‘R.I.P Ryan Dayton’ – Teenage ‘Air’ Profits (Part 2/2)

by Alphaville Herald on 25/04/05 at 5:58 am

By Neal Stewart

[Continued from Part I]

Here is Part 2 of our interview with Ryan Dayton – the tech-savvy 14-year-old who claims to have made about $1000 US dollars in the 12 months he has been a Second Life resident. Ryan was banned 11 days ago when his mother revealed his real life age to Linden Labs during a phone call to customer support (the Terms of Service state that you must be 18 or above to enter the Adult grid). It is now Ryan’s hope to retrieve his script-work and the roughly $600 USD worth of Linden currency still locked away in his banned account, and to make a new home for himself in the newly-opened Teen Grid. In Part 2 of our interview, Ryan talks about what it was like having to pretend to adults that he was 19. He also shares his thoughts on the Teen Grid, Linden Labs, and what his parents think about his success here in Second Life.

Neal Stewart: How many people do you know of that are under-age residents of SL?

Ryan Dayton: Oh jezzz. Can’t say I know any others =)

Neal Stewart: Out of maybe 25 or 30 thousand residents, how many would you guess are under-age?

Ryan Dayton: I have no idea. Sorry, I really don’t think there are that many… there’s just a few here and there like myself.

Neal Stewart: How many people here, knew you were 14?

Ryan Dayton: About 6. All close friends.

Neal Stewart: It’s funny to think that you’re the chief officer of a technology business in SL, that you’re 14 in real life, and that you have employees in SL that are maybe mid-thirties, late-forties etc :)

Ryan Dayton:Ya I know… LOL. I was in scripting elite. I don’t think any of them were underaged.

Neal Stewart: I guess that’s something you can’t even do in the Real World :) Be a 13-year-old CEO :)

Ryan Dayton: MAYBE…. Doubt it LOL … But I technically am in a RL business. I make real world money.

Neal Stewart: How do you think the Dayton tech members would feel, knowing that you’re 14? Do they all know now?

Ryan Dayton: There are a choice few who know I am. We have told a few others, no one was REALLY phazed by it. I’m sure they were surprised though.

Neal Stewart: Do you think there are tell-tale signs exhibited by underage people in SL?

Ryan Dayton: It depends on the person. Maturity level. No one guessed I was underaged. So it depends on the person.

Neal Stewart: What are your thoughts on the age limit?

Ryan Dayton: Well I don’t like them. But how can you trust a kid to stay out of an adult area? They are needed. So the teen grid was the answer.

Neal Stewart: Teens are needed?

Ryan Dayton: Teens are not needed. Teen Grid IS needed. It solves the problem. Teens shouldn’t be here. But they are. So the teen grid was a good solution … That’s where I’m going just as soon as I can cash out and pack my bags =D

Neal Stewart: Heh heh. Do you agree with Linden Labs that there should be one grid for adults and one for teens, instead of just one for both?

Ryan Dayton: Yes. They have already started as an 18++ game. So you really can’t go back. They would lose all their customers. Plus teens want to be with other teens.

Neal Stewart: Do you basically agree that adults and teens should have separate grids?

Ryan Dayton: Yes, basically.

Neal Stewart: What do you think the new Teen Grid will be like?

Ryan Dayton: I imagine lots of shooting and chaos. LOL.

Neal Stewart: Hahah. What else?

Ryan Dayton: I think its good testing grounds for my arm computer … I think there will be yelling… fighting… shooting… and lots of suspensions… I also expect to make a lot of money.

Neal Stewart: Hahah

Ryan Dayton: I’m sure not EVERYONE will be nuts, but the majority will be teens shooting each other yes… It will be hectic, but I will be able to start over… If I can compete with 35 year-old programmers then I think I will be el presedente of Teen SL =D

Neal Stewart: Are you familiar with the latest announcements about what the Teen grid will be like?

Ryan Dayton: No.

