“Curse of the Burning Seas” Game To Go Beta

by Alphaville Herald on 15/04/05 at 6:47 pm

During a recent trip to the local tavern, Omega Groshomme spotted the Evil Spaniard Smigmee Pinkerton, lead-developer of “Curse of the Burning Seas”, sneaking out a back entrance. He draws his sword!

The exchange is quick and Smigmee’s work with the cutlass is no match for Omega’s rapier. Smigee is reduced from ‘Strong’ to ‘Panic-stricken’.

“You are a skilled swordsman. I will tell you what I know. Your sister is held captive on a remote plantation. This map may help you on your quest. Also, I am making a new game in SL.”

Omega Groshomme: So, Smigmee, tell us about this “game” we have heard so much about.

Smigmee Pinkerton: Well, the game is based in the 1800s. As a player you will choose between British, French, and Pirate navy. You will take control of ships and command them over the Burning Sea. Each player will have an important role on a grand scale. Players will be able to capture other ships, embark in blazing cannon, pistol, rifle, and even sword battles. Players will gain higher ranks, giving them health bonuses, officer uniforms, and permission to command fleets of men.

Omega Groshomme: Wow! Thats amazing. So how will this be done? I mean, like rules and all?

Smigmee Pinkerton: Well, thanks to the beauty of Second Life scripting and building possibilities, and our amazing design team, we have a server created along with “health packs” (built into their factions’ appropriate belt) that will control players heaths and stats. Each ship is also fitted with a controlling script to determine hit/attack info along with who and which rank has permission to pilot it. We plan to have a leaderboard to display the current faction in power. [We're] Trying to ensure a constant war-like situation where players meet in the ports and build teams to conquer other factions, as well as in game goals. As far as rules, we have a strict experience system along with all the other core elements of controlling a game such as this one.

Omega Groshomme: This is truly amazing. I mean, I’ve seen some of the objects and I’m blown away that something like this is in SL. When can we expect the release?

Smigmee Pinkerton: Well, we are so close to opening the BETA test we can all almost taste it.
And let me tell you it tastes good :-P
We have started an OPEN FREE BETA signup un-officially inside of SL. Basically, if people are interested I would recommend going to our website and requesting to join the BETA group via the web forums found on our website. I can not give an exact date as to when the opening will be but I can say the group is filling up fast and testers should sign up now! The reassuring news is we have been playing the game ourselves for testing and it will be amazing. A game concept unlike any I have seen inside or outside of Second Life. I just want to make sure that credit for this project goes to our whole design team, who have been working endlessly towards our goal. Keep it up guys! Our site is http://www.power-surfing.com/cotbs.

Omega Groshomme: I fully agree and I think this will be the biggest thing to ever hit SL and may open doors of the possibilities we have.

Note: ‘Curse of the Burning Seas’ is not based on Sid Meiers’ Pirates. That was just a hook :)

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