Meet the W-Hats: swastikas, minors, obscenity, and griefing

by Alphaville Herald on 17/01/05 at 4:09 pm

Screenshot of the W-Hat property. Swastika since removed by Nova Linden.

The W-Hats have been in the news of late, but who or w-hat are they exactly? In this interview we talk to their long time Baku neighbor One Song, who fills in the picture for us, and it isn’t pretty: despite several bannings, the group is still full of griefers and minors who revel in littering SL with swastikas, obscenity, scatological humor, HIV/AIDS jokes and more.

Ah, the high art of the W-Hat gang.

Urizenus Sklar: One, you’ve been a neighbor to the W-Hats for some time, yes?
One Song: yes, approximately 7 months
Urizenus Sklar: Some people say they are a gang of griefers, and others say (well, *they* say) that they are creative artists. What are they really?
One Song: Well that’s a good question …
One Song: I guess the way to best define them would be as creative griefers
One Song: they are a organized group of greifers– that’s what experience and my history with them has taught me
Urizenus Sklar: They seem to have this system worked out where the cause trouble and then deny it or blame it on nonmembers. Have you noticed this?
One Song: entirely, I remember a specific incident when they managed to get me enraged not terribly long ago..
One Song: involving a swastica and HIV/AIDS jokes using wave files on scripted objects
Urizenus Sklar: What happened?
One Song: and on top of that their recent members who weren’t obviously briefed in on who I am and the magnitude of who they were messing with …
One Song: decided to bombard my casino with crap that they believed to be funny whilst we were trying to host a game of poker at my casino
One Song: well at the time I had enough of their newbie griefing activities around me…so I didn’t even report right away
One Song: I took immediate action and teleported Nova Linden to the sight where they were displaying that horrific swastika
One Song: I fucking hate Nazis they really get under my skin
One Song: so I approached them with Nova and asked them what so funny about swastika’s and AIDS jokes
One Song: I asked: would it be funny if u were a Jew living in Germany during WWII or HIV positive with months left to live?
One Song: one of the pathetic fool replied: “Yes it would be actually”
One Song: that enraged me even further, I was about to shoot the fuckers in front of Nova Linden; I think she noticed how angry they got me and she told me she would take care of them
Urizenus Sklar: and it was definitely a W-hat member?
One Song: it was definitely W-hat members!
One Song: not 1 single member a multitude of them
Urizenus Sklar: so what did Nova do?
One Song: well I filed an abuse report as Nova suggested, she also filed one because they weren’t talking to her with any respect whilst the was deleting the stuff on the spot
One Song: she deleted the lot. I think she was very offended too
One Song: one of their leaders was near by Masakazu Kojima, asking Nova why she was deleting everything and complaining that she was deleting stuff
One Song: I was in the background saying good, u deserve that and more, u should have at least the bravery of accepting responsibility for ur member’s act
One Song: and more
One Song: well I told Masazuka at the time, in front of Nova Linden: if u refuse to sort that shit out and at least expel those members who committed those horrid displays, I am afraid that I will have to deal with u as a group
One Song: I essentially declared war at them at the time, which was approximately 3 to 4 weeks ago
Urizenus Sklar: who is Masakazu Kojima?
One Song: her and Bakuzelas are the leaders of W-hat
Urizenus Sklar: she goes by the name “Masa”
One Song: yup :-)
One Song: Masazuka Kojimi is her full name
One Song: but since I spoken to her in those terms they haven’t been troubling us…I think due to 2 facts
One Song: those members who were involved in the swastika incident got a nice permanent ban of second life, never to return
One Song: so a few days later she put up a bullet board very large in size telling and warning all members what they can and cant do and one of them was don’t fuck around with the casino next door
Urizenus Sklar: how many were banned
One Song: I am not sure on the exact figure, but I have a real life acquaintance who is associated with them … and the numbers were high apparently possibly more than 3
Urizenus Sklar: Why weren’t Masa and Bakuzelus held responsible?
One Song: I guess is do the mere fact that they didn’t commit the crimes personally
Urizenus Sklar: but they could stop them with one word (and removed them with a click)
One Song: for sure, and in fact they encourage behaviour like that from their member’s; these guys are dysfunctional uber fu*king geeks with no evident lives — I hear rumours that they have secret forums and shit on “teh interweb”
One Song: and the “teh” wasn’t misspelled that’s how those geeks spell it because its apparently cool to spell it that way
One Song: and call the internet “interweb”
Urizenus Sklar: Do you know anything about the extortion threats received by Anshe Chung?
Urizenus Sklar: *alledged extortion threats
One Song: not more than u know
One Song: but I know about them
Urizenus Sklar: do you think it is plausible that Masa and Baku sent some thugs out to threaten Anshe, but then denied any involvement when Anshe went public with this?
One Song: it’s more than plausible; they are an organized group of griefers, using telephones/teamspeak u name it they use it
One Song: to communicate between themselves
One Song: they are like “the organized griefer mafia in SL”
Urizenus Sklar: But in this case we are talking about what may well be a case of r/l extortion. Would they do something like that?
One Song: possibly, I can’t see why not — they age between 15 to 23
One Song: all sad low life geeks, I doubt they could personally be in threat to someone’s r/l well being
One Song: but I am sure they could attack u in some geeky way or another
Urizenus Sklar: Oh, so some of them are under age? that adds up.
One Song: i know they are
One Song: i’ve seen pics of them
One Song: in RL
Urizenus Sklar: Well, why don’t the Lindens do something about this?
One Song: well at the end of the day, griefers or not, they serve some kind of twisted purpose in SL
Urizenus Sklar: which is?
One Song: perhaps adding twisted humour that most of us including myself don’t find funny, but I am sure there is a twisted audience out there that do
One Song: I mean u got the admit the pic of that fat guy with those buckets u recently posted in SL is pretty damn funny
Urizenus Sklar: Yes, I love that pic of Ryen Jade, lol
Urizenus Sklar: So you think the Lindens consider the W-Hats good for business
One Song: well, who knows what goes on inside the heads of Linden Lab’s employees and in Philip’s head — I am not here to judge them, but anything is possible

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