The Scribes of Gor

by Alphaville Herald on 25/04/05 at 12:54 am

Long time Herald readers will recall our coverage of the Gorean community on TSO – In particular our interviews with Mistress Maria and her slave Toy, and our frequent reports from the Black Rose Castle and Mistress Julianna and her slave Mikal. All of these people are now in SL, and I recently ran into them in the scribery on the new Gorean island Port Kar. For readers unfamiliar with Gorean subculture, it is based on a series of sci fi books by John Norman which describe a planet of slave owners and slaves. Gorean culture and language have been developed and incorporated into BDSM roleplay lifestyles in a number of social MMOs. In this interview we talk to Vivienne Daguerre (formerly Mistress Julianna), who is the librarian in the new Gorean scribery on Port Kar.

Uri, Vivienne and slave Mikal in the library

You: Tell me about the library, Vivienne.
Vivienne Daguerre: the library has existed about a week, so there has been a lot done. [so far we have] basic information, all with permissions, none of it stolen. we have paid great attention to the detail on the book covers… we will reproduce all. Over here we have the first two books of Gor in a format readable within SL without having to go to outside websites. over here we have the writings of our residents.

You: I see Toy has a book here
Vivienne Daguerre: yes, she does. She has a book over here too as does Angelique (Maria from TSO), and Mikal has several here. And this section is to record on scrolls dance and drink/food serves as examples for learning slaves, so we are doing well for the short time we have been here

Books by the locals (Toy, Angelique, Mikal)

You: no kidding. all this all in one week
Vivienne Daguerre: yes, perhaps just a bit over a week

You: who makes the books?
Vivienne Daguerre: mikal and I do. I am the Scribe of Kar, and he is my slave.
I enjoy making textures and have tried to make the books detailed.

You: What would you say the principle mission of the scribery will be?
Vivienne Daguerre: to provide information about Gor to those who seek knowledge of it. To keep city and legal records. To publish the creative writings and thoughts about Gor of the city residents.

You: legal records?
Vivienne Daguerre: yes

You: what are they?
Vivienne Daguerre: one scroll here is the contract for sale/purchase of a slave named kali, the other is a document restoring a Free Woman to her Free status after being punished by being forced to serve as a slave for 3 days. our laws are in this book.

Some legal documents from Port Kar

You: Is there a law making body in Port Kar?
Vivienne Daguerre: yes

You: what is the nature of the legal authority here?
Vivienne Daguerre: Marak is Administrator of Kar. He is the law here and Angelique is his Magistrate. you know her as Maria :)
You: yes
Vivienne Daguerre: She is an excellent choice
You: I would think so
Vivienne Daguerre: She and he made the laws. She is judge. Kazrak as Captain is enforcer

The Laws of Port Kar and rules for slaves.

You: How are they appointed?
Vivienne Daguerre: Marak appointed her, as he appointed me scribe.

You: And who appointed Marak, or does he own the island?
Vivienne Daguerre: he and his wife/slave fey own the island, and he built this. They have done a wonderful job here in creating a place for community to grow

You: When did the island open?
Vivienne Daguerre: only two or three weeks ago, it has not been here long

You: impressive work in a short amount of time. will the Goreans reside here, or just visit?
[Angelique LaFolette and Toy arrive]
Angelique LaFollette: Well, I live here. :)

Angelique and Toy

Vivienne Daguerre: Tal Angelique :)
Vivienne Daguerre: Mikal and I live here as well
Angelique LaFollette: Tal My Lady, Tal Uri.
You: angelique, good to see you
Toy LaFollette: Nidan Mistress Viv, Master Uri :)
You: hello Toy!
Angelique LaFollette: And you chere.
Vivienne Daguerre: some of us have homes here, some just visit.. the residences are full

You: I’m doing a story on the scribery
Vivienne Daguerre: enter and be welcome my love
Angelique LaFollette: I have been Following the Herald chere,,
Vivienne Daguerre: Marak is coming to join us
You: this is like a TSO reunion or something
Toy LaFollette: :)
Vivienne Daguerre: we decided long ago that we would always be friends :)

You: the only one missing is dyerbrook, or should I say Prokofy
Vivienne Daguerre: lmao, Oh I miss him.. hehe
Angelique LaFollette: Oh Please.
Mikal Snakeankle: lol
Angelique LaFollette: and Dyer is writing for the Herald now.
Vivienne Daguerre: *peeks out from article and waves at Dyerbrook*

You: He seems more exercised by the Feted Inner Core these days
Vivienne Daguerre: lol
Toy LaFollette hums when Porkofy is mentioned….. “if I only had a brain” :)
Mikal Snakeankle: lol toy

