Bonnano vs. Bellini: Round 1

by Alphaville Herald on 04/03/05 at 2:42 am

by Jackie Brown

It seems a war is brewing between the Bonnano Family, ran by expert weapon maker Vincent Stravinsky and former Kingpin Mafia associate Carlo Platini, and the Bellini Family ran by Stacy Maracas. We got word of this war brewing and requested interviews on both sides of the fence. So far only the Bonnano Family has replied. Here is their side of the story. The main note of interest in this story is how all of this started with someone changing families. Family changers were the recipients of much grief in The Sims Online and that type of social climate is starting to take place within the Second Life Mafia community. For those that don’t know what a family changer is, it is someone who keeps changing family’s instead of being loyal to one. In the Mafia loyalty goes a long way and earns trust. Keep in mind this is only one side to the story until we hear from the Bellini’s.

DISCLAIMER: The below interview may contain statements that some readers may object to. Keep in mind that they are the interviewee’s opinions and not that of the Herald. Some parts have been editted to minimize personal attacks. Areas that have been editted are noted in the interview. A copy of the original unedited version is available for viewing if you are one of the parties involved.

You: Ok hello again members of the Bonnano Family, Vincent Stravinsky, Malice Uritsky and Carlo Platini, hear you got a huge war with Bellini now, tell us what started this one…
Vincent Stravinsky: Well, one of their Capos used to be in my family… they told me they had to leave for RL reasons and they went and joined Benelli..
Vincent Stravinsky: So I had him shot..
Vincent Stravinsky: Then
Vincent Stravinsky: The GM of their mafia talked to me telling me not to shoot him..
Vincent Stravinsky: I told her I’d do anything I want because it was personal
You: ok who was this person that was in Bonnano and left to go to bellini
Vincent Stravinsky: So she started cussin me out and sent her husband to me at Rausch… he has a lot of illegal gear so he was impossible to hit
Vincent Stravinsky: Blaydon Loveless
Vincent Stravinsky: AKA
You: Can you give me the GM and her husbands name
Vincent Stravinsky: –CUT FROM INTERVIEW–
Carlo Platini: the GM is Stacy Maracas –LINE EDITTED–
Vincent Stravinsky: and also
You: OK so let me get this correct, Blaydon was in Bonnano, told you he was leaving it for Real Life reasons but then joined Bellini
Vincent Stravinsky: our pet walrus
Vincent Stravinsky: Yeah
Carlo Platini: si
You: Those are some harsh words for the GM, this war seems very personal
Malice Uritsky: Well
You: You order the hit on Tijuana?
Malice Uritsky: Stacy doesnt exactly like the mafia game
Malice Uritsky: She called our tactics childish
You: Ok but Stacy is the GM of Bellini correct?
Malice Uritsky: When we bombed her sim
Vincent Stravinsky: She opened her mouth and started talking about my members
Malice Uritsky: Yes
Carlo Platini: si, after this confrontation…The Anchor proceeded to barret our members, disrespecting us very much
Malice Uritsky: She also said that she wasnt going to fight us
Malice Uritsky: But she wont declare that she has lost
Vincent Stravinsky: So one of my members got pissed and shot her
You: Did you try to have a sit down with the Bellini Family?
Carlo Platini: Si
You: Can you tell us about that
You: How did that go
Carlo Platini: well at first
Carlo Platini: everyone seemed to be getting along until it came down to the requests
You: What were the requests
Malice Uritsky: That she admitted defeat
Carlo Platini: We requested that if the Bellini’s would openly say they give up to us
Malice Uritsky: And surrendered
Carlo Platini: Stacy freaked out at this idea
Malice Uritsky: Because that was the terms on which we agreed to sit down on
Carlo Platini: she began cursing and screaming
You: So what was the final outcome of the sit down?
Malice Uritsky: None
Malice Uritsky: lol
Carlo Platini: Blaydon then decided to become Mr.Tough guy
Carlo Platini: so we shot him
Vincent Stravinsky: This was after the first bombing btw…
You: How many times have you bombed Bellini
Malice Uritsky: lol
Vincent Stravinsky: 3 or 4
Malice Uritsky: Who kept track
You: Have they striked back?
Carlo Platini: Si. this was the second day of war…the first day consisted of us bombing them all day
Carlo Platini: On the first attack they fired a few shots
Carlo Platini: but once we brought in a secret weapon they could not hit us anymore
You: Secret Weapon? do tell!
Malice Uritsky: lol
Malice Uritsky: no
Carlo Platini: Well you see, our hitmen are experts at what the do
You: Guess thats why its a secret
Carlo Platini: they*
You: So after the sit down there was more firing exchanged and now you are still at war with Bellini?
Carlo Platini: This brutal beating took place for two more days
Carlo Platini: The terror struck Bellini’s decided that instead of admitting they can’t beat us they would refuse to strike back
You: So as far as Bellini is concerned there is no war?
Malice Uritsky: May i ass
Malice Uritsky: add*
You: yes please do
Carlo Platini: …The Bonnano family takes this as a sign of defeat and now declares victory over them
Carlo Platini: go ahead Malice
Malice Uritsky: They called Lindens on us several times during this attack
Carlo Platini: si
Vincent Stravinsky: Yup on every attack
Malice Uritsky: Most of the time
Malice Uritsky: The Linden came to us
Vincent Stravinsky: Big tough Benellis
Malice Uritsky: TElling us that they asked us to leave
Carlo Platini: I have conversations in notecards of the Lindens talking to me asking me to stop attacking them
Malice Uritsky: And we did not
You: How come your family is reported each time you attack and no action from Linden is taken?
Malice Uritsky: Indicating that the owner of the sim Stacy, is the one reporting
Carlo Platini: because I am incredibly sexy
You: lol
Malice Uritsky: lol thats a secret
Vincent Stravinsky: Yes, that we cannot tell you
You: Fair enough
Carlo Platini: (its because I am too sexy)
You: Any final words you would like to say to our readers and the Bellini Family?
Carlo Platini: Victory is ours
Malice Uritsky: Carlo, i think you can say it best, lol
Vincent Stravinsky: What he said
Carlo Platini: ok…here are my final words….
Vincent Stravinsky: BONANNO > BENELLI
You: Err can you translate
You: Alright thank you for your time again gentleman

