Teenie Grid Now Open for Headaches

by Alphaville Herald on 20/04/05 at 4:56 pm

Teens line up to join SL’s new “Teen Grid”

Well, the teen grid is open for business. See this announcement from Robin Linden for details.
We are taking bets on when we get to say “we told you so.” And Tony will get to say “I told you so” too.

3 Responses to “Teenie Grid Now Open for Headaches”

  1. Tony Walsh

    Apr 20th, 2005

    Actually, my biggest concern this point is the ability of Linden Lab to sustain a stringent upload-monitoring policy if/when the Teen population begins to increase. But I suppose the policing aspect is probably more volatile and time-consuming. As a former consultant for youth-oriented online communities, I know that real-time monitoring is usually very expensive in proportion to its effectiveness. For most businesses, this type of monitoring is prohibitively-expensive, and only gets moreso as the community population increases.

    Judged on the surface alone, this Teen Grid effort seems like more trouble than what it’s worth, but since I know Linden Lab is a smart company, there must be more to it. I’ve been trying to figure out what. More details when I jump to some conclusions :)

  2. Jhanniss

    Apr 21st, 2005

    ‘I told you so’ will never be enough for that idea. The Teen grid will end up being a mistake. That or a hunting ground for all the “nekkie” ppl that pursue such in the regular SL as it is. Yah, go try and monitor that. Good luck. ^.^

  3. hey hey

    Apr 21st, 2005

    When does it open.

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