The Cory Details

by Alphaville Herald on 19/03/05 at 5:04 pm

Looks like today is gonna be hype Cory day. There are notes from Cory’s talk at the Serious Games Summit, up on the Wonderland blog, and some of the statistics are interesting (if they are widely known, well, I didn’t know them): Examples:

Last month: 20,000 people used SL. 50,000distinct items were sold. There were 1million p2p transactions.There are 7000 user hours per day spent creating. 3.5 user years per day! If Sturgeon’s law holds, then 90% everything made is crap bit 10% is good. It follows that of the 1300 items created daily, SL gets 130 really good. Also: 50% of the users are women.

I have no idea how SL can reliably document some of this, and I also wonder if person hours spent creating objects includes newbies working on their avatars and rezzing cubes. Saying that 10% of the objects created are “good” sounds wildly optimistic to me.

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