Extra Extra! Love, Betrayal, Seized GOM Accounts and Bannings

by Alphaville Herald on 13/04/05 at 12:22 pm

Alyeska poolside in the old MoMo mansion

In a shocking series of developments, Mr. Fairplay/One Song, Reno Parks, and Lord Charming have all been banned (possibly permanently) due to a dramatic conflagration with Alyeska Zamboni, an SL denizen romantically linked with both Baller Momo King and Mr. Fairplay, and a leader of the Street Killaz gang in SL (members of which recently perpetrated the attack on the Ahern Welcome area). According to Herald sources, Fairplay, Parks, and Charming seized Ms. Zamboni’s assets, including about ¼ sim of land and 150K Lindens ($650 US) from her Gaming Open Market (GOM) account. Mr. Fairplay purportedly placed the money in his own GOM account and the land was divided between Parks, Fairlplay, and MoMo associate Freeman Astro (of Paradise Island fame). Reached for comment, Mr. Fairplay insists that Ms. Zamboni have him her acct password as an expression of trust and love, but things went horribly wrong.

There is much drama to report here, and The Herald assures its readers that we will provide the full details on that in due time. Suffice it to say for now that Mr. Fairplay and Mr. Charming (allegedly the new incarnation of Baller MoMo) felt that they were being played by Alyeska, and that Alyeska gave Mr. Fairplay her account password as an expression of her love for him, but was surprised and angry when he took advantage of this expression by seizing her assets.

Apart from the drama (which, yes, is superb) the two urgent issues in this matter are the questions of

i) why Linden Lab banned someone for taking advantage of a password freely given (note that it is a terms of service violation to give out your password).

ii) why GOM apparently cooperated so readily with Linden Lab in the seizing and return of funds from Mr. Fairplay/One Song’s account.

On this latter issue we have yet to speak with our friend Jamie Hale about the matter, but we will do so soon to see what the official policy position is for GOM on the return of “ill-gotten” assets.

Meanwhile, members of the SL community are waiting for the other shoe to drop. One Song has long been known to script “nukes” capable of taking simulators off line, and he is also believed to have scripted devices capable of transporting these weapons across sim borders. He has often boasted that he could take the entire mainland offline. Will he attempt some such exercise now?

26 Responses to “Extra Extra! Love, Betrayal, Seized GOM Accounts and Bannings”

  1. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 13th, 2005

    This is why you don’t give your account info out. It’s her own fault in my opinion. Granted it shouldn’t have been done and could constitute a real life crime depending on the circumstances. Interstate Fraud. The fake currency has real value therefore it is basically theft/fraud. If you give someone the keys to your house it is still a crime for them to steal items from your house. My roomy is a federal officer and we talk about the legalities of items like this all the time. This is probably why GOM and LL moved so quickly.

    Marsellus Wallace

  2. lindeninonit

    Apr 13th, 2005

    i dont see reno parks name there do you ?.
    yat alone he got ban for it
    takeing land that was given to him
    but any way shes a low down dirty slut so she got what she got

    [a chat log is attached that we can't publish without permission of all participants --editor]

  3. Frans Charming

    Apr 13th, 2005

    Lol, so dirty sluts diserve to be stolen from?

  4. RB

    Apr 13th, 2005

    Purely going by what little information is currently avaliable. I would have to go with the personal responsibility angle here. You make a mistake where it’s your fault, you deal with it. Too many laws protect the foolish from their own actions.

    Game accounts are one thing, but to give a stranger (someone you don’t know in RL) access to an outside bank account (GOM is a bank. a bank holds money.) is simply ludicrous. You play with fire, expect to get burnt. Mr fairplay and others are not to blame here. There was no valid reason to give someone free money like that.

    - RB

  5. BR

    Apr 14th, 2005

    You missed one important fact in your article which I am sure Alyeska will try to deny.

