Controversial German Designer Returns From Her 8th Suspension – Interview 1/2

by Alphaville Herald on 24/02/05 at 3:22 am

 width=Controversial designer Katja Eisenberg poses here in her SS uniform

by Neal Stewart

Controversial Second Life resident Katja Eisenberg was yesterday released from a temporary 3-week ban imposed for creating Nazi-related group names and officer titles. Katja, who says she is German in her First Life, claims that it was her 8th ban from her Second Life. In this 2-part interview, I question Katja about allegations that she is a Neo-Nazi and has apparently shocked and appalled residents with a host of racist comments and Nazi-inspired builds.

Katja – who contributed building work to the Neualtenburg Projekt and Neuschwanstein castle – is regarded by a number of SL residents as one of the most talented designers in Second Life and a generally helpful person all-round. She was previously a member of the group Evil L.L.P but was, as covered in the interview, eventually ejected from the group. In describing Katja, Evil L.L.P leader Mephistophelina Belvedere uses adjectives like ‘incredibly sweet and girlish [...] amazingly funny and witty [...] astonishingly creative’ but sometimes also ‘bigoted’, prone to ‘antisemitism’ and ‘random hostility’ – ‘one of the most interesting personalities I’ve ever met. It’s just a shame that she was the most horrifying, as well.’

So, what is the truth?

I joined Katja in the Sido sim (Mature) (52, 82) – the location of one of the alleged Nazi camps and previously the Second Life Police Department HQ (both of which are now gone). It is night-time. Katja wears converse shoes, a punk t-shirt and striped grey slacks with blue suspenders. She is brunette, with dark shades, dark make-up and striking green eyes. On her back is a backpack with a purple skateboard sticking out the top. Katja is joined by several people. These include friend Mike Czukor – an imposing figure dressed in formal wear, smoking a cigar.

Both have given permission for the publication of our discussion. References to Lindens that were identified by name have been removed.

Neal Stewart: I understand you’ve just returned from a ban? When did it end?
Katja Eisenberg: Yesterday.

Neal Stewart: Was it hard having to stay away? What did you do? Hang around the forums? :)
Katja Eisenberg: No, it wasn’t hard. It was great – the most excitement I have had in a long time [...] I am not allowed to view the forums.

Neal Stewart: What was exciting, Katja? And why aren’t you allowed in the forums?
Katja Eisenberg: Being away was great. It was the best experience ever. And I am not allowed in the forums because I don’t take shit from anyone. And that’s where cowards go to run their mouths off because they are too chicken-shit to say it to my face.

Neal Stewart: What did you like about being away?
Katja Eisenberg: The fact that real life doesn’t have babies who cry and complain. No fucking drama. No bullshit. Freedom to do what you want.

Neal Stewart: When did you get banned from the forums?
Katja Eisenberg: When I was suspended from SL.

Neal Stewart: Do they always do that? Suspend you from both at the same time?
Katja Eisenberg: Nope.

Neal Stewart: Is this a T-Rex? [It's night-time and all I can see is a sculpture of a huge red abdomen with legs and claws. The creator is Starax Statotsky. --Neal]
Katja Eisenberg: No. It’s a giant statue of Hitler. Can’t you tell?

Neal Stewart: Heh heh
Katja Eisenberg: Just like my supposed death camp I built with ovens and gas chambers – that never fucking existed.

Neal Stewart: So where do you think all these Nazi criticisms come from?
Katja Eisenberg: Uneducated worthless little fucks who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and couldn’t tell the difference between an oven and a refrigerator.

Neal Stewart: So, what did the Lindens say when they banned you for the camp you did recently?
Katja Eisenberg: I wasn’t banned for building a camp. I was banned for having a German group name. ’3rd Reich’ meaning 3rd Empire. And ‘SS’ meaning ‘ja ganz in der nahe society’. But since Linden Labs has labeled me a Nazi, anything that might resemble WW2 History is forbidden [...] Because too many people can’t let the past down. And cry about everything. So I am making this giant statue of Hitler to get back at them. [She's joking - it is a model of cerberus (the 3-headed dog of the underworld) - created by the unspeakably talented Starax Statovsky --Neal]

Neal Stewart: What does ‘ja ganz in der nahe’ mean?
Katja Eisenberg: Figure it out. You are smart. Ask a Linden – since they seem to think my German is badly pronounced. Even though I live in Berlin. What the fuck would I know?

