoken to Jenna Fairplay, the owner of The Edge, and that they will be cooperating from now on, not just to fight unwanted griefing but also to put on events. He also says that they will be consulting with the Lindens soon, and then will release the name of the person who allegedly made the offer. Reached on Wednesday by the Herald, Jenna Fairplay declined to speak to the Herald.

Herald reporters quizzed HellRaiser Millions, a new avatar and owner of Paradise Island, as to the substance of the allegations. HellRaiser denied ever hearing of Sox Rampal and said that Paradise Island has never tried to instigate a war between Lestat and The Edge. HellRaiser very strongly denied the accusations made by Sox, saying, “I just run the club for fun sometimes thats all.”

Is this the return of BallerMoMo?

What was even more revealing than HellRaiser’s words, though, was his profile. In his profile’s First Life section, he displays a picture that is well-known to many SL residents. Resident One Song, who in the past has had dealings with BallerMoMo, told the Herald, “I am 100 percent sure it’s BallerMoMo, i’ve seen his pic a trillion times. Since he is permanently banned, from a multitude of accounts, I find it silly that he put his First Life pic [in his SL profile], making him so easily recognized.” One Song also indicated that BallerMoMo had acquired a new account within the last week using a new cc and IP address.

Speculation among residents familiar with the situation is that HellRaiser — whatever his RL identity — was hoping to damage the dwell rankings of other top four clubs/properties by fomenting divisions between the club owners and possibly even creating warfare situations that would take them offline.

Fortunately for the continued peace of Second Life, however, it seems that whoever was behind the efforts to drive a wedge between the two clubs has only succeeded in drawing them closer together. Not *all* the drama in Second Life is tragedy.

On the BallerMoMo situation, we will continue to investigate his apparent return, as well as follow efforts by the Lindens and SL residents to remove him from the game again.

HellRaiser Millions, a brand new avi, yet lord of all that he surveys!

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  1. Queenie

    Jan 20th, 2005

    Grrr….I just want to make it very very clear that this man has nothing to do with our small rock/metal club that began months ago with the name HELLRAISER so that nobody assumes wrongly that anyone with a Hellraiser VIP tag or Hellraiser Owner/Manager/Officer is part of this. I can assure you that I speak for all the owners of the Hellraiser Club in Second Life that we do NOT endorse/support/condone this behavior in any way, shape or form. Thanks for letting me say something that needed to be said so that there is NO confusion for any of our valued group members.

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