Neal Stewart: OK. As I understand it, at first:
* Invitation-only. Manned by 2 or 3 Lindens Liasons. Open from noon to 10PM Pacific Time.
* No communication or object-exchange possible with the main Adult grid.
* PG textures only are allowed. LL will be monitoring uploads.
* Teens are able to purchase land on the teen grid, subject to credit-card-holder’s permission.
* No adults allowed, except for special occasions where the adults will be pre-screened by LL.
What do you think about those?

Ryan Dayton: Well I know it will be strict. But that’s expected. I can’t say I like it. I’ll have to deal. The invite is only TEMP, it will be open registration within the week I heard. Not that it matters. I haven’t settled things here.

Neal Stewart: Do you think LL will be able to effectively monitor uploads etc? To prevent porn?

Ryan Dayton: Nope. But they will try. I can’t be sure though. I don’t know how many people they have manning the uploads … Not that it matters – I’m not there for porn =) I’m there for the mula. $_$

Neal Stewart: :)

Ryan Dayton: Hehe. I’m basically here because I like to be able to create anything I want when I want to… It’s freedom. It’s FUN.

Neal Stewart: Do you think that most of the underage teens currently in the adult grid will go to the teen grid when it becomes available? And leave the adult grid for good?

Ryan Dayton: Maybe. I think they will go back and forth. At least this time they have someplace to go once they are banned.

Neal Stewart: What effect do you think it would have if Linden Labs offered an amnesty to Teens in the Adult grid, ie. they agreed to consider them for the teen grid if they admitted to being in the Adult grid?

Ryan Dayton: I think it would be great….. but from knowing Linden Labs they would never do that … They are “stuck up”.

Neal Stewart: Why do you think that?

Ryan Dayton: Many reasons… I can’t blame them…. but they are rude at times. I highly doubt that would happen.

Neal Stewart: Can you give me some examples of rudeness?

Ryan Dayton: Phone calls. The general ”go away…”. I think the customer service is bad. I know they don’t have to be nice… I’m here against their Terms of Service… But I can still be mad about it.

Neal Stewart: What sorts of things could they do to improve customer service?

Ryan Dayton: Hmm. I just wish they would take the time to understand things more…. I hate trying to tell a Linden about a problem and then having them say “report a bug”. I wish they could be more interactive… I guess … I want to be able to explain something to a real person.

Neal Stewart: Some SL residents seem to think that the Teen Grid will, for a number of reasons, have a very bad impact on Second Life [1, 2]. That it may even indirectly cause ‘the fall of SL’ . Can you see that happening?

Ryan Dayton: I don’t see how… How would a teen’s grid cause the main grids down fall? I can’t see it. Unless the main grid doesn’t want to lose their traffic. I’m not to sure. My answer is No, I dont see how it could.

Neal Stewart: I think one of the most common suggestions I have heard is that something bad will eventually happen to a teen in the teen grid and the negative publicity, and/or law-suits, will have a huge impact. Something bad involving pedophiles etc

Ryan Dayton: Uhgggg… They should all be lined up and shot [pedophiles] … Well, I’m sure Linden Labs will be smart enough to protect themselves in the TOS…. And to enforce as much as they can. What happens happens… What you just said sounds totally possible. I can’t say it wont happen. But I think LL will do their best … Another thing is, THERE is full of teens and full of adults. All in harmony. When you have something like SL… And you can upload any picture or stream any video you want. It’s possible. All I can say is.. BE SMART. Don’t hang with pedophiles. I understand what you mean though.

Neal Stewart: What message do you have for all the underage teens currently in the adult grid?

Ryan Dayton: Keep quite, stay out of trouble, and maybe I’ll see you soon.
I really think they should move… It’s no fun lying about your age and being around adults who think they can talk about adult things with you … Me being here, let everyone else out there believe I was an adult, and I’m not… so when they say something to me that would be for adults… maybe a break-up or about their divorce… its like mehhhhhh I don’t think they want to be sharing this with a teen … I actually feel bad… I’m sure they don’t want to be talking to be about things they would have with their friend… I may be a friend but I’m not a confirmed adult… And they are sharing private things I don’t think they want to be sharing with a 14 year old kid posing as 20.