[I look it up with Altavista's Babelfish translator: 'completely in the close society' which I take to mean 'secret society'. -- Neal]

Neal Stewart: What do you mean they think it’s badly pronounced?
Katja Eisenberg: Apparently I don’t speak very good English. So i gots da get me’s an Edjamacation.

Neal Stewart: Did they say that?
Katja Eisenberg: No it was on the phone when they told me the labels and names used were not properly spelled. Linden Labs can go fuck themselves. They don’t know German nor – doubtfully – speak it. They try to find reasons to get rid of so-called ‘griefers’ – when you build a Military Barracks with German recruiting posters. Not even WW2 Posters.

Neal Stewart: So what labels and names did they criticize?
Katja Eisenberg: ‘Untersturmfuhrer’ meaning ‘Second Lieutenant’. ‘Reichsfuhrin’ meaning ‘Empire Commander’.

Neal Stewart: And they said those were spelt wrong?
Katja Eisenberg: Make sure you take some good photo’s of Hitler here. Yes, that is what they said.

Neal Stewart: And they’re suggesting that they would allow you to use the names if you spelt them right?
Katja Eisenberg: Nope, can’t do that either.

Neal Stewart: So you believe they were just taking a shot at you when they criticized the German spelling?
Katja Eisenberg: Yeah. Oh, it was [Removed] Linden who said that. And [Removed] Linden is a funny little controlling bastard too. He thinks he is some hot shit with his sexy looks and his little computer.

Neal Stewart: How did the phone conversation come about? Did you call them?
Katja Eisenberg: I called them to find out why I was removed from SL after speaking with [Removed] Linden, [Removed] Linden and [Removed] Linden who said nothing that I had done was wrong.

Neal Stewart: So you were banned without an explanation?
Katja Eisenberg: No, they told me that the explanation was because of the name of our group – which they pleasantly removed behind my back.

Neal Stewart: OK. So you got suspended purely because of the group name and not because of the camp? [3 weeks ago Katja helped Grandduke Ferdinand build a compound that the Lindens then removed. The Evil L.L.P. group claims that Katja also built another compound - Auschwitz - on the 17th of January. Evil L.L.P. member Biff Uritsky objected and was planning to 'liberate' the compound with a division of prim tanks :) The compound was removed however and Katja was subsequently ejected from that group.]
Katja Eisenberg: There was no camp.

Neal Stewart: Didn’t you build an SS training camp?
Katja Eisenberg: No. I built a German Military barracks and a German Military Hall.

Neal Stewart: But the camp had the SS logo in it didn’t it?
Katja Eisenberg: Oh, by the way, you can ask Kimiko who was banned – and so was Grandduke. There was no SS Logo. No SS Logo that stayed here. I built one for a friend and wanted to see how it looked. It was removed shortly after being up.

Neal Stewart: So it wasn’t intended as part of the build?
Katja Eisenberg: Had it been intended I would have left it up. You see I really don’t give a fuck what anyone in SL thinks. If I feel like doing it, I do. And had it been intended I would have left it up.

Neal Stewart: The person who abuse-reported it took a screen-shot that contained the SS logo in it. [Thank you to Athel Richelieu for providing a copy of his screen-shot --Neal].
Katja Eisenberg: Had he stopped and asked me instead of going to visit his boyfriend he may learn a thing or two.

Neal Stewart: Did the Lindens erase the whole place that same day?
Katja Eisenberg: Now how the fuck should I know that? I was suspended.

Neal Stewart: So it was the same day you got suspended for the group names?
Katja Eisenberg: I would assume so.

Neal Stewart: Who did you do the SS logo for?
Katja Eisenberg: I wouldn’t tell you that.

Neal Stewart: Why not?
Katja Eisenberg: Why, so you can rat them out? I don’t think so. How stupid do you think I am?

Neal Stewart: So, tell me about the other camp that you built a while back. Evil LLP kicked you out of their group?
Katja Eisenberg: Did you take a picture of good old Hitler yet? No, I had started building a Camp Memorial that a few Jewish people had thought was a very nice idea. I asked the Lindens. They told me to go fuck myself so I changed it into an Asylum. I was kicked out of LLP because some of the fuck-head dicks walking around thought I had hung a Jew in the Tower. No. It was a crazy fellow I had hung in there. [...] And if you think I have a problem with guys who like sucking cock because I have a problem with the gay who reported me. This is my GIRLFRIEND – Kimiko.

