End of an error era: JC Soprano avi for sale on eBay

by Alphaville Herald on 19/04/05 at 11:30 am

I have to say that I personally had a nostalgia attack and shed a tear or two when I saw this: The JC Soprano avatar/founder account on TSO is up for sale on ebay. Yes, this is the very same JC who fought with the Sim Shadow Government (both in game and on CNN), who managed to get his mug all over the traditional press (e.g. The Boston Globe), and who inserted himself to the internationally reported Alphaville elections by corrupting poor Mr-President.

And now the avi is for sale. Is nothing in this world really sacred? There are two days left in the auction.

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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 19th, 2005

    *Shudders*. This is really soul-killing. It’s like when Cornelius Vanderbilt was auctioned off.

    Well you will never see Dyerbrook on the auction block, he will go down when the last server is turned off.

  2. Santino Molinari

    Apr 19th, 2005

    *raises hand* 1 DOLLAR!!!!

    =P j/k

  3. boo parks

    Apr 19th, 2005

    I bid 1.50

  4. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 19th, 2005


    I decided I don’t want to do Mafia anymore. Its boring and people have no traditional mafia values or ethics anymore (with no punishment system in place, it’s a bunch of individual terror like cells) and JC Soprano and The Sim Mafia had their day in the spotlight and EA Games will forever hate me and MMORPG designers will shutter when they see me playing their games.

    I still hold all the rights to The Sim Mafia, it’s website and the press will always be mine, but the character is retired and won’t be played again by myself, so why keep it? With Mafia its about business, not fun.. So my SL gaming will be for business only and not Mafia anymore and I am playing SWG for pleasure (doing very well on my path to Jedi) as well as MxO. Although MxO is very boring and tedious, but it’s live events more than make up for it.

    I wonder though if JC will be bought to be played or destroyed..

    JC Soprano aka Marsellus Wallace

  5. Urizenus

    Apr 19th, 2005

    Maybe someone will buy your avi and make it their luv puppet.

  6. Gina Fatale

    Apr 19th, 2005

    Hands off my luv puppet Uri I know you secretly want JC’s sim lol. I will out bid anyone so that i can p-ownz soprano muwahahahahaha.
    wait i already do ;)

    Luv ya baby and miss you in SL :(

    (thats to marsellus btw for those who seem to know my in game love life all so well)

  7. Former SSG Member

    Apr 20th, 2005

    if anything this avi is worth 0.. zilch…its all a lie he never faught SSG. he was only a media whore and existed only through forums. i was there in SSG and never did i see this guy online. all there was was a little argument with PM and that was that. jc himself called it war. “Theres no ketchup in my burger miss! its war” wtf… he was never there. if anything he confroted SSG maybe 10 times in his whole sim life and each for like 2-5 minutes. stop bullshitting. there are much greater people out there who actually faught us. and i give them props. no they dint get press. theyr were REAL. and not fake like you, JC. accept the fact that you never did anything “mafia-like”.

  8. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 20th, 2005

    hahahaha (Notice the Former SSG member opted not to leave there name… If I get bored later I’ll look up the IP since I have Herald rights and tell you all who they are.) If I never did anything Mafia like I never would have made the press. I have done many Mafia things and pioneered many Mafia tactics. You forget, I was the one the new SSG overlord (When Piers/Jen quit) would come to to handle their Mafia beefs that they couldn’t handle. I was also the one that Mia Wallace came to about starting a Mafia before they couldn’t handle the Mafia heat and became SSG, doing the exact same thing as a Mafia, only under the guise of good.

    I did many things to the SSG. Some on and but most off the record. It’s called Guerilla Warfare. It’s hard to hit an invisible target isn’t it? The greatest job the devil ever did was to convince the world he didn’t exist. I did my job well which is why no one ever successfully executed an attack against me except 1 time and I gave them props and it never happened again and it wasn’t SSG… Wasn’t even a Mafia.

    Anyway, when your brave enough to post your name, then you can talk shit and attempt to back it up. I can back up whatever I say. Until then, your just an anonymous scared loser that no one will take seriously. Anyway, good attempt.. It’s been awhile since I board jumped a SSG member and it put a smile on my face. =)

    Marsellus Wallace aka JC Soprano

    P.S. I don’t care if the auction only got $1. It’s still worth more than yours hahaha (and I really don’t care how much it sells for)

  9. Urizenus

    Apr 20th, 2005

    Marsellus, you *don’t* have access to the IP addresses to comments on that story and you ain’t getting it, not that it would make any difference to you if you did.

  10. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 20th, 2005

    I did yesterday and still do Uri… For example, the anonymous posters name begins with a J.. He is 17. He has a band with a lame name too.

    hahaha I always had that access Uri. Nothing I can do with it, but reveal who the so called anonymous poster is… In this case, a nobody who probably heard SSG rhetoric and never even fought me or attempted to lol.. You can’t talk shit about a fight you had nothing to do with hahaha

    Marsellus Wallace aka JC Soprano

  11. Urizenus

    Apr 20th, 2005

    well guess what, mars, you just got yourself busted to level 0 permissions.

  12. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 20th, 2005

    LOL Busted for what? It’s common knowledge in there. I didn’t even use the IP addy to get that info lol I was just telling you I still had access to that. So =P

    Marsellus Wallace

  13. Urizenus

    Apr 20th, 2005

    You got busted for making up BS that feeds Prok’s paranoia.

  14. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 20th, 2005

    hahaha What did I make up and who the hell is Prok?


  15. Storm

    Apr 20th, 2005

    This conversation above just prooves that your still a child in a man’s body, JC.

  16. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 21st, 2005

    Look who’s talking.. How original lol Why call yourself Storm? It should be more like Light Wind. Oh your killing me Storm, please reply back for more humilation. =P


  17. the fart is on you

    Apr 21st, 2005

    or break wind.

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