    She not only gave her password but TOLD them to take it all. Saying she wasn’t going to go on now that Mr Fairplay knew the truth about her. Everyone won, she was going to disappear.
    *now if only that was the truth, *rolls eyes*

    Funny how LL won’t pull the chat logs from GNO ILAND that day to verify this either.

  6. cry me a river

    Apr 14th, 2005

    did he seize her ass or assets? oh hold on both! sorry i have to agree NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD out to anyone! i don’t care how long you know the person or how well you think you do, you never know what this person is capable of! Did it make it right for them to take advantage? Certainly not. but my guess for now till more dirty details come out is that she willingly gave her password and most likely consented to them taking the land etc. but thats my opinion for now till we learn more. Lot more to the story im sure we will soon find out hehe.

  7. cry me a river

    Apr 14th, 2005

    one other important question i’d like to see the Lindens answer is why hasnt Ms Zamboni been banned as well? She clearly violated the TOS by giving out her password, she was in game yesterday. Also why won’t Lindens check these supposed chat logs that took place on GNO ILAND where its supposedly indicated that Ms Zamboni did in fact willingly giver her password out and consented all of it. That would solve the mystery dontcha thinks?

    How is it that BallerMomo is STILL in this game? Afterall the times he has been banned? Reno and Fairplay are still in this game when they two have been banned numerous times before for various acts. Is it because they either own private island sims or can script so good they can take out the mainland? I’d like to know why it seems LL gives special treatment to known griefers?

  8. Marsellus Wallace

    Apr 14th, 2005

    Nah, just special treatment to those who pay monthly large amounts.

    Marsellus Wallace

  9. DK

    Apr 14th, 2005

    I know both these guys. NEITHER would take something from a women unless it was given freely. Take that anyway you want. How low and unfair can you get to be banned for something you were GIVEN????? SHAME on the powers that be.

  10. boo parks

    Apr 14th, 2005

    My bro aint never done nothing to someone that didnt have it coming to em. This lil flaky ass chick was running a game and trying to fuck over him and he was wise to her ass. She got took like a silly lil whore. Did anyone do anything wrong? I dunno but one thing I can tell you is there is no special treatment to my bro by the lindens. They have been on his ass for as long as I have known him. And another thing, do you really think any of these guys give a flying rats ass if they get a ban. I can answer that hell no they dont cause like anyone else they can get back on the game the very next day under a diff name. Lindens can ban all they want but they cant ever keep peeps out of the game. isp bans are childs play to get around. Oh before I go Id like to say FUCK YOU to all the hateraid drinkers and suck my cock to all the lil sorry motherfuckers who post under a fake name.

  11. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 14th, 2005

    Could we get a comment on Alyeksa’s relationship to the late Gormz Gomez, scammer extraordinaire?

  12. WTF

    Apr 14th, 2005

    Miss thang Zamboni is a well known trouble maker who lets not forgot on a rampage deleted all of paradise island in a fit of rage. The men at hand here are pretty wealthy and by far didnt NEED any of her things. I agree with the post above. Check the chat log.

  13. Reno Parks

    Apr 14th, 2005

    ok you want my part of this here it is.this all started over the brake up with the trick alyeska an momo. she come to me with out me knowing of there brake up an starts trying to give her platnum used goods to me.if you know what i mean well any way i turned her hoe ass down an im not use to turnnen no women down but like i told her im not the kind to go behind my so call friends back an deal with his women no matter if shes an x or not so from there the trick had beef with me tellen me she was gon put me on her in her own words shit list an i lol at her crazy ass like im doing now but to clear it all up i naver took shit from this girl she was on my land when she gave her pass word to Mr then she said take it all im quitten sl so i dont care what you take i never took shit from any one in or out of game an naver will i was tped to the land an it was given to me an that was all then she seen that i was given a part an she went nuts an thats how all this started becouse the BITCH WAS IN HEAT AN I WAS NOT GIVEN HER A BONE

  14. Reno Parks

    Apr 14th, 2005

    oh yeah an that lil name tag shes wareing in that pic up there ^ fits her very well

  15. Nich Steed

    Apr 17th, 2005

    ok, fuck this shit. I have known Aly for 7 fucking months… and you guys are talking out of ure asses. She did not say ‘Take it all’ they just went ahead and SCAMMED her. She is a lovely person and these people took advantage of her… only for the Herald to then use it to make a better story, swerving the bad parts on her. none of this shit is true.. shitheads.

