Post Six Grrrl – Lusty Millions

by Alphaville Herald on 22/04/05 at 5:30 am

The Herald is pleased to present this week’s Post Six Grrrl – Lusty Millions. Lusty is head dancer at ‘Da Penthouse club’ and also part of the Costello Family. A big thank you goes out to Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine (available at Semang (208, 170)), who is responsible for these pictures and all of the Herald’s Post Six Grrrls.

My name is Lusty Millions I joined SL back in December of 2004 my friend got me in this game and my first day I was hooked there was no going back I found SL was a amazing way to have fun I am very glad my friend got me in this game.

I have met a lot of people in SL I have met some wonderful friends and family here in SL I have got very close to a few good friends and they mean the so much to me always there for me no matter what it is there right beside me and I want to thank all my close friends for being here for me I love ya all hugs.

I love that SL gives us a chance to do different things, for instance I am Head dancer at the Da Penthouse club; I love working there with a great bunch of people. I am also an officer in sexy talk it is a great program that allows you voice chat with people who may be in the club or any where in world for that mater. I love to shop in SL; oh my god! How fun that can be, I shop sometimes and are carried away it is so easy to get lost in the shopping malls for hours. I love that SL got media TVs in the game it is so neat to kick back in your home and watch a TV and spend time with your partner or your friends. I recently found haunted house in SL that was so much fun to explore, there some very wonderful places I have found in SL World.

I would like to say thanks to Marilyn for offering me the chance to be in Second Life Herald I am extremely honored to be here. I am new to the modeling profession and I look forward to learning as much as I possibly can. I have one more thanks to give I would like to thank someone very close to me and I do not have to say names he knows who he is but he has supported me from day one on being a model and helped me get where I am now :) )

6 Responses to “Post Six Grrrl – Lusty Millions”

  1. DIamonique Costello

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    Congrats Lusty sweetheart. We love you babes. Great Pics.

  2. Buttercup Kent

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    OMG you look beautiful mom.Congrats Lusty hun you deserve it.

  3. ..:: DaRk LoTuS ::..

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    Hey Lusty hun congrats and all im glad to see you so happy and haveing so much fun you and i go way back and that will not change u and me tight foreva gurl. Yall this is 1 hell of a woman and i am proud to call her mah friend. Your Own hun ill holla @ you laterz. =P

  4. Cyberspace Raven

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    Way to go Bella…you look great!

  5. Marisa Uritsky

    Apr 22nd, 2005

    Hey sis!!! I love you Lusty!!! You are so awesome and wonderful!! Congrats babygirl!

  6. Loco

    May 6th, 2005

    Congrats, well deserved article and nice pics.

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