Dark Side Mafia pwned by Bio-satanic Herald Stringers

by Alphaville Herald on 25/02/05 at 12:34 pm

Herald Stringers Melody Moseley, Renee Marshall, Kyran Nyak, Apollo Case, Sami Suavage and Twitty pwn the DSM

In the darkest corners of Jessie, where the toxic sludge oozes through walls and the residents positively glow from their daily dose of radiation, the Herald keeps a stable of stringers that are paid for information with virtual rotgut and virtual meth. What happens when one of the new pussy mafias enter Jessie and collides with the Herald Stringers? They get pwned! In this interview, Sami Suavage tells about the events that led to the shameful humiliation experienced by the Dark Side Mafia (DSM) at the hands of the evil Herald associates.

Herald Stringers deface the superb architectural stylings of the DSM shooting range.

sion-shield v1.1: outer shielding deactivated.
sion-shield v1.1: inner shielding deactivated.
sion-shield v1.1: movelock deactivated.
Sami Suavage: ::smiles::
Sami Suavage: hey Uri
You: hey babez
Sami Suavage: so …..
Sami Suavage: me an Twitty were umm playing at anti christ on my lot
Sami Suavage: cross …thorns lol
Sami Suavage: evil shit on my lawn
You: k… (pretending to know and not wanting to)…
Sami Suavage: hahhhaha
Sami Suavage: anyWAYS
Sami Suavage: I’m in this umm naughty nun out fit …
Sami Suavage: and kneeling at his feet

Sami and Twitty reenact a Mel Gibson movie.

