The Human Face of Economic Change

by Alphaville Herald on 15/01/05 at 12:31 am

Orhalla Zander: victim of recent economic changes
photo by Herald Paparazza Miravoir Psaltry

Miravoir Psaltry ran across this poor victim of the recent economic upheavals in Second Life. The plight of Orhalla Zander reminds us that while the Linden Lab game devs sup on caviar and toast points in the Company Cafeteria, not everyone is so fortunate. SL Resident Orhalla Zander had this to say about his plight…

Orhalla Zander: “I’s not Economically Viable. I’s saw dat in a movie… and yous belived dat Micheal Douglas didn’t have no sex in it?”

Sage words, indeed.

4 Responses to “The Human Face of Economic Change”

  1. Gina Fatale

    Jan 15th, 2005


  2. MattyS

    Jan 15th, 2005

    hey guys! I havent seen you in a wile! Looks like alot has changed sence last time I checked this place out…………

  3. PapillonPennyfeather

    Jan 17th, 2005

    Orhalla is a good person! Hes just caught up in the economical downfall as of late. Infact there are other hobos like him! Also he even has a bigger hobo house (There is room for other people) Which seemed to attract the ladies ;) So maybe its not all so bad.

  4. Laurina Flora

    Jan 21st, 2005

    Haha! Isnt he cute ? wouldnt u give all that money to this sweet sexy man? :p
    I knew orhalla would be famous one day ,somtimes u dont have to be ritch to be famous :p

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