Squags Takes a Break

by Alphaville Herald on 29/03/05 at 8:03 pm

Uri at anInfoNet terminal, network developed and maintained by Squagmire Stravinsky

Squagmire Stravinsky, well known instructor at the Cloud City Campus and architect and manager of InfoNet, is standing down from operations. Citing griefers, demanding and disrespectful students, and a failure of promised help to materialize in the construction of Cloud City, Squags has said “enough is enough” and is taking a break from the game. This is bad news, but not surprising news given the tenor of SL culture. Following is his statement.

For many months now I have been teaching classes at Cloud City Campus, and helping lost newbies in the Celadon Sandbox. I run the InfoNet, a news and library system ingame designed to help educate and keep informed the residents of SL. I do not get any support from linden labs on any of my endeavours and rely on people ingame to help me. I have never transfered any L$ into real currency, and have never turned a profit from business. I have been here with the soul purpose to improve SL for everyone.

I’m stressed beyond reason. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t remember when or how I started Cloud City Campus, but it’s time for it to sleep.

Teaching is my passion. I love to share my wealth of knowledge with those that want to learn..
Scripting is my passion. I love to create, and programming is my way.
Learning is my passion. I want to know more, and expand beyond what I am.

Today I looked at myself and realised I am not enjoying any of these anymore in SL. Students are demanding and disrespectful, and people to help are non existant.

As you are probably aware, I have started to re-build Cloud City Campus. I want it to be all it can be. The city in concept, could be one of the greatest builds in SL. An image of how things should be built in SL.

2 weeks ago, I resumed classes at Cloud City since the re-build began. The Celadon Sandbox got to the middle of the top 10 list for traffic. During classes i had every griefer in SL in the room. Since then I havn’t run a single scripting class publically advertised.

A week ago, a kind soul donated a defence system for me to use in the city, so i can resume classes. I just need the land owner to place it, but can never get a hold of them. Perhaps my IM’s aren’t making it through.

over 40 people have volounteered to help build the new Cloud City Campus. This includes regular visitors and inhabitants. During the two months of construction, only one person (GiGa Duck) has helped with construction. The city can’t build itself and I lack the time. Aside from the city construction, the library i’m building (InfoNet) has expanded to be located in 18 regions now. I no-longer have the manpower to maintain it. Several people have volounteered to help revue some of the scripts that have been donated, but once again… no-one is dong anything.

I can’t keep pulling the weight of the school that was never authorised, the classrooms that are overcrowded with griefers, nor the library system that is sweeping SL. As I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been spending 20 hours a day in SL keeping things running. I’ve taken on duties I was never asked to, nor did I want to take on by myself. I’m stressed, overworked, and I’m not getting paid for this. When I stopped to think about it, I realised it has been taking over my life. I can’t give any more, I’m all dried out.

he lack of support from those that volounteer is killing me. If I only had 2 people donate an hour a day, it would have been enough. People in SL are lazy, and I’m overworked.

Any class I may have been running at one stage, I’m putting off for a while… The construction of the city is on hold indefinatley, untill people start to chip in. And the InfoNet? It’s large, but according to last two days usage statistics, it’s only getting used by 100 people a day. Surely an update or two won’t be that greatly missed.

Many great things that could re-shape SL are now on hold. I’m just waisting space with a dream that will never come true.

Over the next few weeks, I am not going to be building any city and I won’t be running classes. I won’t be there to help the lost newbie in the sandbox, and I won’t be updating the InfoNet. I’m taking a break. Any work related IM’s in SL will go ignored. I need some time to relax, and relax I will. If you don’t see me in SL much over the next week, It’s because I’m overworked and under appreciated.

I’m now going to go cry myself asleep, and sleep the first full nights sleep in a long time.
Goodbye for now SL. I’ll be back.

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