Neal Stewart: Who were the Jewish people who supported you?
Katja Eisenberg: I don’t fucking know their names. Some of my friends told me a few Jews got word of it and thought it was a lovely idea. And if I seem a little harsh, I think what I can say to being harsh is: “Fuck you and anyone who has a problem with me”. I did nothing wrong and once again someone whines about something and I get into trouble.

Neal Stewart: I don’t have a problem with you. I’m just writing up the story.

Neal Stewart: Why did you decide to make a memorial?
Katja Eisenberg: To show I am not a fucking Nazi as so many believe. And that to enjoy history in every aspect, shouldn’t be viewed as wrong.

Neal Stewart: Did it have a plaque in it, or a notecard, or were you planning on doing that?
Katja Eisenberg: I didn’t get that far into the production. I asked first. Linden labs is trying to build what you would call a “Perfect” world. There is no such thing as a perfect world. They have the need to feel control. If they don’t have this feeling, then people like [Removed] Linden will never experience the finer things in life, like Virtual Sex.

Neal Stewart: What do you think they should do to improve things?
Katja Eisenberg: Well they can start by pulling their heads out of their asses. That would help. Then comb the shit from their hair. Then maybe let some people try to explain their job before they go about banning them. And keep in mind as you write your report NEAL that I am fucking pissed off so what you put may or may not get me banned. But you are in a Mature area. And if I get banned for expressing my feelings, I would expect all the people who bash me in the forums and in IM and in your papers to be banned as well.

Neal Stewart: Have you got this ‘Dead Jew/crazy guy’ texture so I can have a look at it, Katja?
Katja Eisenberg: I never had a texture and it’s not a Jew. [She rezzes the object --Neal]

Neal Stewart: Wow, that’s pretty wicked-looking.
Katja Eisenberg: Yeah. I know some good builders. And it doesn’t look like a Jew to me.

Katja Eisenberg: Have fun writing your report. OH WAIT. Take a Picture of Hitler so everyone knows what kind of a Nazi I am.
Neal Stewart: Heh heh
Katja Eisenberg: Come up here for just a moment, Neal. I will give you a good picture to take before you leave.
Katja Eisenberg: Pee. [Here, Katja squats and produces a urination animation, complete with yellow stream --Neal]
Katja Eisenberg: Take a picture.
Katja Eisenberg: LMAO
Katja Eisenberg: Pee.

Neal Stewart: Golden showers at the Sido sim, eh? Some of the people at Evil L.L.P said that you peed on the hanging guy. Is that true?
Katja Eisenberg: Yep. Right on his head.

Neal Stewart: Why was that?
Katja Eisenberg: Cause I had to pee and me and the hanging dead guy were drinking whiskey together and talking. And I just happened to be sitting on his head.

Neal Stewart: What did he talk to you about?
Katja Eisenberg: Pee. Nothing much. We just hung out and had a few laughs, kicked back some whiskey and then I peed on his head.

Neal Stewart: Evil L.L.P also claims that you liked to make jokes that they considered racist. Is that true?

[To be continued in Part II, which will be posted soon. You may wish to reserve comments until then...]

 width=Katja Eisenberg sits atop the controversial, identity-confused hanging corpse
Katja in her Skater uniform. Neo-nazi? Or misunderstood? [Inset:] “I will give you a good picture to take before you leave”

18 Responses to “Controversial German Designer Returns From Her 8th Suspension – Interview 1/2”

  1. Urizenus

    Feb 24th, 2005


  2. Overlord Ian

    Feb 24th, 2005

    Thanks for the news, it seems I need to have a chat with her.

  3. cormorant

    Feb 24th, 2005

    You have black hair. Your blood is impure.

  4. Corruption Labs

    Feb 24th, 2005

    LL has become so “PC” these days it’s disgusting. All anyone has to do to get someone suspended these days is to make up a bunch of crap then feed it to the corrupt Lindens. Gay’s run around in SL with there rainbow flags, fetish freaks do whatever they want, including building human torture devices and stuff thats just plain wierd alltogether, prostitutes whore and dance for tips, casino owners are running illegal tax free money making laundering through SL. Yet when a punk rocker wants to make a tribute to war memorabilia they get suspended because someone who is buddy buddy with the Lindens reports them. The shit LL deems exceptable compared to the things people get suspended over is truly pathetic. Offcourse I will bet you anything had this type of thing been built on a monthy bought Sim Island they wouldn’t do shit.

  5. Kingey Oz

    Feb 24th, 2005

    Anyone else find it ironic that her last name is “Eisenberg”?

