Bonnano vs. Bellini: Round 2

by Alphaville Herald on 06/03/05 at 11:41 pm

by Marsellus Wallace

The Heads of the Bellini Family

The Heads of the Bellini Family

The discussion of family hoppers, traditional Mafia values and real life versus virtual life combine in this follow up to the battle between the Bellini family formally of The Sims Online and the Bonanno family.

We interviewed the Bellini family first who painted a dark picture of the Bonanno family’s ethics and values of La Cosa Nostra. A notecard of a conversation between Stacy Maracas of the Bellini’s and Carlo Platini of the Bonanno’s was shared to me of which Carlo does not deny the conversation happened. In that conversation Carlo made real life comments towards Stacy of an extreme nature. When confronted Carlo agree with the Herald that those comments were not very professional nor were they called for. However, he stands by what he said claiming he has the right to say that to her simply because of a dispute in an online game. There is no room to involve real life comments like these in MMORPG’s. The details of that conversation we will not share. Below are the interviews. Is this fued truly over as both parties say, or is something continuing to build between both of these new families?

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