42 Responses to “Bonnano vs. Bellini: Round 1”

  1. Observer of this

    Mar 4th, 2005

    so the bonnanos have entered into the game and are doing these attacks, well i thought some of its members had more class than that


    Mar 4th, 2005

    LOL! All i can say is LOL! WHO contacted me from this paper? UMM nobody. You sit down with carlo, lets see a man who cant stay in a family becasue hes got bunny rabiit legs and HOPS from one to another, he has no loyalty, and hes a loser, thast why he came her e form tso, thewre was no more families for him to be kicke dout of, so he had to come to a new game. Vincent and Malice, well honestly dont knwo the guys, which means they arent worth my time. I have never read such a craok of shit in my life. *looks for newspaper title thinks its the Enquirer*.
    At least they got thir say, too bad its nothing but lies, but then again, they just dont get that the Belinni Family does not deal with children, we dont like to hurt kids, and we didnt fight back simply because ummm, well we have more important grown up things to do!
    If you want an interview with the Bellini Family who has the backing of um lets see just about EVERY family out there, your more than welcome to it. You see Vincent and Malice, they cant keep control of their soldiers, so they had to claim war on Bellinis to cover up for one of them acting on their own, woot GOD thats leadership for ya!
    There isa difference between HONEST leadership and immature leadership filled with lies on top of lies, its HARD to keep a story stright when youyourself forget the real truth to begin with. So boys, again BOYS, I do understand your anger, and its okay, in time you will forget about it, and move on to grief others :-) . OH YEA! I was wondering when i got married, cuz um I dont remember being there, must have been ONE HELL of a tequila night!!