Neal Stewart: One more question: What do your parents think of your involvement in SL? Do they know you make hundreds of dollars here? Are they amazed?

Ryan Dayton: Yes. they are both amazed and my mom is really really sorry she made that call =)

Neal Stewart: Heh heh. What did she say to you?

Ryan Dayton: Well, the first thing she said when she got home was “How is your world?” I responded, “It isn’t there anymore…”
I can tell she felt bad. I never told her about the age limit so she didn’t know.

Neal Stewart: Is that what she calls it, “Your world”?

Ryan Dayton: Yes lol. She also calls it ‘air’… and she calls it THERE…

Neal Stewart: Air? :) Hahah

Ryan Dayton: Yes, she says I’m making money on air… It’s air it’s nothing.

Neal Stewart: That is awesome :)

Ryan Dayton: They make fun of me sometimes because I’m on here non-stop. But whatever. lol. They are still amazed… Especially when I got that first check from PayPal.

Neal Stewart: When this interview gets posted at the Herald, technically you’re not allowed to visit the website for another four years and will be unable to read it :) So I’ll email you a copy in the mean-time :)

Ryan Dayton: Hehe. Ya, I saw that. 18+

64 Responses to “‘R.I.P Ryan Dayton’ – Teenage ‘Air’ Profits (Part 2/2)”

  1. Walker Spaight

    Apr 25th, 2005

    With any luck, we’ll see you back on the main grid in four years, Ryan. Of course, you’ll probably be able to buy us all out by then, what with all the money you’ll rake in off the teens….

  2. urizenus

    Apr 25th, 2005

    ya know, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if we found out that 50% of the active players on the main grid are under 18. Sometimes I wonder if the Lindens don’t know this and opted for the otherwise inexplicable teen grid as a counter-measure. Other times I think they are so clue challenged as to think thay payment by credit card means adult.

  3. Devon Cassidy

    Apr 25th, 2005

    Hey Ryan, hopefully you will be able to come back into Second Life to see all of your friends again (i.e ME ^-^). I think that Linden Labs is being real @$$hats about this whole situation. With someone as mature as Ryan was, it makes me wonder why they wouldn’t let him stay.

  4. Your Mom?

    Apr 25th, 2005

    I’m under 18, been banned atleast five times and I’ve made atleast 2500 USD off this game … where is my interview?

  5. Urizenus

    Apr 25th, 2005

    stop whining Ian/Father, you were runner up Avi of the year.

  6. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 25th, 2005

    Your Mom? Quote: “I’m under 18, been banned atleast five times and I’ve made atleast 2500 USD off this game … where is my interview?” Well i guess you just didnt make an impact like i did buddy =) sorry.

  7. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 25th, 2005

    I officaly passed on today. My land was swiped and i expect my acount is gone along with it…… 600US$ down the drain.

  8. Devon Cassidy

    Apr 25th, 2005

    Hmmmmmm, i sense some jealousy in here. Does anyone else sense it?

  9. Neal Stewart

    Apr 25th, 2005

    Wow. Really sorry to hear about your losses, Ryan. Any word on the Teen Grid?

    “Your Mom?”, you can email me at nealstewart [at] gmail.com
    I don’t get the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ skill until I hit virtual-journalist level 70 =)

  10. Clark Ambassador

    Apr 25th, 2005

    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. I guess they wanted to make an example out of you.

  11. Enabran Templar

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Ryan, I’m gonna miss you, buddy. You helped me develop my first product and I can’t thank you enough. Good luck to you in the future. I know you’ve got the most amazing career ahead of you in RL. In the meantime, you’re going to own the teen grid. Enjoy high school, don’t let responsibility get you down. You’re by far the most impressive 14 year old I’ve ever met.

  12. Adult Spoiler of Joy

    Apr 26th, 2005

    “With someone as mature as Ryan was, it makes me wonder why they wouldn’t let him stay.”