You: of course
Sami Suavage: well….
Sami Suavage: the Bela and DSM were at their new place by ur mm bunker
You: who is bela and dsm
Sami Suavage: ummDark Side Mafia ..and Bella Mafia
You: ok
Sami Suavage: and a friend of theirs ..Salvatore DEshaga oor sum shit
Sami Suavage: so Salvatore ..he’s a christian …he comes over to say hi or who knows wut
You: ok
Sami Suavage: and is hahahhaha umm horrifyied
You: imagine that
Sami Suavage: and uses a push gun on me
Sami Suavage: hahhahhahaha …yeah wutEVER
Sami Suavage: like u never !!
You: ok push gun
Sami Suavage: so ….he pushes me like 5/6 times
You: stay focused hun
Sami Suavage: hahah fukk u
You: in yer dreams
Sami Suavage: and I keep coming bac ..and doing my thing …he never kills Twitt ..hanging there tho …dick
Sami Suavage: so ..I get like “wut is ur major malfunction “”
Sami Suavage: and hollar at the mafia s to keep their friends off my LOT
You: ok…
Sami Suavage: but they donat listen
Sami Suavage: so I shoots a few of em …..maybs 3/4
Sami Suavage: and …..then …umm lets see
Sami Suavage: I’m all fukk it ..I couldnt play or build anymore ..so we leave
Sami Suavage: all this time I’m in chat with another ummm friend ….a rather unstable violent admireere
You: so then what happened, and did they know you were connected with the Herald?
Sami Suavage: naw …I dont think so …but Alysa has said in the chat I’m a give u that she wants in the herald ..I acused her of that at our hour long standoff
You: she wants in?
You: who the fuck is she?
Sami Suavage: so umm my evil genius friend he REACTS very strongly to their persuction of me
Sami Suavage: Alysa Klien ..she the bitch in charge of DSM
Sami Suavage: and lives next to ur bunker
Sami Suavage: and he tells me to stay out of Jessie ..he gonna fuk em up and lagg em out
Sami Suavage: which he does ..with napalm grenades
You: Alysa is a he?
Sami Suavage: a she !
Sami Suavage: her man is the bitch hahahhahaa
Sami Suavage: ::spits::
Sami Suavage: got pics of him at the standoff too
Sami Suavage: so !
Sami Suavage: so …the next day its all over Jessie that I pownz DSM
Sami Suavage: rumors all over ….fukk it jus drama
Sami Suavage: so yesterday
Sami Suavage: the day b4
Sami Suavage: I’m at my house …um modeling
Sami Suavage: posing so a bondage toy was being built around me ..haha
Sami Suavage: on my second floor …no ceiling …jus a build ..
Sami Suavage: raw u know?
Sami Suavage: well ..I’m loading motorcycles ..and afk
Sami Suavage: tell Kyran to go ahead …keep working
Sami Suavage: I’m afk
Sami Suavage: leavn g in min
Sami Suavage: well !
You: I’m lost, are you afk now or saying you were afk then?
Sami Suavage: then !
Sami Suavage: while he kept buiding around me
Sami Suavage: while I’m gone all hell breaks loose ….
Sami Suavage: but because I’m kneeling …hahah…no bombs or bullets can hit me ..
Sami Suavage: u know like when ur sitting
Sami Suavage: so …I come bak to guys with guns on my head …fukkn trash talking about me .GRRRRRRR
Sami Suavage: 3 or 4 guys
Sami Suavage: her man and his budds …got them in pics too
Sami Suavage: so ..I keep kneeling a bit and call out the marines
Sami Suavage: Melody Mosely ..Kyran Nyak ..Twitty
You: oh Mel!
Sami Suavage: yeah ! shes my girl
Sami Suavage: and …umm Christian Rockwell …he came too ….has allegiance with Bellinni family
Sami Suavage: so Christian he’s like a DSM supporter
Sami Suavage: but stayed neutral
Sami Suavage: cause he friends with mel an me
Sami Suavage: so !
Sami Suavage: we all there …and Alysa shows up late …wondering y I’m still alive
Sami Suavage: …we talk for an hour …her with like 10 peeps all in phantom
Sami Suavage: and us ….well me an mel werent armed
Sami Suavage: but Twitt, Kyr were
Sami Suavage: they accused me of bombing them
Sami Suavage: at the time of our first beef ..and jus an hour b4 this altercation
Sami Suavage: which it was not me or mine !
Sami Suavage: will Weary ::spits::
Sami Suavage: he started it ! I booted him from our group a month ago …cause he brought too much heat to us
Sami Suavage: so he pissed …napalms DSM and says I paid him to do it
Sami Suavage: LIES
Sami Suavage: plus Alysa id super pissed the Christian isnt fighting with her ..her sis is his womyn
Sami Suavage: thats it I think
You: so lemme see if i got that straight….
Sami Suavage: hhaha u can try !
You: so some black hander christian got upset at you and twitty…
You: and hit you with push guns…
Sami Suavage: yup !
You: so you came back with friends…
Sami Suavage: he not in DSM tho
You: and kicked his ass…
Sami Suavage: yeah ! we fukked em up
You: so then the whole DSM has its nickers in a twist
Sami Suavage: yes !
You: ok but how is cinda involved in this? and why is dark side busting on cinda?
Sami Suavage: cinda is a dumb ass gigling
Sami Suavage: but thats not the point
Sami Suavage: Alysa is a power hungry drama queen
Sami Suavage: and once she knew who I was ..and my afinity with u and the herald
Sami Suavage: she’s jus being a bitch to every1 …haha
Sami Suavage: trying to be a bad ass
Sami Suavage: bullying for no good reason …no artisrty
You: so she’s trying to trick cinda into striking against the herald?
Sami Suavage: oh!
Sami Suavage: and Alysa stole Cinds man hahhahaah
Sami Suavage: he’s the bitch hahahahahaha
You: which man?
Sami Suavage: got his pic and name hiold on
Sami Suavage: but first hahhahaa wut we did to them after the standoff
Sami Suavage: pic 1 is thier umm firing range
Sami Suavage: in sumother sim ..not Jessie
Sami Suavage gave you dsm shooting range inside.
Sami Suavage: this 1 is my fav tho hahah
Sami Suavage gave you dsm shooting range outside.
Sami Suavage: hahahahahha’
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage: dammit a bunch of the Dukes upskirts of me ..like I want them hahah
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage: not him jus a hired gun
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage: hhaha thats wit started it
Sami Suavage gave you burning cross.
Sami Suavage: fukk where is that guy
Sami Suavage gave you Snapshot.
Sami Suavage: Mason Klein
Sami Suavage: bitch ! ::spits:
You: and is Marcellus involved in this in any way?
Sami Suavage: no ..not yet …we waiting ..handling it on our own …heh got sum fun guns 2day
Sami Suavage: Twitt mighta informed him ..we visit everyday jus about
You: ok the peeps in voice here are off practicing with their guns if we need back
Sami Suavage: shit
Sami Suavage gave you WAR/CINDA.
Sami Suavage: was that it ?
Sami Suavage: haha its funny as hell ..wat a bitch that Alysa
Sami Suavage: tapps foot ……