  3. Me

    Mar 4th, 2005

    What a bunch of fucking pussy wannabe’s

  4. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Stacy, you need to calm down and take a step back. You talk about immature leadership yet your the one being immature right now with your reaction… Regardless if it is warranted or not. I was the one who contacted you as I will be trying again this weekend. You never replied, maybe you never got my message but you need to calm down. You will have a chance to tell everyone your side of the story.

    One of the biggest weaknesses of any boss is when they are hotheads and react quickly to an otherwise easy to fix situation. Unfortunantly, most bosses are guilty of this at some point in their career, including myself. Another problem a lot of bosses have is their ability to control their members. Rules should be in place if they are not. Without rules there is nothing but anarchy and headaches.

    There is a certain level of respect that should be given to each other even if we do not like each other. Respect your enemy. You never know when it might bite you in the ass if you don’t. No one is untouchable, no one. Now I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way, so forgive me if I come off as such. I am just sharing my personal opinion from my almost 3 years experience of being an extremely successful virtual Mafia boss.

    If you want to speed up the interview, e-mail me at As it is a Friday night and I have a life, I will not be home this evening, but can have you interviewed and the story posted by tomorrow evening. It’s up to you now if you want to share with everyone your feelings on this.

    P.S. Me – Feeling brave with your anonymous post? lol

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH
    Got Tips?

  5. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Stacy, lol, please, quit your whining. Bonanno ripped you and your sim apart and you didnt have any answer. Thats why your mad and you refuse to fight us. We tore you and your so called “mafia”
    apart. Stacy, you need to shut your mouth. You dont know Carlo and why he left tso so stop talking shit about things you dont know. Thats how you get in trouble. lol, we arent adults Stacy, so far, you have been in denial that we beat you. You wont fight us, and your only responce to our attacks is bashing the crew which single handedly took out your fam, your allie and you sim. I dont think you should question them, you should question your fam. Where were they when we bombed your sim? Where were they when Blay got shot up at the sit down? Huh? I really dont know if i would be running my mouth if i had such a shitty fam like yours. Stacy Bonanno is invite only, we only accept the best of the best in the mafia scene, not just any bum who likes the sound of the title “mafioso”. Stacy if you arent willing to finish the shit you provoked i suggest you find a new game or a new line of work, cuz this aint working out for you. Stacy? Are we really children? None of us are under 18 stacy making us legally adults. I cant say not as a law as our guide you certainly arent an adult. Immature leadership Stacy? lol, please more of your smear campaigns. I myself (which i have stated many times) take full responcibilty for you thinking those attacks werent ordered (which they were. I wasnt informed because of a communication mishap) If you even saw 5 inches in front of your face you would see this coming, considering you and Vince exchanged heated words. So look at the details this attack was ordered Stacy. Full of lies? Stacy, your the one who changed your story at the sit down. Am i correct? You originally stated that you were willing to submit to the Bonannos. You backed down from this statement once you realized you could do something else, refuse to fight. Come on Stacy show us what youve got with that fam? What else can we think, when you refuse to fight us. Stacy please, you had one attack on us by Christian who was using God Mode, lol, Stacy. You are one big Gavone. I suggest you find a new game and save yourself from even more shame.

  6. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 4th, 2005


    This is how conflicts escalate. Maintain respect even when disrespected. If you don’t like someones comments, don’t stoop to their level and do the same thing right back.. It’s hipocritical. Words may just be words, but they can be used as very effective weapons.

    Now what’s this about a sit down and Blaydon being shot up? Did the sit down go bad or was this a prearranged hit? If it was prearranged that’s lame.. It goes against all Mafia principles to call a sit down with another family to attack them. Calling a sit down for a member and taking them out is one thing.. You get called for, you get called for. But to call a sit down with another family and then attack them is just bad principle and in the long run can have a domino effect with other groups. Next thing you know, their will be no sit downs and beefs will escalate quicker and longer. Unless weapons are drawn against you their is no need to attack someone at a sit down.. EVER. A real gangsta would let it slide until later and get them later when they don’t expect it. A sit down is a civilized meeting to try and work problems out. Civilized is the key term.