  16. boo parks

    Apr 17th, 2005

    Shut your stupis ass up.

  17. Reno Parks

    Apr 17th, 2005

    hes another pixel wiped mother fucker what was her cyber head off the hook hmmmm may be i just might lat her give me some lmao not hahaha

  18. BR

    Apr 20th, 2005

    what an ass…I was standing right on GNO that morning when she got her fake ass exposed.

    “You won, Reno. I can’t go on. You both can take it all.. I can’t go on this game much less life anymore.” She could win an Oscar for her dramatics.

    I agree with Reno…someone sounds pixel whipped.

    Dude, any chick can buy a canned clit at play sexy..don’t think hers was talking right to you, k?

  19. Alex Gillespie

    Apr 20th, 2005

    OK first of all Alyeska is a trick whore and clearly violetd her TOS.. she willingly gave out her info..and if she didn’t want that info given out she would have kept her nasty mouth shut.. this is a case clearly of he said/she said.. so why the hell are the lindens taking her side.. everything should have been given back then the whole thing squeashed.. but but no little miss nasty had to go crying.. Grow up Alyeska.. be a woman.. admit you fucked up and stop playing the victim cause we all know your one of the biggest liars and scammers in SL.

  20. DW

    Apr 20th, 2005

    Hey Nick….she give good head? I mean that’s the only lovely thing I could think your talking about. Cause ya see, I dont buy the “she’s so nice”. So many people sittin up here telling it like it is..and you wanna make us believe she Ms. Innocent. Bull shit. I DO remember her being around.. and hoe is just being nice. I call her a … [... expletives deleted by the editor. this is a family blog! sort of].

  21. Nich Steed

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    and you lot can shut up, most of you are just judging by the fucking shit Heralds opinion.

  22. Marisa Uritsky

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    I personally know Lady Alyeska Zamboni personally. She is one of my best friends and a sister to me. Your words are rude, mean, cruel, and un-needed. If y’all have nothing good to say, don’t say anything.

    She is a wonderful person who made a mistake, that is all. Please be more kind than that…. Nich knows how beautiful Alyeska is as a person. Please stop judging her because of a bad situation…

    All who know me know I am a sexually open person as Aly is, but to call her a whore in that context…..is pure unadultered stupidity..

    She is not a whore! She is a loving, kind, caring, and wonderful individual who gives so much to this world and this universe…

  23. Mr Fairplay

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Naw! That Alex G.. dude is 100% right, and she’s just dirty scamming filfthy whore. Why Linded Lab chose to take her side? The answer is simple they were waiting for any excuse to ban me off the game, I already exposed enough dirty about them and rest assured I will expose more. It’s not in their best interest to play a fair game against me. Keep tuned in this great blog for future related news coverage!

  24. Martin Magpie

    May 26th, 2005

    I tried to warn Alyeska when we lived in Redear and the steet killerz group was griefing us. I told her she was just a pawn. Instead of listening she allowed her group to continue to grief the sim. Mr. Fairplay showed up and proclaimed he would handle her. Apparently he did… for a while. Alyeska even told Mr. Fairplay infront of Clair and myself that we were telling her she was being used. Oh how ironic. Maybe when someone gives you a warning you should listen.

    It appears the shit runs deep between all these ppl and karma just kicked all their asses.


  25. Martin Magpie

    May 26th, 2005

    PS someone post mr fairplays key so we can change the tables.

  26. RB

    May 26th, 2005

    lol. this still going on like 6 weeks later. TSO suck so bad, it doesn’t really have any drama. scams and shit are consistent long term. Least there’s never a dull moment in SL i see.

    - RB

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