Nude Romp in SimCast

by Alphaville Herald on 24/02/05 at 3:48 pm

by Matthias Zander

On a recent afternoon, the women of the group known as the “Kao’an Exiles” stripped bare and posed in the three sims that make up the SimCast island group. They began in SimCast, where they were fully-clothed (the picture up above). They then moved to Midgard, where they spent quite a while setting up their angles. They ended up in Bedford, where they found the local flowers to be quite pleasing for their only covering. There have been rumors of a “Women of SimCast” calendar coming to a mall near you ;-)

The ladies pose in their elemental skins while a darker male hovers ominously over them

Some call them demonesses. Perhaps they saw this picture before they said that

Four of the ladies bare all and are unashamed in the fields of Bedford

A “behind view” of the same four ladies looking towards the sunset

5 Responses to “Nude Romp in SimCast”

  1. Neaner

    Feb 24th, 2005

    Dude, you’ve gotta fix up the aspect-ratio on all these pictures! You can’t have nipples that are longer than they are wide :)

  2. Loopy

    Feb 25th, 2005

    Just reinforces my opinion that skins are creepy lookin’.

  3. cow_2001

    Feb 25th, 2005

    I don’t get it, they have freedom in choosing what body they have but they choose the regular model body with a slightly different skin colour and spock-ears/horns/wings.
    Oh, wait. I’m not a SL player so I don’t know how much freedom there is in making the body look different from the basic body you get so the above paragraph can be nonsense.
    Random SL player, please tell me if I’m wrong or right.

  4. Pirate Cotton

    Feb 25th, 2005

    Bodys can be very very different. Most women chose to look like models, however.

  5. SL Observer

    Feb 26th, 2005

    You will find that many in SecondLife are obsessed with appearance, and most women do choose to be close to the perfect idea that is in RL. Vanity is widespread in SL.

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