CLASS: Marketing Basics, April 24, 2pm

by Alphaville Herald on 21/04/05 at 10:31 pm

Marketing Basics in SL class to be held this Sunday, April 24, at 2pm in a building called Rose House, Georgianna (adjacent to the Spa Gato Condos and a short flight from the Phoenix Hotsprings Spa and Massage Beta Bar.

This class will look at how the basics of marketing can be applied to the world of Second Life. This class is for all content creators, whether content is material or events. Please check the Events Postings for more details.

Persephone Phoenix teaches college level marketing irl as well as a number of other subjects. As the course concepts build upon one another progressively over 1.5 hours, participants are encouraged to attend on time. This class is supported by Linden Lab.

This announcement is presented as part of the Herald’s Free Ads for Educators program.

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