Post Six Grrrl: Kiki LaFollette

by Alphaville Herald on 29/01/05 at 1:55 am

It’s that time of the week again: time for the lastest Post Six Grrrl! This week’s girl is Kiki LaFollette. Kiki has been in SecondLife for quite a while now, and is the owner and designer of “Hair Affair.” She also enjoys trying new things and re-experiencing things she has done in the past as well. The Herald would like to take this opportunity to thank Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine for these pictures and those of all of our Post Six Grrrls.

Greetings, I am Kiki LaFollette.
I have been in Sl for almost a year now, seeing many ppl come & go. I love SL It is full of Love & friendship I having Loved many & lost many. I think that is what makes it a great place & rocking game. You don’t know what to expect one day to the next.
Sl is a place for us to get away from the real world, to try new things we would never get the chance to do. So my best advice to someone new is get out there try it all. I have tryed many different lifstyles in Sl. My favorit would have to be D/s. I preffering to be a submissive. I know I look cute but don’t judge a book by its cover I am one smart tough cookie *giggles*
In Rl & in SL concider my self a Desinger. A Desinger of hair. I am the Proud Owner of “Hair Affair”… (aka kiki’s house of hair). I think everyone should look & feel good, hair is very immportant to us girlies. I do alot of custome work for ppl for weddings & such. It is a great way to meet & make new friends.
I love Players Mag. It gets new girls out in the community, ppl see thier faces & enjoy their bodies. It is a great way for some of us women to play out a fantasy of posing nude for a famous mag. Hats off to Marilyn Murphy for her keen eye for beauty. well thanks for reading this I hope to see & meet u all in game. Be well, be safe, have lots of fun. Oh, & remember it is a game but there are real ppl behind these avitars.

Hugs Kiki

5 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl: Kiki LaFollette”

  1. RB

    Jan 29th, 2005

    Isn’t that Toy from TSO’s last name?

    - RB

  2. RB

    Jan 29th, 2005

    isn’t that Toy from TSO’s last name?

    - RB

    p.s why aren’t comments showing up properly?

  3. Urizenus

    Jan 29th, 2005

    Negative, Toy is named Toy and her avi is like 12 inches tall. There is some delay on the comments now because they go in a moderation cue. Even mine do.

  4. Ian

    Jan 29th, 2005

    In SL you can have the same Last name ..

  5. David Jacobs

    Jan 30th, 2005

    Lookin’ good as per usuall Kiki. =)

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