RIP Club Elite

by Alphaville Herald on 20/04/05 at 11:21 pm

Big John Jade hovers over the old Club Elite

As reported in the SL Forums, Club Elite finally bit the dust. People will talk about when it began its downhill plunge from the number one club on the grid, but there really is nothing to debate: they jumped the shark when Big John Jade blew a gasket right here in the Herald. The club declined, swtiched hands, declined some more, and now this. Still, this is our second nostalgia attack of the week. How can we forget the Herald Classics, which included reports on the Elite Escorts, the Elite Dancers, our interview with Escort Supervisor Daphne Molinari, their move to a private island, the grand opening party for their new island. *Sniff*… tissue please!

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