[Port Kar owner Marak and his slave Fey arrive]
Vivienne Daguerre: and here are the wonder workers Uri

Port Kar owners Marak and slave Fey

Mikal Snakeankle: Greetings Master
Vivienne Daguerre: Tal Marak :)
Vivienne Daguerre: Hello fey :)
Fey Brightwillow: greetings Mistress
Marak Coral: hello Urizenus and welcome to Port kar
Mikal Snakeankle: hey Fey :)
Toy LaFollette: Greetings Master Marak :)
You: thank you Marak
Fey Brightwillow: greetings Urizenus Sir
Marak Coral: Tal Angelique and Vivienne
Toy LaFollette: greetings fey :)

A map of Gor displayed in the library

You: Contratulations on a splendid build
Fey Brightwillow: greetings Mistress Angelique
Angelique LaFollette: Tal marak. :)
Marak Coral: thank you
Angelique LaFollette: Greetings fey.
Fey Brightwillow smiles in greetings to mikal and toy
Marak Coral: we are trying create something unique here

You: Marak I’m here to learn about the scribery today, but I would like to talk to you and Angelique and other people in the magistrate one day soon
Marak Coral: of course I will be happy to assist you in anyway we can

You: how many people live here now?
Vivienne Daguerre: not sure
Fey Brightwillow: last i looked 65 people Mistress
Angelique LaFollette: You have to find out how many Frees, and add their slaves,,
Vivienne Daguerre: thank you fey :)
Angelique LaFollette: I account for Five Collared slaves myself.
Fey Brightwillow: sorry 75 citizens

You: wow, sounds like you will soon have a gorean mini-grid
Toy LaFollette: will be 3 linked sims very soon

You: do slaves count as citizens?
Fey Brightwillow: yes Sir, not all live here, we can not support that many
Angelique LaFollette: Perhaps “Residents” would be a better word.

You: are the other two sims on order or do they exist elsewhere.
Toy LaFollette: toys will be ordered tomorrow

You: congrats Toy
Toy LaFollette: jashi Va :)
Angelique LaFollette: There were 38 here when i Collared my last two Girls,,
Vivienne Daguerre: and the scribery has attracted a number of guests.. many do come here and sit here to read..
Marak Coral: we have about 35 live in residents on the sim, and have about 7 slaves that are collared to the city
Vivienne Daguerre: A class has been held here as well.. which is another good use for the scribery as a centre of knowledge
Toy LaFollette: toy comes here to write also girl finds it very conducive for writing

You: I can imagine.
Vivienne Daguerre: and this is the start point for many curious about Gor, wanting to learn more, and ultimately becoming Gorean.

You: well people, I must take my leave…
Vivienne Daguerre: thank you for your interest Uri :)
Toy LaFollette: be well Master Uri, was nice seeing You again :)
Vivienne Daguerre: Be well Uri.
Fey Brightwillow: a pleasure to have met you Sir
Angelique LaFollette: Be well uri.
Marak Coral: be well Uri
Mikal Snakeankle: i wish You well Sir Uri

You: I’ll come back when I’m not busy just to talk sometime
Vivienne Daguerre: you would be welcome
Marak Coral: you are welcome anytime
Vivienne Daguerre: I am no longer so evil Uri… not the bad girl of Alphaville.

You: haha
Vivienne Daguerre: just a nice spinster librarian now :D , hehe
Mikal Snakeankle: /chuckles

You: kari braska

Don’t talk in the library, or there will be hell to pay!

12 Responses to “The Scribes of Gor”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Ugh. It’s spreading! Slavery, violence, coercion as a “popular lifestyle choice” on the grid! Sad. Well, I’d be happy to sing the Scarecrow song “the thoughts I’d be thinkin’/I could be another Lincoln”…except when I open my mind, my brains don’t fall out : )

    As I see it, unlike the FIC, which creates broader-based obstructions to freedom now. I wouldn’t have any reason to fight people on private sims doing their own private thing, who could stop them? If contacted for comment, I can comment that intellectually and spirtually, on many grounds, I abhor their lifestyle and totalitarian idelogy, and condemn the Herald for making it seem like they’re just an exotic titillation. But if they abide by the TOS and don’t impact the enjoyment of the game for others and don’t spread on to the main grid as an obstruction to those who wish to enjoy their freedom, what can you do?

    The fact is, when they have taken over, people will wonder how they did it. They will have done it by being in Live Help, being in the Herald, being everywhere. By then it may be too late to recover our freedom. These types of sects always appeal to a liberal’s desire to be tolerant. It’s a sad and troublesome commentary on our time that the revolution in communications and openeness has spawned a backlash of sects and “alternative lifestyles” that constitute closed, rigid societies of the Dark Ages. SO sad. SO many buy into them due to their ill-conceived notion that it is about fascinating stories, props, and “lifestyle”. I won’t be joining them in that celebration. That’s my right.

