Hellsing Hath no Fury Like Jenna Scorned

by Alphaville Herald on 03/02/05 at 2:09 pm

Jenna Fairplay: dethroned dwell queen, but still queen of negs given

In a story that has it all — adult clubs, jealousy, specious abuse reporting, alleged Linden favoratism, and Arab-American tensions — it appears that dethroned dwell queen Jenna Fairplay has successfully organized an abuse reporting campaign against rival club owner Hellsing King (owner of current #1 dwell location, Paradise Island). Jenna would not talk to the Herald (she was busy catching softballs from Hamlet Linden) but reached for comment by telephone in The United Arab Emirates, Hellsing King insists that he has instigated no griefing and that his path to #1 has been paved by payouts to lucky customers. One highly placed source in the King organization insists that if Hellsing’s suspension turns into a ban, Hellsing will pursue legal action. Meanwhile, Hellsing has two sims on order in connection with the Dream City project — a project that now appears to be in jeopardy. We continue to follow this evolving story.

3 Responses to “Hellsing Hath no Fury Like Jenna Scorned”

  1. Marsellus Wallace

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    What is Dream City?


  2. The other JF

    Feb 3rd, 2005

    Queen of negative ratings? What a joke. There’s quite a few who’ve given and received two to three times that number. How about Angel Leviathon, Briana Dawson and other rate whores.

  3. Skyllar McTeague

    Feb 12th, 2005

    Jenna is horrid….she is a baby and needs to grow up. But becarefull she will report you if you sneeze wrong. Unfortunately she has reported me 3 times and nothing has happened, I think that Linden is getting tired of holding the tissue for her to cry into. Congrats Hellsing your sim rocks and is fun….more than I can say about the edge.

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