SoP Time Capsules Opened, and…

by Alphaville Herald on 28/02/05 at 6:29 pm

NY Law’s Beth Noveck (swoon) interviews some gamedev that clearly needs a bathroom break.

At State of Play 2, last October or whenever, a series of interviews were taped with the grand poobahs and pointy heads of gaming. These “video time capsules” were to allow future generations to marvel over the bleeding edge sophistication of their grandparents as they pioneered emerging society-transforming technologies. Or in other words, it was the usual Terranovan game dev circle jerk. Years have passed since then, well a few months anyway (which counts as years in this business) and the time capsules have been cracked open revealing the quaint steam-punkishness of the halcyon days of the Fall of ’04. All the interviews are here, but of special interest to readers of this blog will be the interviews with Phillip, Robin, and Cory. Of course any objective observer will agree that by far the most compelling, interesting, and insightful interview would be this one, where Julian Dibbell interviews Andy Tepper (A Tale in the Desert) and some studly intellectual giant of the latter half of the ’04s.

2 Responses to “SoP Time Capsules Opened, and…”

  1. Kingey Oz

    Feb 28th, 2005

    You look really annoyed in that interview.

  2. Urizenus

    Feb 28th, 2005

    No more annoyed than I usually am. I wonder who got teppy’s vine clipping.

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