Invisible Man, or teh Peeping Tom?

by Alphaville Herald on 03/03/05 at 4:32 pm

by Gina Fatale

I was in between getting dressed the other day when I noticed on the mini-map a green dot beside me, yet I could not see this person. Next thing I know, I was being pushed around the room by this “invisible man.” Thinking on my feet, I asked for an interview for the Herald, which the avatar I’ll call “Mr. Invisible Man” granted to me on the condition that I promised to keep his identity a secret. Apparently he has a spying fetish for naked AVs.

A rare screenshot of “Mr. Invisible Man”

Gina Fatale: So Mr. Invisible, you like going invisible and going into people’s houses? Is this true?
Mr Invisible Man: lol
Mr Invisible Man: yep. I acually find some pretty interesting things about people, e.g., people just standing naked in their homes. in PG sims too.

Gina Fatale: yes like I just was lol. So you’re like a pervert?
Mr Invisible Man: Sometimes.
lol. No, I’m no perve. I do it for fun, lol.

Gina Fatale: then why do you enjoy watching naked people?
Mr Invisible Man: because you never know what you’ll find. I think it’s funny, because the freak out that someone is on the map and they run around looking for me.

Gina Fatale: lol, yes
Mr Invisible Man: when I’m right behind them the entire time.

Gina Fatale: do you talk or scare them?
Mr Invisible Man: sometimes I’ll pop up and say hi then go invisible again. Not a lot. Sometimes I call people names, lol, like call someone a douche and they don’t know where it’s coming from. It’s mostly for fun what I do. Sometimes for blackmail ROFL

Gina Fatale: Are you going to share with us your secret as to how you become invisible?
Mr Invisible Man: lol
Mr Invisible Man: anything else?

Gina Fatale: No, unless you want to say anything to our readers. Should they keep a “look out” for you?
Mr Invisible Man: Actually, I do.
Mr Invisible Man: remember
Mr Invisible Man: you never know who’s watching :)

Gina Fatale: lol alright thank you for your time. I will now remember to look twice when I’m naked lol

15 Responses to “Invisible Man, or teh Peeping Tom?”

  1. Marsellus Wallace

    Mar 3rd, 2005

    Did he make use of a transparent skin texture or the candy bar?

    Marsellus Wallace
    Editor, Gangland News – SLH

  2. blow me

    Mar 3rd, 2005

    Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness…

  3. Gina Fatale

    Mar 3rd, 2005

    can’t say marsellus :P

    Oh yea before I get accused of more shit on here, yes this person is real in SL and this really did happen, I did not just make it up or talk to myself lol and as you can see any story i do write my name is on it :)

  4. Artemis Fate

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Invisibility always seems to offset the world around it, there’s a bug that cuts out all of the avatar, that allows invisiblity to be possible in the first place. So far i’ve only seen two forms of invisibility:

    Transparent texture, whether or not this is custom fit to the avatar or a cheap big circle prim it’s causes distortion and an invisible person can easily be spotted by using the highlight transparent feature.

    Scripted: Kind of a tricky version of this that has a script command to turn a prim to a built in invisible texture, It makes it so Highlight transparent doesnt do anything but the distortion is still there.

    If there’s anything more than that i’d be interested in knowing about it hehe.


    Mar 4th, 2005

    OH YEA, it also helps when GINA FATALE works at the paper that the BANANA family is related to her, OMG u really think peole will belive this crap? heheh i enjoyed my augh for the night THANK U ALL!!!

  6. Urizenus

    Mar 4th, 2005

    I don’t know how the candy bar script works, but my impression was that it works by having you walk *under* the ground. Or so it seems. You can still see the footprints. In any case when I see an inviso on the map I take out an AV detector. That at least tells you who it is.

  7. Gina Fatale

    Mar 4th, 2005

    I think stacy meant to post this comment under the other story lol. Anyway yup Malice is my sim son, so what’s the problem? Did you see me get involved in the attacks? Nope you didn’t. Therefore it has shit to do with me, don’t drag my name into it, I’ve got friends in Bellini.

    If her comment was meant for the invisible man story, well I still stand my ground and know that this happened cuz i was there, and yes this guy uses something in game to make him invisible, i’ve got the same damn thing he uses, but if you have an av detector it picks up his name.

  8. Artemis Fate

    Mar 4th, 2005

    Oh yeah Uri! I forgot about the third kind:

    Animation invisibility: Basically just crumples your avatar in half and sticks you underground, it can’t be seen too well besides those foots prints, but it has a problem in that you can’t really get off the ground of people will start seeing that avatar, unless you’re in a part of a house with deep deep floors.

    And yes Gina, no matter what you do to make yourself invisible your av will still be picked up by detectors hehe.

  9. Malice Uritsky

    Mar 4th, 2005

    LOL, stacy, Gina is my mother yes, but i dont use her. Unlike you who would in a situation like this. Banana family? lol excuse me? lol Stacy Bonanno is a IRL mafia located in NYC and the lagest existing one of the five families at that. Dont bash our name and we wont go as low as to do that to you. BTW, the invisible man is a true story, ive seen multiple people become invisible before.

  10. Maria laVeaux

    Mar 5th, 2005

    I’ve seen Invisibility done also.
    why would you go to all this effort to see on a PG sim, what you could see, and hear on any Mature sim without all the “Clever” gimicks?
    If that’s Someones idea of thrills,, Tranqilizers must seem like a skydiving trip.


  11. Aristym Thirty

    Mar 6th, 2005

    What I find interesting is the lack of cries of invasion of privacy. I’m not one way or the other about it, I just find it interesting.

  12. Jay

    Mar 9th, 2005

    Gina naked! and i missed it damn, i would like to see dat sexy ass anytime, dude hook a brotha up!!!

  13. Hola

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    Just press control+alt+T to see invisibles, then you’ll know who’s watching

  14. Beaufort Beauchamp

    Jul 25th, 2007

    weeeeell,i dont wanna perv on anyone or anything like that,but,i DO want to be able to make myself invisible if i so choose to be,i mean,how cool would it be(depending on how sad you are,this example is,and believe me,i must be very sad!)to go to a halloween party dressed in a white sheet as a ghost,and then be able to remove it,and there still be nothin’ underneath it…well,like i say,i mus be sad huh?,but,anyways,my main query is,where can i get one of these invisibilty scripts,or,mores the point,once i have the invisibility script,what do i do with it,to make myself invisible,cos, i aint gonna lie,i had one when i first started,and i tried so many different idea’s given to me by various members of SL….and to no avail,so,if anyone knows,exactly how to make themselves invisible,please let me in on it too,i have been trying for months to do it,and it puzzles the absolute hell out of me.If Anyone can help me in SL…look for me in search and drop me an IM…ps…lol…someone tried to sell me the full invisibility thing,so all i would have to do is wear it,for 100,000L$ the other day..Pfffttttt,and here was me thinkin’ rule number 1,was “never buy something on SL,that you could make yourself…2 problems with all my born days,i aint never gonna have that kinda money going spare,and 2,if i had that kinda money going spare,i dont reckon i’d be spending it on an invisibility script…lol

  15. Xspence

    Aug 19th, 2008

    If you would like an invisibility script i can post one it works…but it doesnt cover you up…just makes the prim 100% invisible. Btw whats the candy bar script? I dont understand it

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