somehow I just can’t get enough of this!

25 Responses to “Dark Side Mafia pwned by Bio-satanic Herald Stringers”

  1. Teflon Don

    Feb 25th, 2005

    More coming soon on Dark Side Mafia hilarious antics. Yet another wanna be group that has no clue what they are doing.. I normally don’t like promoting idiots like these, but it’s too funny.

    The Teflon Don
    Mafia Correspondant
    Second Life Herald

  2. Alysa Klein

    Feb 25th, 2005

    What? Afraid to post my comment?? I’ll send it again.

    Love the article and since you only report lies and your side look around sl for the truth you will see the real story. So will everyone else and they won’t need a link. Have good day!!

    The Bitch of DSM, Alysa Klein

  3. Santino D. Milinari

    Feb 26th, 2005

    I think this is such a waste of News Space.. and personaly I am Shocked to see which direction the Herald has gone. to print a one sided story like that is nothing but Propogandic trash. the Herald lets it’s Reporters cover thier personal intrests and own Storys. some of the one sided articles and entries I see here are remenicent of things I read in the Ultra-Liberal New York Times. now yes, i can understand Covering the story of the fight between the two groups.. but when one of the groups is made up of people who work for or represent the Herald, & they give a one sided Story well then that brings the Whole newpapers Credibility into question. this article is stupid, shameful, a conflict of interest for the newpaper, as well as just plain stupid ad poorly written.

  4. Rizzo

    Feb 26th, 2005

    *sigh* DSM… always actin like theyre hardasses and tough guys but… they wont even fight right… damm phantoms… and as for Alyssa callin other women whores…. HAHA have u seen inside her ‘castle’???…. SHES the whore… have u guys played tso? it might be a bit less harsh on u guys and its a lil more for pansies… u should give it a try :)

  5. The Teflon Don

    Feb 26th, 2005


    It’s sad that your having to make alliances with groups such as DSM since your Mafia is failing on so many different levels. I agree with you on 1 point though.. Herald staff shouldn’t write about Herald staff, but what can ya do? It’s still the truth, even if you don’t like it.

    Rizzo – They did play TSO, same results.. They sucked at it. No understanding of what a Mafia is at all. They’ll learn soon enough.. Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks Alysa!

    The Teflon Don
    Second Life Herald Reporter

  6. Santino D. Molinari

    Feb 26th, 2005

    Failing? Having to make alliances? See here’s the thing, you make comments and you THINK you know what’s going on. So i’m just going to let you think what you want… yes yur right bro.. I am failing so miserably that I had to run and allie with DSM.. yes yes thats it…

    Who are you Mr. Teflon Don? so I know who it is making these comments.. cuz as of now your just some Reporter taking pops at folks hiding behind an alias.

  7. Santino D. Molinari

    Feb 26th, 2005

    An again, you really put the best foot forward by the publication by doing nothing but trash talking people.. I wrote a legitimate Comment on the Article… I didn’t talk trash to no one or Disrespect anyone.. unlike you Mr. Teflon who Just talks shit about people.. Nice reporting.. really does alot for the Credibility of the News paper.. It’s good to know that you guys have good Capable & Intelligent Reporters to give us the Actual Depiction of the story..

    very very sorry, & Immature to take shots at people in the newspaper.. I’m sure Uri is very proud.