    It’s the principle. If they begin making exceptions for nice rule-breakers, they convey the message that it’s OK to break the rules as long as you and your friends think you’re a nice and mature person. All teens are, in their own eyes, mature enough for adult life. Only in some cases is that actually true.

    I’ve been in the same situation myself, administering other events for adults. Once you begin making visible exceptions for the nice, mature underages, then you get: a) accused of favouritism, b) players that disrespect the rules because you show them not be absolute, and c) a whole bunch of immature players who try to sneak in because they heard it could be done and think it’s tolerated.

    It’s analogous to the bar that allows a few (discrete, mature) underages to buy alcohol there, then gets targeted by every teenager who wants to play party, and has to spend a fortune to do ID checks etc. Bad for business.

    Ryan might have been carefull not to share his secret with other than close friends… but a secret is something nobody knows. Rumours would and do spread. “A friend of a friend is this very succesfull SL content creator, and he’s only 13″.

    Imagine the impact on SL if, after this coverage, they reverse their opinion and say “Hey, Ryan is a great guy so we’ll give him his money back and a free account to the teen grid”. Whatever the percentage of underage players on the adult grid, it would double. “What’s there to loose? Just look at what happened to Ryan”!

  13. Az Czukor

    Apr 26th, 2005

    After reading the interview with Ryan, I agree that he’s easily one of the more mature 14-year-olds I’ve ever read about/met in SL. And it does suck that they had to kick him out.

    But – as I was explaining to another underage SLer – its the liability. All it takes is one sue-happy parent to find out little Billy saw a virtual penis and bam, LL is done for, SL is toast.

    Of course, the irony is the underagers have more time on their hands to play SL and in a lot of cases are more adept technologically, especially with scripting (which is where the real money is). If SL is ever completely seperated along age lines, I think the Adult grid will be the one hanging on the Teen grid’s advances (as they’re slowly ported into SL).

    Finally – yeah, I think the underage ratio is pretty damn close to 50%. And not all of those kids are the freaks that can’t spell/grief bomb everyone they see – a lot are plenty mature, plenty inventive, and a lot of fun. Still doesn’t change the liability factor, but that’s life in America, I guess.

  14. boo parks

    Apr 26th, 2005

    The kid is 14 His parents should be slapped for allowing it to go on.

  15. Jason Turnbull

    Apr 26th, 2005

    “The kid is 14 His parents should be slapped for allowing it to go on.”

    No kidding, cause, *gasp* he was making money, learning new things, and acting like a mature adult. I would beat my kid if he did that.

  16. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Nope, i was never slapped =D and they never wanted too.

  17. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 26th, 2005

  18. boo parks

    Apr 26th, 2005

    well I guess u havent opend your eyes on the game and seen all the sexual and mature things that take place you fucking idiot.

  19. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Boo parks….. Its not that i am a “fucking idiot” that i dont see mature things go on. And of course i have. but im not involved in that type of stuff. Nice job on calling a 14 year old a fucking idiot by the way.

  20. fala nightshade

    Apr 26th, 2005

    boo parks your the fucking idiot, you stupid noob, duh of course he knows that there are sexual things in here he can do what he wants he is mature enough to know that. you dont even know him so stop making stupid comments it doesnt matter about his age his was a great guy.

  21. Chad Statosky

    Apr 26th, 2005

    too bad about ryan. I am one of the inner core of friends. Ryan called me on my home phone the day this happened. Ryan was a very smart guy and is capable of anything, he helped in the early days of nexcom and wrote part of the contacts script. We will all truly miss Ryan.

  22. Unknown

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Boo parks should STFU. I happen to know that he is … [censored by Herald staff]….

  23. Unknown

    Apr 26th, 2005

    *Cough Cough* Fifteen Years Old! *Cough Cough*

  24. boo parks

    Apr 27th, 2005

    I wsa not talking to you kid I wsa talking to the post before you.

