Fashion Show Review: Fallingwater Cellardoor and HoseQueen McLean

by Alphaville Herald on 26/04/05 at 9:04 pm

by Matthias Zander

In light of the riveting story that Chipsen broke to us this morning, I decided that it was time for the Herald’s fashion department to kick into full gear and begin production of reviews of fashion shows and clothing lines by some of SL’s more recognisable designers. Tonight’s topic is the fashion show that just ended with designs from Fallingwater Cellardoor and HoseQueen McLean.

Many have been to Seacliff and seen the beauty that Fallingwater and her husband, Eddie Escher have created. Many more have seen her store, Fallingwater’s Flowers. She now, though, has outdone herself with outstanding amounts of jewelry and flowers meant, yes, to fit in your hair! This lead to a great combo with the organic clothing designs and prim hair done by HoseQueen, one of SL’s more respected clothing designers for the past year.

Let me begin by discussing the group of models that modeled the show, the BeCa models, led by Chloe Platini. Going into the show, I didn’t have high hopes because I hadn’t looked at their member list, but didn’t think they had any of the “heavy hitters” of the modeling industry, nor the will to find the good up-and-comers. After seeing the runway at E City, my hopes dropped even lower – it’s not a typical runway, but a bit of a circle, where you come out one door, walk across, and go out another door. Let me just say I was wrong in these expectations. If you take one look at the model list for BeCa, you’ll see a few names that may surprise you. Brit Wishbringer. Nemi McCoy. Sunny Buttercup. Taeja Diaz. Yes, that’s right. This isn’t a list of ex-DoveVogue Models who were angry over recent events and left, these are BeCa models! I have to say that I’m very impressed by their extensive list of some of the model scene’s heavy hitters. BeCa’s recruitment must be extraordinary. The runway, unfortunately, was still disappointing.

The clothing itself was highly detailed. I wouldn’t expect anything less from HoseQueen. The flowers were, as always, amazing. Unfortunately, the hair with the flowers is VERY primmy, especially the ones with the wreaths of flowers. Fallingwater has also informed me that much of the jewelry is worse than the hair. ACK! Prim heaviness is one of the basic things that makes shows laggy, but that’s one of the advantages of this runway – the runway is in a different sim than the audience. The “Gypsy” clothing sets were absolutely amazing in their detail (see photo of nemi McCoy above), as were all the rest of the clothing items. The “Dreams” sets were another favorite of mine, though HoseQueen herself described them as “hoochiewear!” during the show. I guess it matches the hoochie hair. The “Strung Beads” outfit that was the finale was absoutely amazing in detail and worksmanship. Overall, I’d call it a successful show with good models, a bad runway, and amazing, if not primmy, designs being modeled.

Fallingwater Cellardoor, Chloe Platini, and HoseQueen McLean on stage during a raffle

4 Responses to “Fashion Show Review: Fallingwater Cellardoor and HoseQueen McLean”

  1. Happy Model

    Apr 27th, 2005

    CHLOE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter if the stage was not liked…it was awsome to work on!! And to have the HONOR of working with someone who makes you laugh and have a good time…well that is just priceless!!! Thank you Chloe for showing me..modeling can be fun WITHOUT drama!!!!!

  2. Palomma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Chloe, congrats… the stage was awsome.. the flowers for the designers… were amazing!!

    And to Happy Model

    You must be a dramatic chick… so dramatic that in your words you can even see how much you enjoy drama….remember how dramatic you were in DoveVogue??

    Hopefully Chloe and all your other agencies can give you the great clothes you always wanted, because you always complaint of the clothes… hehe…

    Good Luck happy Model..

    From Palomma

    Happy Owner of DoveVogue… *smile*

  3. MissChivous Craven

    Apr 27th, 2005

    I thought the show went great. Had some great comments coming to me in IM about how the show was being handled and everyone seemed to have a great time. Getting to sit on the panel to help chose the models was a blast, and as I saw last night, we got a wonderful group together. Chloe know’s what she’s doing seeing as how long she’s been modeling, and she’s doing a great job with her new modeling group. I personally liked the stage, because it was easy to watch the models…and the entrance for the two designers was AWESOME!! Keep up the good work Chloe. You’re the best!!!

  4. Happy Model

    Apr 27th, 2005

    WOW Palomma!! I actually Im’d someone belonging to the paper to see if I could swear in here, but then thought why go there? From conversations I have had with you, I KNOW who you think I am, but I am not her. What you said to ME was down right RUDE and distasteful. I do not live for this drama you so kindly will not drop, i have had many sleepless nights of it. in my above post there is no drama written, in this, ya, but I will not sit back while you slam me thinking I am someone else, i STILL wear your frickin DV tag. WHY??? WHO THE HELL KNOWS??? I am tired you you acting like cause you where here first noone can do it either attitude. But as you said, others came befor you, so you do not hold the market. Get over what issues you have with these new agencies cause they are poping up everywhere!! And you keep acting like you are in Jr High fighting over a boyfriend.. Enough is enough, what is done is done. MOVE ON!!!! Make your agency exclusive, tell your models it is only you or there are 50 others that want your spot, seems that is a comman phrase comming out of your mouth as of late. Well, as I write this, I realize I nomore want to wear this DV tag over my head, yes at one point in time it was a great place, but that place no longer exsists. But after Chloe’s show, I realized there are agency owners out there that do not have to threaten you or treat you like a pile of shit like you are doing to alot of your models now and that includes me. They just want to have fun and show off the wonderfull designers in SL. And so you do not have to look who took their tag off, give you a hint, I was told I was not loyal to you, yet I ALWAYS put DV first, I was told I was no friend of yours cause I would not leave those groups, I was asked to leave by you cause I would NOT leave Mari OR Chloe’s groups. I left, Then I get into a conversation with someone from DV who’s name I will not mention cause that person does not need to be drug in here, and after a few hours of “please come back, Pal wants you back, please blahh blahh blahh I came back, and you know I hoped it would be different, but it is not, you still have a stick up your ass and seems you are not removing it any time soon. So, I bid DV farewell for GOOD. Take Care

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