    P.S. This will show you how unbiased I am trying to be.. Malice is my in-game son. Does pops need to show you the ropes son? lol Malice, don’t take the comments personally.. They are meant to be a learning tool rather than a put down.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH
    Got Tips?

  7. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 4th, 2005

    No Mars, it wasnt prearranged, Blay, i believe shot first or provoked it one of the two. And i apologize if i stooped to her level. But i had to correct her lies.

  8. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Im sick of people posting shit under fasle names. If you wanna say something at least have the courage to say who you really are. Dont bash people under a false name, its cowardly, its telling them that you are afraid of them :)

  9. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Just something to observer. You arent obviously familiar with the mafia scene. Mafias do fight each other, doesnt mean we dont have class.

  10. Observer of this

    Mar 4th, 2005

    i know about the mafia scene, i know they fight each other, its just all stuff that can be handled in other ways than blowin each other up

  11. Matthew Armone

    Mar 5th, 2005

    2l/TSO mafia = bunch of hot heads vs. bunch of hotheads. Get used to it. Very, very glad I stopped long, long ago ;)

  12. Skyllar McTeague

    Mar 5th, 2005

    I find humor in the fact that Carlo was boasting how they shot up Blaydon in the sit down…..and then, Malice, after being told exactly what the point to a sit down is……..tries to back pedal saying it was provoked and that Blaydon shot first. I also find humor that Carlo is even being considered trusted, as he is not all that bright. He wanted to be in Blackhand so he became an associate (he was not made) and his flunky Salvatore Defarge joined. They had a secret plan to over throw Santino Molinari and take over Blackhand…why? Were there no other names to choose and make their own? The stupid thing is ……….they told their secret plan to Aislyn the Godmother….I mean really???!!!!! Ya cause her loyalties are obviously to them???? NOT. So if these are the kind of men that the Bonnano Family has in it….I think I would be kinda keepin to myself. Most of the families know about their stupid plan and find great humor in their intelligence. Further more I would also like to add that even though Blaydon does have a temper……..he is not the kind of person to just get up and shoot someone in a “sit down” first.

    And just so there isn’t any confusion….Blaydon Loveless is my exhusband and my best friend. Stacy Maracas is my sister as well as Aislyn McTeague and Santino Molinari is my brother in law.
    But i have been in online mafia for 2 years. So I know the ropes and what is expected and not as far as behavior. I am no longer mafia for my own personal reasons…….however may help out here and there….lol

  13. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 5th, 2005

    Exactly Skyllar, you have ties to the people we are talking about. Dont drag yourself into this by coming to their defence. BTW, what happened in the past is in the past, let it rest. Obviously we arent going to come to any new agreements if you keep bringing this stupid overthrowing thing up. And please, dont talk about our members like that, you dont know them and why the did what they did.

  14. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 5th, 2005

    Observer, they can but when all else fails there has to be an alternative way. Our way is blowing stuff up.

  15. boo parks

    Mar 5th, 2005

    lmao, oh is your way? blowing stuff up? You very well might be the biggest idiot is sl history. Can you please tell us all exactly what you have blown up? Cause every where you have faught all the objects are still intact. Oh did you mean you like to use script and create lag on sims? lol yes you are the bigest fool I have ever seen on this game. Let me fill you in on something malice, we all have script and we all can lag sims, it’s not a big achievement to do that. We have all seen it a thousand times. Now if you want respect as a mafia familly then why dont you try to act like a mafia familly and not a bunch of overzelous fools. Otherwise just go abou t your way and use your scripts to achieve your all supreme idiot award.

  16. Cinda Valentino

    Mar 5th, 2005

    One day Stacy was screaming she’d have nothing to do with Mafias any longer and they were’nt welcome around her, and litterally the next day she started one………………

    I rest my case…………….

    Great Opening!!

  17. Skyllar McTeague

    Mar 5th, 2005

    Well Malice, I feel that you MUST have me confused with someone else…”Obviously we arent going to come to any new agreements if you keep bringing this stupid overthrowing thing up” How do I “KEEP” bringing something up if I have NEVER posted to any articles or comments on this site before? As far as talking about the stupid things your “memebers” do??……you just refered to something they did as stupid yourself on a public board. Kinda like calling the kettle black isnt it? But then again you did go to my son to build you a gun and gave the specifics of what you wanted it to do and why…..didnt you…knowing I was at the time in Blackhand….did you think he wasnt going to tell me??


