Post Six Grrrl – wench Phaeton

by Alphaville Herald on 28/04/05 at 7:51 pm

The Herald is pleased to present this week’s Post Six Grrrl – wench Phaeton. Wench helps run Transylvania, and manages the Gothique Mall there. A big thank you goes out to Marilyn Murphy, the publisher of Players Magazine (available at Semang (208, 170)), who is responsible for these pictures and all of the Herald’s Post Six Grrrls.

Hello Avatar!! My name is wench Phaeton. I joined Second Life in October 2003, after my close friend Obscuro Valkyrie bugged the hell out of me to give it a try.

I must admit that when I was new, even walking was a challenge! Second Life definitely has a bit of a learning curve. Within no time though I had my avatar doing things I never imagined a virtual game could offer. Prior to joining SL, I was a member of an antiquated 2-D adult chat game, but the primitive interface and graphics left me feeling like I needed more. I have many friends here in SL who I have met from other online communities, and many new ones as well.

I wear many hats in SL. Usually you can find me in the private island sim, Transylvania. I help run Transylvania, and I manage the Gothique Mall there as well.
I am currenty working on a new game that will be exclusive to Transylvania, which is geared at relieving stress and involves a challenge…lol ..not telling you’ll just have to come see when its completed! I’m also working with Stroker Serpentine and fellow Eros deviants on a new secret project, it promises to be REDHOT ;-) When time allows I also do interviews for Players. Two of my most memerable were with Baron Grayson and Darko Cellardoor. (Both brill men in their own rights); I’ve written some smut as well for a no longer running magazine. Back issues of Players are available if you wish to check them out.

I love to design new fashions with the help of my partner, in business and otherwise, HoseQueen McLean. She is truly a beautiful person and I thank Second Life for bringing us together.

I definitely like to wear as little as possible. Why cover up a body that one can create from head to toe? I’m a firm believer that “Less is More”.

I enjoy writing poetry and listening to music. I have an eclectic taste in music, which ranges from Classical to Metal, depending on my mood. If I’m listening to Classical, then you know I’m feeling… *g* ask me and find out!! Many of my friends and family are DJ’s (Kitty Zamboni, Kenzie, love you both to bits).

I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to use the various sim tools, and have found some easy ways to enhance my Second Life…I love to squish a “bug”. I strive to keep Transylvania as lag-free as possible, which is not an easy task given that the vampires seem to love prims more than blood!

Marilyn.. thank you for all you do…and your photography talents.
Also, thank you Phillip Linden, for pursuing your dream and fulfilling the fantasies of many who may never have been able to unleash their creative energies as they can here in Second Life.

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  1. Kitty Zamboni

    Apr 29th, 2005

    I must say Wench …ty for Mentioning me,i feel greatly honored to have met u and become extermly close to u!.everyone must know that you are a kind hearted,hard working,beautiful person inside and out …and i love u! *hugs*
    kitty <3

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