  25. boo parks

    Apr 27th, 2005

    and I never said he wasnt a great guy I said he is 14 and has no business hanging with adults. Maybe you want to make a neverland ranch and have kids stay at your place because at 14 they are so so mature and ready to handle everything. Oh by the way I am 16

  26. Mimi

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about this Ryan :( Best of luck in the teen grid! :D

  27. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 27th, 2005

    ARg…… how do you know i was hanging out with just adults….. Dont presume i hang with adults like that… Everyone that i surrounded my self with in SL where all very mature and never disaplayed anything adult to me…. Stop speaking like you know my whole sorry. This whole inteview wasnt for you to judge my time here. These comments should even be here.

  28. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 27th, 2005

    “Maybe you want to make a neverland ranch and have kids stay at your place because at 14 they are so so mature and ready to handle everything.” more evedence suporting that you have NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!! Get the facts before you post idiotic comments. And mimi, Thanks i’ll i have a good time in the teen grid =) You were cool =)

  29. boo parks

    Apr 27th, 2005

    lmao blah blah blahblahblah dude kid or whatever your name is I am not talking to you or directly at you ok. I am saying that the game is for adults so we can feel free to do as we please without corrupting younger peoples. If kids are among us we should know about it so we can adjust our behavior appropriately. so nothing you or anyone can say will make it right and ya know why?

    CAUSE IT IS WRONG and kid I wish you luck in whatever you do and none of my posts are supposed to be read by you cause you are a kid lol. But I see your parents let you do as you please. umm maybe you should like go outside and get some sunshine and run and play or somethng cause you have the rest of your life to set behind a screen but your childhood is gonna go by quick so dude go enjoy it before u get all old as hell and let it pass you by. Another thing stop trying to be so mature and be a frekin kid :D

    Godd luck young fella

    P.S. If you cant run or walk or something please forgive my comment I am assuming you are a heathy young fella. :D

  30. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Welll As nice as your comment is, it is still incredible anoying… maybe you didnt read my full interview, but i DO NOT spend my life in front of a screen. I’m devloping a life…. and all that good stuff you mentioned. :) As far as you, being an “adult” wanting to do “adult” things on a game…. I mentioned that i wanted to get away from … I know it isnt right to let them think i was an adult. SO, yes sorry second life… i am 14. But, again i mentioned that sir, im sorry…. sorry…. sorry…. Horay teen grid… happy thoughts….

  31. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Also… Yes i read these posts… I never wanted this post to get comments like this…… but i read them. quick mom cover my eyes! lol

  32. Ryan Dayton

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Anyway….. I dont plan to read these anymore… I think its funny this guy seems to know what i do with my life….. Anyway, you can find my e-mail on http://www.ryandayton.com if you wanna talk. Thanks for the good comments everyone. Ill be a good underager and wont read them anymore. =)

  33. Ontay Drago

    Apr 27th, 2005

    RYAN WE’LL MISS U, GOOD LUCK IN THE TEEN GRID, I HOPE U DONT RUN INTO BOO THAT FUCKIGN ASSHOLE! Boo u dunno ryan u have no rigth to say anything rude about hi, say good luck…thats it! IM me in world if u would like to finishe this convo..but ur an ass seriously!

  34. Dougal Jacobs

    Apr 27th, 2005

    (The following post was submitted a day aarlier but due to technical difficulties It took untill today to get it posted.)