  18. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 6th, 2005

    Skyllar, im trying hard to keep you out of this. Please dont continue thats all im gonna say.

  19. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 6th, 2005

    Im not talking about saying the overthrowing thing up specifically. Many people have said it in the past. I am also trusting that your son would do things professionally and not ruin my gun. If you ask him, i helped him out with an issue he had. I dont recall saying anything they did was stupid but if i did please tell me.

  20. Skyllar McTeague

    Mar 7th, 2005

    Malice you are trying hard to keep me out of what exactly??? You dont have anything on me that pertains to any of this. Also, if you read up to where you commented on my first comment you will see that you refered to the attempted overthrowment as “stupid”.

  21. Aislyn McTeague

    Mar 7th, 2005

    This is kinda sad to say, since Stacy is my sister, and i love her always. But really, I hope you aren’t throwing the words ‘family hopper’ around, sis. Cuz it’s pot and kettle. Every member of your family is a hopper. I know, cuz many of them came from our family…. including you, yourself. And Carlo…. hahaha. Nothing nice to say there, soooo i’ll go back to filing my nails ;)

  22. Stacy Maracas

    Mar 7th, 2005

    In response to my sister Aislyn whom I also love always. But I truly hope your not referring to me as a family hopper, I was in Salvatore in TSO for 3 years and was Godmother of that family for almost 2. I seem to recall ALL of us coming here together and becoming Blackhand, which I also remember doing so because its what my sisters wanted, and I wanted to be with my family. I was long since gone from your family before I began Bellini, I believe that was early January if Im not mistaken when I left the family. So to refer to me as a family hopper hurts as you of all people know that is certainly not true.
    As far as the rest of my family being hoppers, u can refer to them as you will, as its only words, it is true most if them came from TBH, and yes even I did, but remember most of them probably came for the same reason as why I joined Blackhand in the first place, to be with my family.
    90 percent of us are “family hoppers” if you want to put it that way. I mean you havent always been Blackhand either sis, in TSO you were once as I seem to recall one of the most respected Godmothers I knew and in a different family as well, and yet you were still my sister then too. I dont see that as being a family hopper.
    My point in calling Carlo a “family hopper” was that he was loyal to nobody except to himself, which he and Salvatore proved with their incident with Blackhand if his loyalty is now with Bonnano I think thats great, drive on soldiers. :-)

  23. Stacy Maracas

    Mar 7th, 2005

    Ahhh Cinda Cinda :-)
    I simply had to reply to your post as it was so intriguing to me.
    Do you KNOW me? Did I say to YOU Cinda, oh please Cnda stay away from me dont hurt me? Yes you are very correct in the fact that I was VERY pissed one night when you and your family invaded my club with what 6 or 7 people all to hit ONE person, my sister Aislyn? I also seem to recal looking at your Godmother dead in her eye as I put my “push bullets” in her face for the disresepct in coming into my club like that when I was NOT mafia, and she was supposed to be a friend.
    If thats how you all treat your friends, well, maybe thats the reason why your family has the issues that it does, just some food for thought.
    Your correct in one thing, your observation that I was not affiliated with any “famiglia” at that time, but where you made a mistake was attempting to shoot my sister Aislyn, Ill say it again SISTER. So mafia or not, dont play around with my family, as it dont matter who u are or what Group tag you wear, family is family. That also goes for my OTHER sister, I know you have met her, well a few times, Alysa Klein? We love her alot too :)

  24. Cinda

    Mar 7th, 2005

    You put push bullets in my Godmothers face? Hon are you feelin ok? ALL this typin gettin to ya? I dont have a Godmother, you need to lay down and get some rest……..

    Alysa says she and I would make a great team :) I agree!

