Post Six Grrrl – Hope Divine

by Alphaville Herald on 16/04/05 at 5:45 am

The Herald is pleased to present this week’s Post Six Grrrl – Hope Divine. Hope is an owner of the Bad Intentions Club and also a dancer at Club Tech Noir. A big thank you goes out to Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine (available at Semang (208, 170)), who is responsible for these pictures and all of the Herald’s Post Six Grrrls.

Hiya! My name is Hope, I joined SL back in December of 2004 because a good friend of mine had joined and thought this would be a great game for me to play also. I do have to say playing There for a few days is nothing compared to this and am very happy I made the choice to join SL.

I definitely have made a lot of friends on SL which they are all dear to me and they know who they are?*wink. I wouldn?t trade any of them for the world. They have all helped me a lot this few months since I have been on SL and very much do appreciate all the help they have given me. I am very happy I stayed with SL and made so many nice friends where I wouldn?t have known otherwise. I am a nice girl at times and would do anything for my friends but as some of my friends know I do have my naughty side.

There are a few things I totally love to do on SL. I have been a dancer at a number of clubs and have always enjoyed dancing at the clubs which is one of my favorite things to do on SL. I also do enjoy shopping which any girl can agree on that in SL women are more likely to be clothes whores then in RL?lol? Which I will admit to I am a huge clothes whore. There are a few designers on SL that I totally love there line of clothes and am always looking out for their new clothes. I am a very big addict of the blonde hairstyles on SL since I am a blonde in RL. I am forunate to have the different hairstyles on SL that I don?t think I could come so close to having in RL?lol. Finally the last thing I love to do on SL more than anything is to play TRINGOOOOO?lol. I didn?t think at first I would win any of the games but I kept at it and have started to win my fair share of games which I am happy I didn?t quit on myself. I am definitely a big addict of TRINGO and would recommend it to anyone who hasn?t played it yet.

I am still a dancer at a few clubs such as Bad Intentions which I am also now an owner of which I would like to take this opporunity thank Shonda for and will definitely help her run the club and hopefully get to the Top 10 and keep us there. I am also a dancer at Club Tech Noir and love all the other employees there and hope we can all make the club do well. I am also looking to be a model at any of the modeling agencies, clubs or if any of the designers need new models. I definitely do think I am the type of girl that will do well as a model.

Finally I would like to take this time and thank Marilyn for such a great opporunity. I do want to thank her for choosing me for the SecondLife Herald and to be a Player’s model. I do have to admit she is one of the best photographers on SL and will enjoy all the photoshoots we will have together.

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