    I have a few comments to make not to the main article but instead to “boo parks” Firstly, let me say that I am displeased by your language on a public comment forum. I hope you dont talk that way in real life because it is not tolerated at my place of work, home, or study. It is very rude to come into a comment board to attempt to attack a persons character amidst a plethora of sympathy. And the manner in which you tried to do this was also tacky. To me and many of the other posters/readers here you sound like a disgruntled (and or jealous) person with nothing else to do than attempt to destroy what little somebody has left. You could have made yourself look much better. If you had instead posted “Yes, it is true that Ryan has made a huge sucess out of his SL business at an unprecedented early age, But that does not excuse the fact that he is a minor in an adult world.” Had you posted that im sure you would have been received nicely by most people here. Instead you chose to barrel in here with unorganized unwarranted hateful accusations, directed at someone supposedly much physically younger than you no doubt. But notice how I only said physically. Ryan Dayton would not, regardless of how much he hated something, blast into a comment forum such as this to make such hateful accusations. Since it seems that at the age of 14 years old physically he is more mature than you. How old are you physically? Better question, How old are you mentally? Because it seems that a 14 year old is able to conduct himself in a more proper manner in public than you. Does that make you younger than him mentally? I think it does. If you disagree and would like to hold an intelligent conversation please feel free to IM me. (Please dont bother if you want to continue the hateful rant displayed here) Personally I seriously doubt you will, most people who are elitist and hateful rarely step up to the bat when they are challenged by an equal or greater mind. So in conculsion I support maturity. Being physically older than someone does not make you “Better” than them or “Smarter” either. The winner in the game of life is the person who conducts himself more maturely. Mr. Boo Parks, you loose.

  35. boo parks

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Dude like could you make your point in like a smaller paragraph. Anyway I dont give a rats ass what you think or anyone else thinks.
    I did not attack the kid it just looked that way cause my post ran directly behind his although when I wrote it his was not on the board yet. But forgt that lets say I did do it what the fuck are you going to do about it. Im on game come and see me my name is boo parks. come talk your shit to me in game you big fat fucking whale. and to all you haters out there SUCK MY FAT COCK

  36. fala nightshade

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Boo parks suck your own dick and stop being a dumbass pls

  37. unhygienix

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Sorry to hear about Ryan getting banned. I hope that he’ll be able to transfer his assets over to the teen grid, but I’m certain regardless that we’re going to be hearing big things about his successes over there as well.

    Does the Second Life Herald enforce its 18-and-over only rule? Not trying to be an arse, but Ryan is now admittedly a minor, and he has multiple comments up on both articles about him. What is SLH policy, when admitted minors are clearly posting (after having accessed) the site? It may be little more than a beard, but perhaps it would be best to ask that Ryan’s comments be communicated to one of the regular SLH crew and posted by them.

  38. mike czukor

    Apr 28th, 2005

    wow i leave for two months and look wut happens,very sad to see a good scripter go.anyway best of lucky ryan and i think sl will suffer becuase of your early demise:(

  39. Your Mom?

    Apr 29th, 2005

    Ryan – I was being sarcastic, get over it. You have taken this interview / comments too seriously. Meaning that you think that you have some type of “famousness” attached with your name. You are just another kid that broke the rules and got what was coming. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but tough shit on the loss of your money. I am 17 and I have a SL account (haven’t play in a few weeks) and yes – I am careful. If I was banned [yet again], I’d be pissed .. but I wouldn’t whine about it because I broke the rules and got caught. It’s like murdering someone and hiding the dead body .. and leaving it up to the police to find it. Your loss of [an estimated] $600 USD is ever so sad – need a tissue? Instead of getting people to feel sorry for you, you should feel like a dumbass. And where do you get this $600 USD? Obviously not in land, if you only own 3072m (max) .. so if it’s in cash .. you should have been smart and held it in a GOM ATM .

    Like I said – I am under 18 and I am all for the 18 + only rule (infact it should be older, I know some immature 18 year olds, and some 50 year olds too) I know some “kids” in game .. and those are the ones who ruin it for people like us.

    Again – get over it, boo hoo … cry me a river, build me a bridge .. and get the fuck over it.

  40. boo parks

    Apr 29th, 2005


  41. Ryan Dayton

    May 1st, 2005

    Well, i never asked anyone to feel sory for me, and no its not in land… its in scripting……I never cried about it either…. I never ruined anyones SL by being there….. i never particapated in mature things… so how could i? Also… I cant wait to get to the teen grid… There WAS “famousness” attached to my name, just becuase you dont know me, dont think that there wasnt. But again I DONT CARE. I never heard of you either. I dont feel like a dumbass for not using GOM, becuase i will be getting my cash once my account is transfered to the teen grid sir.. So again, nothing you said is true, and your talking out of your rear……. Good night and having a good one boo :-)

  42. boo parks

    May 1st, 2005


  43. Your Mom?

    May 1st, 2005

    Haha, sorry I feel off my chair after I read that trash. When you claim that you’re famous – you’re NOT! Believe me, we had a nutjob like that in TSO .. he was a head of a kiddy mafia that had like 3 members, but he claimed that he had 50. Bottom line: When you say you’re famous – YOU ARE NOT! It’s like saying “I’m cool” .. when you say you’re cool – you’re not. You need some one or people [for that matter] to tell you if you’re cool.