  6. Pirate Cotton

    Feb 24th, 2005

    I have the exact same statue as that hanging in the ruins of Aurican’s castle in Navora. It’s made by Starax and comes WITHOUT clothes. The concentration camp uniform was added. Concentration camp uniform? Yes, see the only result in google images for this search:

    Clearly the person who added the uniform wanted to send a message, or why not use any other prison uniform?

    So why was it added? That uniform representative of the camps as the uniform, as an iconic image, is very powerful. Just throw on a yellow star and you have a scene from how many movies exactly?

    Of course, I don’t know the specifics of this case, but I have dealt with neo nazis and they will happily lie through their teeth and deceive in order to cover their real beliefs.

    However, the other, more likely alternative is this person is a kid who enjoys doing things in SL that are, frankly, borderline illegal in RL Germany.

    The real truth of the situation will probably only ever be known by LL and thoe person in question.

  7. Lindens Are the TRUE NAZIS

    Feb 24th, 2005

    Lindens = Gestapo?

  8. Lindens are correct here

    Feb 25th, 2005

    Katja is not saying in this interview what she says in SL. She is hiding her true feelings about Jews and the events that took place. I know this first hand and hope to be interviewed soon. Katja, if you are reading this, why dont you say the things you tell others in game that you dont say in this interview? The Lindens are right. This isnt a witch hunt, its a witch.

  9. blow me

    Feb 26th, 2005

    I thought being ‘PC’ was doing silly things like calling short people ‘vertically challanged’! Pissing on a mock up Jewish concentration camp corpse I think would kinda bring out a reaction in most people. Some will laugh, a lot will be disgusted but it takes a special kind of idiot to call it ‘a tribute to war memorabilia’.

  10. mike czukor

    Feb 26th, 2005

    the lindens are true dumbasses. i got banned for 2wks becuase i wore a ss uniform ,wtf is up with that.some of you ppl are very pathetic,annoying little twits.

  11. Katja Eisenberg

    Feb 26th, 2005

    Like I said before since you have shown true stupidity with your illiteration. I don’t give a fuck what anyone in SL thinks. You don’t like it. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Fucking nipple heads.

  12. Katja Eisenberg

    Feb 26th, 2005

    Like I said before for all you illiterate fucks out there. I don’t give a SHIT what the fuck you think of me or what I build and do You don’t like it. Don’t look. Stay in your home. And leave me the fuck out of your life.

  13. Lindens are correct here

    Feb 27th, 2005

    You obviously give a shit what people think Katja otherwise you wouldnt be hiding the truth and doing this interview. Funny you call people cowards when you dont have the courage to speak the truth about your own beliefs.

  14. ShinFenRa

    Feb 28th, 2005

    Katja has never built or designed a damn thing herself. She hires people (myself included) to build and design for her. She has no talent whatsoever. Her only apparent ability is to justify her pathetic illiterate existence by exploiting her pathetic little third world country’s contribution to society….Natzism


  15. Rene Steinmetz

    Mar 16th, 2005

    “her pathetic little third world country”

    That country is also my country. Go back to Abu Graib you asshat supremacist.

    I am proud to be German, living in a democratic and liberal country that doesn’t bomb other countries or dumps billions into producing weapons of mass destruction. It is great to live under a government that doesn’t engage in torture, doesn’t lock away one 5th of its young male black population in prisons and that doesn’t go on a petrol war bonanza in the Middle East.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that Katja “Nazi girl” is an American jerk sitting in his Mom’s basement and stiring trouble at the expense of us real Germans. The German spelling “she” uses reads like coming straight from Babelfish. Maybe this is the true reason for her banning.

  16. raven

    Mar 27th, 2005

    nazi, concentration camps the kkk whores land locked up by those who can afford their high resale prices. who the fuck would want to play that. sick fucks

  17. Ulrika Zugzwang

    Apr 8th, 2005

    As a U.S. citizen of German decent I always hate to see antisocial children with personal problems engage in behavior which perpetuates negative German stereotypes.

    I should also point out that you have an error in your story. Katja has never contributed structures to the Neualtenburg Projekt in any way whatsoever. Our architecture is medieval Bavarian mixed with the postmodern — not that of a house of horrors.


  18. Neal Stewart

    Apr 8th, 2005

    My bad, Ulrika. I apologize. I don’t recall my original source for that (bad) information but I’ve just checked with Katja and she said that all she had done at Neualtenburg was build a house and then tear it down. I’ve through-stricken the original reference in the story. Cheers.

    – Neal

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