  25. Aislyn McTeague

    Mar 8th, 2005

    *sigh* Stacy…..
    1 TSO – SL = two diferent places. I was ONE family in TSO, and I have been ONE family here. I don’t go back and forth wanting to be in, wanting to be out, whining to get promoted, and bitching about helping my family and quitting. Semantics, sweety…. it doesn’t matter when you quit. Three people you were recruited when you started your family where holding TBH tags at the time. So, i’m sorry, but i can see why Vincent is/was pissed at you. Not everyone will dismiss the issue with that ” I didn’t know they were in your family” bullshit.
    2 Are you above your family members? Why is it a big issue if family hopper is used on you, but it’s “just words” to say it about the rest of them? That makes as much sense as the rest of that paragraph. You recruit from your sisters families because they came to play with family? Eh, whatever helps you sleep at night….

  26. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 8th, 2005

    Stacy, now i believe. You are bashing our members for being i quote “family hoppers” when you yourself just admitted 90% of your family is “family hoppers” ok then, so i dont see why you continue to bash Carlo and Sal for this when you just admitted you harbor them yourself. Doesnt make sense does it?

  27. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 8th, 2005

    Ok, so i did say that Skyllar. YOU GOT ME!!

  28. Stacy Maracas

    Mar 8th, 2005

    I dont know Aislyn maybe they just wanted to be somewhere where they would be treated like they were a human being? Or disowned for picking their nose the wrong way. Call me crazy…….
    To date, I havent HAD to recruit anyone, they have come to me of their own accord, so lets not call it recruiting. Also you dont see why Vincent is angry with me, you werent there, you dont know what s going on, so you shouldnt comment about what you dont know Aislyn, Vincent is simply angry that Blaydon chose not to be in their family anymore. *PERSONAL ISSUE* He wasnt wearing anything when he came to us. I seem to recall Vincent using that term himself. *Personal Issue*
    Bitching? Whining? Well, call it what you will, I walked away from your family for my reasons and you and your husband know what they are. I never walked away from you as my sister, but to you that would be the same thing. I am only your sister when it seems to be convenient for you, and that is truly sad, how come you took that out of your profile picks Aislyn? What did it say? Oh Yes! “Sisters are forever no matter what the fight”. I’ll go ahead and put it into mine for you.

    And Malice, I made a statement that 90 percent of the mafias out there are family hoppers, nothing more.

    Cinda, lol, wait hang on lol. When did she stop calling herself the Godmother? lol yesterday? Or was it when everyone was expunged from the family because they were afraid of a takeover? I’ll have to check my notes on that.

  29. Cinda

    Mar 8th, 2005

    omg ok hon, these long winded statements are really starting to effect your thinking……I, Cinda, am in the Valentinos, fucktard, Rizz, is in Bella? It that who you meant dipshit?
    Starting to focus now? No? oh well…………..

    Really hon, I think you should learn a little more about what you pretend to be……………

    Please do us all a favor and get out the game…………….

  30. Stacy Maracas

    Mar 9th, 2005

    LOL @ fucktard and LOL at dipshit!! LOL! Your such a lady :-) Is that why Pino dumped yer ass like a sack? Because of your classy mouth?
    No it isnt huh? I know why tho :-) )
    Lets not get nasty Cinda, as you know i WILL win, I simply know WAY to much about you, leave the game? HELL NO, its too much fun playing with you sweetheart.
    Dirty laundry anyone???
    I got plenty………will I air it out? NAH prolly not, cuz just knowing that I know about ALL of it, and CAN tell it should be enough for you to keep your mouth closed and stop butting into something just to get your name “SOMEWHERE”. I mean really now Cinda it HAS been enough places hasnt it honey?
    Sweet dreams love.

