Bash and Crash on Unreal:SL’s Opening Night

by Alphaville Herald on 12/02/05 at 11:36 am

Bedazzle’s much-anticipated Unreal:SL kicked off its weekend-long opening festivities last night with a crowded dance party that had everyone in attendance kicking up their heels — so much so that the sim crashed before the party was much more than an hour old.

Despite the sentiments expressed above, the dancing re-booted itself soon enough, and there was no shortage of residents eager to bump elbows in the streets of Unreal level Chinatown, amid the sounds of rain, the crackle of neon and the clucking of chickens that had strayed into the sim’s back alleys.

For more details on the opening festivities, click here. Or just tp over to the Chinatown sim. (Mature, to be sure.)

The wet streets of Chinatown

The view from Abraxas

In development since October 2004, Unreal is Second Life’s first in-world first-person shooter. With the success of past Bedazzled projects like Sim Horror and the Gravity Space Station, the game is getting more attention than perhaps any project in the grid’s recent memory.

Asked how the party was going from Bedazzled’s point of view, chief developer Foxy Xevious responded enthusiastically: “It rocks! We are pleased with the results. One day is all we need to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Jimmy Thomson, Unreal’s chief developer, tuckered out after all his hard work

Your correspondent at work

The Mandarin of Watermelons

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