    I don’t care if you sat in your little cave and held your fingers to your ears and hummed all day in Second Life, you are still breaking the rules and got what you ‘deserved’. Dumbass.

    And that is great when your stuff is moved to the shit grid, I mean Teen Grid – because no one will be interested in that. Everyone will be interested in drawing phallus’ and what not everywhere.

  44. You wish you knew

    May 1st, 2005

    Hey Ryan. I went to your store last week and covered it in prim blocks. Your friends came bitching me out. Lindens came and said they will take care of it. My blocks was returned. So was your whole store and your land was owned by Gov. Linden. Have fun :) BTW I’m underage and I play SL still AHAHAHAHA

  45. Clark Ambassador

    May 1st, 2005

    You’re underaged?? Wow, I couldn’t tell by that post.

  46. Ryan Dayton

    May 1st, 2005

    Umm…… Ok… “wish you knew” and i do know who you are… I was there as well. Not that it matters, i really dont care that my land is gone…. All my important stuff is in my inventory, which is getting transfered… So. I have no problem what so ever. :-) AND YES!!! I GOT WHAT I DESERVED!!!! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BANNED, I’M UNDERAGED!!!! HORAY. I LOVE BEING A TEEN. What are you gonna do? shoot me? Anyway, i dont see why the both of you care so much. You dont seem like people who are very liked so, ya good luck with your own lifes. I’m doing great =-D

  47. Ryan Dayton

    May 1st, 2005

    Whats funny is…. He was stupid enough to admit it on this public fourm… As i said, i was there. I have plenty of others telling me the same name as well. So my message to Fuzzy Koala is…… “wow……………… your one smart guy.”

  48. Your Mom?

    May 2nd, 2005

    Ryan I highly doubt your stuff is being transferred to the new grid. First of all, when I got banned they didn’t fuck around. I even emailed them about it, begged, cried [/sarcasm]. Why would they transfer files for someone who broke the rules? Don’t seem right to me .

    Secondly, even what you say is true (which I highly doubt) .. your stuff is entirely worthless. I have kept up with the forums and it sounds like there will be a lot of restrictions. Like PG-only, a limit of scripts, and it seems as if a lot of content will need to be pre-approved.

    Thirdly, EVEN if your stuff is allowed on the grid AND it has the ability to sell .. what teen would be interested in this shit, when they can have something cheap and immature that someone else is selling. LIKE PICTURES OF BOOBIES!!!! THAT SLIPPED THROUGH THE APPROVAL LINE.!!

  49. Ryan Dayton

    May 2nd, 2005

    Actually its been confermed that my inventory will be transfered… My question to you is, why do you care so much about how my 3rd life will be? Ive competed with programmers of age and made a profit. Its has also been confermed that the teen grid will have the same code branch as the main one. Again im not worried. Ive sold hundreds of copies so im sure i wont have a problem selling it in the teen grid. So again guys… im doing good. Stop trying to get me down.

  50. Dougal Jacobs

    May 3rd, 2005

    This thread is getting out of hand. Its rapidly becoming a “bash” thread dominated by an immature few who think it is “fun” or “funny” to taunt somebody for their misfortune. In address to “Your Mom”, I could have told that you were underaged without you mentioning it. You realy are making a fool out of yourself by coming into this thread and acting like an “Im better than you” buffoon. I would even go so far as to say you arent acting YOUR (underaged) age. I know 12 year olds who behave themselves better in public than you. Mabye you should take a hint from elementary school kids and MATURE!

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