  8. The Teflon Don

    Feb 27th, 2005

    If you notice I haven’t reported on anything yet. I simply was pointing out a personal opinion. So maybe you should remove the foot from your mouth now. In regards to your comment of I am just some reporter “taking pops at folks hiding behind an alias”.. That statement speaks for itself.

    The Teflon Don
    Herald Reporter

  9. Bella Klein

    Feb 28th, 2005

    Um, yea, my husband and I own the DSM Shooting Range, and thats not it. We dun have trees. Nice try though. :D

  10. Mateo Kinsella

    Feb 28th, 2005

    Hey there brilliant investigative reporters. Before you throw pictures of people “pwning” someone around, you might want to check and make sure the pics that they took are valid. That is my land that they claimed to “pwn” and, well, #1 we have no trees. There have never been trees there. Number 2, as one of the people in the picture should know, as he lives next door, there is nothing that close to my property line. And #3, when the pic was supposedly taken, the range was much larger and not in the same place as it is in that picture. So, while you’re out doing your “investigative reporting” you might want to check out the credibility of the information you get rather than just throwing it all over the place and making yourselves look bad. Sheesh, I only had 1 semester of journalism and I even seem to know more about investigative reporting then you geniuses.

  11. Alysa Klein

    Feb 28th, 2005

    Well Rizz I will accept your apology for this unfactual comment. If we suck so bad tell me why you and your group/allies gave up the fight. Not going to trash the families involved. I do have more class than that but you know what happened and so does everyone else. You were “pwnd” as the Herald would put it. (What a stupid word but okay we’ll go with that because you can understand it.) Maybe you wrote that before you asked for a cease fire but I still will not sit back and leave it without setting the record striaght. I would hope that you would leave this as is so I do not feel compelled to add any details of the fight that will in turn hurt people that are now free from the wrath of DSM.

    Phanotms well dear you sure didn’t have an issue when you begged me for the shield for you and your group when I was a member. So let it be known….you use them also. Need a list of the people including yourself that asked for one? I have it.

    As far as the art in my castle. It was purchased at Tempest. A very well respected player. Watch who you trash and apprieciate art.

    As for TSO I agree that there are many mafias there that are a joke but we were not one of them. We were a very well respected family. You really should do your homework before tossing your ignorant comments.

    “THE BITCH OF DSM” Alysa Klein

  12. Alysa Klein

    Feb 28th, 2005

    When I am wrong I have no problem saying it. I thought that was Rizz from Bella Mafia and I was wrong. So my apologies to Rizz. Although the facts are still the same. Have a good day.

    “THE BITCH OF DSM”, Alysa Klein

  13. Matthew Armone

    Mar 1st, 2005

    go crawl in your corner, Santino. you make less of a fool of yourself.

  14. Artemis Fate

    Mar 1st, 2005

    Wow the article may not have been much of anything, but I thought any other group would just ignore it like a joke. But you really pissed off DSM big time, that really got under their skin. Pretty funny. Guess you did “pwn” them there.

  15. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 1st, 2005

    I am currently still looking into the supposed “fake” pictures. I’ll keep everyone posted. Oh ya, Teflon Don no longer writes for the Herald so ignore his previous comments.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News < --- New nifty job. =)
    Second Life Herald
    Got Tips/News? mafiaeditor@gmail.com

  16. boo parks

    Mar 1st, 2005

    Nobody really gives a shit bout this stupid article. I haven’t seen a good article in here for about a month. Yall need to get off yer arses and write about what is really happening in sl not about some 10 minute battle that nobody cares about. LMAO at all you peeps that use the ignorant word pwn I thought only 12 or 13 year old kids used that word lol what a bunch of geeks.