  31. Aislyn McTeague

    Mar 9th, 2005

    I’m not getting into all your drama and bullshit on here, Stacy. I do see why Vincent is angry…and if you can’t see it, you’re a moron. As for my picks, WTF? I’m allowed 10….So i’m not your sister if i don’t have you up there? Yanno, my position on this started out just agreeing you shouldn’t talk about family hoppers…. I’m changing my vote, sis. You shouldn’t talk at all.
    And fuck Cinda…. Her avie is just pissed about being a divorcee…

  32. boo parks

    Mar 9th, 2005

    lol how gay

  33. Cinda

    Mar 10th, 2005

    OMG lol I just read it to the end STacy LMAOOO
    Ummm, find me ONE GUY in SL who has ever EVER messed around with ME!!
    That aint me, I prefer the real thing.
    You’ll never find anyone that would say they’ve fucked ME and rolled over and LEFT, RING ANY BELLS??

    Cinda, the SL virgin, (as of now) and I CHALLANGE YOUR ASS TO PROVE OTHERWISE

    comments from Pino to follow shortly……………………

  34. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 10th, 2005

    Do I need to step in and start moderating stuff? It’s starting to borderline on that line between real life and virtual. Let’s keep it game related, on topic and to the point. You think Mafias in real life fight like this? No. Try to have a little more respect for one another, even if you don’t like each other. Agree to disagree if possible.

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH
    Insert Witty Comment Here – lol

  35. Cinda Valentino

    Mar 10th, 2005

    umm Marcellus…………………
    I dunno if you noticed, but …..
    Real life Mafias dont fly around in the sky (without an airplane)
    Real like Mafias dont have shields and push guns
    Real life Mafias dont have an internet page where they post their crap
    Real Life Mafias would read this and piss themselves laughing.

    So since I cant hire anyone run up on a person, stab them, throw them in the back of a van, and leave em in a hole in the Nevada desert, I think you should remember this is not real life.

    ……….ahhhh if I only could…………….

  36. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 10th, 2005

    My point exactly.. So then why call yourself a Mafia? Kinda hipocritical from your last statement. Anyway, I was just stepping in since some people were starting to get real with it. I’m just trying to keep it civil. Nothing wrong with that now is there?

    And RL Mafias may not do that stuff and there are limits to what you can do in game, but it is VERY possible to make a virtual Mafia run VERY similar to a real life Mafia. Improvise and overcome. I’ve done it for almost 3 years and I think my group(s) are one of the only ones that do keep it real in the sense of role playing a Mafia group (Hense all the press coverage). Screw this family love bullshit. Sure a Mafia is family, but bottom line is it’s about money.

    As John Malcovich who is playing an Underboss says in the movie Knockaround Guys, “There was a time when things got done. Now everyones feelings are involved.”

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH
    Keeping It Real ::

  37. Cinda

    Mar 10th, 2005

    Marcellus, please forgive me for saying, I think you need to try to come down to earth a lil. SL is a game, remember?

    If you think you can make a Mafia in here run like a rl Mafia, you been online to long hon……………………..

  38. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 10th, 2005

    Cinda, no offense taken, but you obviously don’t know me very well or what I do or how I do it or what I have done. Plus, you should look up the term role-playing since you are playing a MMORPG. I’ll leave it at that. hehe ;P

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH
    Earth.. It looks so small from here.

  39. Cinda

    Mar 10th, 2005

    ……….you must agree anyone can roleplay the way they wish, right? I dont think I, or anyone else, should have to conform to someone else’s idea of how something should be, on any level.
    Creativity and the seperation from real life obsticles is part of this no?

    And no, I only know about ya what you’ve told me………………

    Anyway, I’m a Jew, not an Italian :)

  40. KR

    Mar 11th, 2005

    wow! you ALL sound about 8 years old. Congrats on showing yourselves up to be the bunch of assholes you undoubtedly are!

  41. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 11th, 2005

    Assholes.. How creative. I prefer the term social engineering deviant individual. S.E.D.I. for short lolol

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH

  42. Pino Valentino

    Mar 11th, 2005

    Cinda and I are totally cool, AFter I saw through the BULLSHIT you “so called mafias” sling, I woke up.

    STacey you dont know me, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave my name out of that mouth of yours.

    We were here loooong before the little kids showed up, takin up the Linden slack………………….

    I wont be reading this mindless bullshit again, so dont write any responses you want me to see.

    Cinda’s Forever

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