Fashion Show Review: Dark Angels

by Alphaville Herald on 28/04/05 at 10:28 pm

by Matthias Zander

Tonight’s fashion show (once again by BeCa Models, but the next one that I could actually cover after the last one), once more at E City, featured Angenlina Becquerel and Simmy Lomax of Dark Angels Designs. Though only the first 10 (and a half) outfits were shown, it was quite successful, as was the dance party on the runway while we waited for E City to come back up out of the crash. I must say that Simmy and Angelina (though mostly Angelina) have just as much or more personality than any designer I’ve ever met. But now, on with the show.

Once again, this BeCa show was held on my least favorite runway of all time – the E City stage (no, I don’t call it a runway, because it really isn’t). The models were almost as good as BeCa’s last show, though some of the chosen hairstyles were horrendous. I guess that’s something that was avoided when Fallingwater and HoseQueen provided their own hair. My favorite outfits out of the 10 that were shown were the “Ixis” fetish set and “Mindy” jumpsuit (shown above, modeled by Brit Wishbringer) for the women and the “Gerard” set for the men. Yes, that was a welcome change – Simmy and Angelina design some men’s clothing!

Some of the models themselves could use a bit of work. One model selected hair that looked like fire to accompany a burgundy dress. I could barely even draw my attention to the dress (which is gorgeous, the “Ophelia” set) because I was looking for a fire hose to put out the flames. Another one of the models could perhaps work on his shape a bit. Then again, every person prefers a different shape. I must say, though, that it is refreshing to see a modeling agency that doesn’t hand out a shape that is 8 feet tall, has huge breasts, and no butt whatsoever, and then asks its models to use it on the runway.

One of the unique features of the E City runway is that the audience is actually in a different sim from the stage itself – the audience is in E City, the stage is in Erotica. While the 11th model was on stage and moving to the second pose position, E City crashed. Unfortunately, it didn’t come back up for about 45 minutes after it went down, so the show was postponed to a later date. While we were waiting for it to come back up, though, we had a bit of a dance party on the looped stage. When Angelina found out that I was writing for the Herald, she “welcomed” me. Yes, that’s one way to put it. Let’s just say that we made ourselves at home and all had a bit of fun up on the runway.

Me on the stage dancing…and getting up-close and personal with the designers

Simmy, Frostie Flora, and Angelina towards the end of the “crash break”

6 Responses to “Fashion Show Review: Dark Angels”

  1. Urizenus

    Apr 29th, 2005

    Ah yes, this is the very same Angelina who dedicated Herald readers will recall is former TSO denizen Angelique Fontaine. Once linked to Mr-President in the Alphaville Government, that relationship precipitated the resignation of Mr-P’s press secretary. Wooot! (Plus she kindly showed me the ropes on SL when I was but a noob.) Glad to see she continues to be an important player (and not at all suprised to see it, either). Good job, Angie.

  2. Show Viewer

    Apr 29th, 2005

    Great job model, Chloe and Designer….WooT WooT gotta go shoppin :D

  3. Clark Ambassador

    Apr 29th, 2005

    Awesome show! ..though the party that ensued after the ‘audience Sim’ crashed half-way through– was just as good!

  4. Seri

    Apr 29th, 2005

    That’s the best idea anyone’s come up with for a “stage”, putting it in another sim.

    Great work!

  5. Riddick Fahid

    Apr 29th, 2005

    Yes, the party was alot of fun :)

  6. Victoria

    May 1st, 2005

    The pink outfit in the first pic is from TheSims2… wow, so original..

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