  17. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 1st, 2005

    You want to bash people for saying pwn (I agree with you though lol), but who says the word arses?? Please don’t open your mouth without checking with someone first. May save you some face in the future. And it’s usually the people not being reported on or those getting bashed that complain the stories suck and we should write about better stuff. Better stuff is coming I assure you. =)

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News
    Second Life Herald

  18. Surreal Unsung

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    LoLs i made em pics, and they sure ans hell aint fake. They were when the shooting range was still work in progress and on the ground. :P sorry to ruin ya fun with making it a fakie rofls, cuz its allll true.

    - Peace trough Superiour Firepower!

  19. Aislyn McTeague

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    Bad Matty! Play nice =/

  20. boo parks

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    Save face? lmao dude get real

  21. Alysa Klein

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    So far the only decent part of the Herald is Marsellus from what I have seen up to this point. We’ll see if it is a follow through job. A real interview not asking us to trash another family. You all should take some notes from him. (We don’t always agree-but who does.) I hope he can get this paper straight. Someone needs to.

    Boo I totally agree, but sometimes a 10 min. fight is all someone has to talk about, but to make it even worse, it never exsisted, not even 10 min. lol now THAT is pathetic… and Artemis lol press is press…so when you came here to leave your comment you were thinking about me LOL MWAH!

    Alysa Klein

  22. Mateo Kinsella

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    There is nothing “supposed” about it. Anytime you want to come see, drop me an IM and I’ll tp you myself. And for anyone deciding to do some landscaping in their favor..don’t bother..we have pictures of the property ;) Just goes to show that you need to find a few more reliable sources for your articles instead of taking one side of a story. Might give your paper just a little more credibility as well. From the sounds of things, not many people find truth in what you write.

  23. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 2nd, 2005


    The truth can hurt, especially when it’s about you or someone you know. Now i did not write this article and it was published before I became editor for all Mafia related news for SLH. Things are changing and you will see soon enough. Not everyone can be pleased, but I will try to make it fair and not one sided.


    Thanks! Ya we don’t awlays get along, but we are quick to make up lol The interview should be posted later tonight. =)

    To All:

    News is news. If it happened it will more than likely will be reported on. Even a 10 minute fight that did or did not happen is news depending on the circumstances involved. One minoot (sp) thing can lead to bigger things happening in the game. It goes along with the Chaos Theory. 1 flap of a butterflies wings can cause a typhoon half way across the world. My job is to try to keep the coverage fair and limit the shit talking that occurs. Yes it will happen from time to time, but that will not be the focus of Mafia related news now.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH

  24. Alysa Klein

    Mar 2nd, 2005

    Marsellus your response is a perfect example of what I was talking about. I look forward to seeing the Herald move in the direction that it should have taken before now. Long over due! I never read the Herald before this trash article but if things go the way it sounds that they are and we get some real reporting I will be sure to read. *Ponders the idea of Marsellus holding a reporting class in game. I wander if you can get that approved through the Lindens. LOL.* As for people getting bashed that don’t like the story on them I’d like to say that if you have a true factual article on us getting “pwn’d” (now I just like saying that word … makes me laugh) I would have no problem with it being here. But don’t hold your breath guys looking for those articles. Instead look for the ones where DSM fights the racism and unfair griefing or something that might talk about how DSM moved their HQ to Jessie to try to keep the fighting confined in a sim where other players that don’t want to roleplay mafia aren’t effected. Then you will see the real DSM.

    Alysa Klein

  25. Mateo Kinsella

    Mar 4th, 2005

    There was no truth to this supposed attack on my land. That is not my land. Yes there was an initial range up before I moved it, however that’s not it. The picture you have taken is in a place that it couldn’t possibly be still on my land as we have no trees in the spot where there are trees in your picture. I couldn’t have delted them because where they are placed in the picture is not on land that I own. So if any one of you who says that this attack took place on my land while anyone was there, I’d love to see actual proof and not a picture of a piece of land that I do not own. I’m still waiting for that tp request or do you think the actual truth will make you all worse than it already has?

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