  2. Mistress Angelique (Maria)

    Apr 28th, 2005

    We are happy to see you too chere. ;)

    Actually,, Prokofy has it slightly Backwards, Goreans, and Other D/s practitioners have been on the Main SL Map since the start, and have yet to “Take Over”, A). Because it Isn’t something that Interests us at all, and B).We have always recognized the rights of others to live their lives as they Choose (A right neva seems to strongly disagree with and would likely abolish in HIS image of “Freedom”) Nevas own Ignorance of this fact only serves to prove the truth of my contentions. As we have pointed out, Many times in the past,, we live quietly, and mind our own affairs. If people choose to seek us out, we welcome them as Guests (As a side note, Guests to Port Kar wear titlers to identify themselves AS guests, and are not required to follow our rules other than the ones set to keep the Common peace) and Allow them to observe our daily lives. We hide Nothing. We are confident enough in our chosen path to say, “Come and judge for Yourselves After actually seeing us, and speaking to us.”
    If we aren’t your thing,, Go in peace.
    If you like what you see,, stay for a Goblet or two at the Tavern.
    All we ask in return, and all we have ever asked is,, Be Polite.

    Mistress Angelique LaFollette
    Port Kar.

  3. FIC Agent #737

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Provoky: you do realize that these people are engaged in erotic role-playing, right? And that this role-play has pretty much nothing to do with the actual ideologies (RL or SL) of their community members?

  4. Cienna

    Apr 28th, 2005

    No, Agent. He realizes no such thing. As per utterly usual, everything that happens in the world in some mystical way *proves* he is absolutely right about absolutely everything.

    Of course, this is known as a ‘psychotic break with reality’ in professional circles. But within SL and its community outlets, I think it is just called ‘Prok being Prok’.

  5. Az Czukor

    Apr 28th, 2005

    I’m not sure how any lifestyle or society that remains 100% voluntary can “take over” anything. And, last time I checked, there is no way that anyone can do anything to you without your consent (collaring, etc.) that isn’t against the TOS for SL.

  6. toy

    Apr 28th, 2005

    ahhhhh Prokofy, I see your still ranting about something you havent a clue about :)

    To bad I cant put you on ignore like in the forums.

    I would ask tho, do try to know at least a small bit of what the hell your talking about :)

  7. LadyJulianna

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Hello Dyerbrook! Smiles.. I was wondering who you were harrassing and trying to save these days. Have you discredited yourself here as well as in the old Alphaville Herald? Told any good lies lately? How is the gender switching going?

    Never mind, don’t bother answering.. for I really don’t care.


  8. mikal

    Apr 28th, 2005

    *shakes my head at the ignorance and goes back to work on a book for the scribery*

  9. Darksoul

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Just wanted to say Tal Y/ya’ll

    the cheerfully monikered (/grin) Darksoul

  10. mike czukor

    Apr 28th, 2005

    hmmm well im not against it qas long as its not invading other ppls lives why should ppl say something about.i mean ppl, who really gives a fuck wut they do or any one else its as long as its not affectin you,so i really dont know why ppl bitch about it. anyway just got back after 2months away from sl :)

  11. Marak Coral

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Well, …pondering…

    I created Port Kar for myself and my friends to enjoy Gor, and sorry Prokky I have no desire for world Domination or your submission as the thought of you submissive to me or anyone I know only serves to give me the chance to look at my partially digested dinner.
    Your ignorance is abysmal and should be laughed at, I would invite you to come to Port Kar if you wish and talk to the residences, guests, and those that are interested in roleplaying a fantasy series that has enraptured many for generations. If not then you are welcome to stick your head back in the sand and attempt to ridicule anything you know the least about.

  12. SaraLouise Deckard

    May 2nd, 2005

    girl totally agree’s, although this one is not a follower of Gor this one does like it’s style & outlook (girl is sub & more victorian in nature), girl is only ever a visitor to Port Kar with Mistress or Master, but enjoy’s it’s time there, and know’s this one’s sister’s would not be without it.
    girl has been to show’s, although not been to the library, has read of Kar so this one is not ignorant, & also so this one does not ut it’s foot where it’s mouth should be so as not to offend.
    This one is sub born by nature, & just is as this one does, it does not ‘spread’, it is not a disease, some of us have no where to go in RL, so SL is the place for this one, as this one is more than happy having been owned in SL, and being what this one is, just because this one does not fit into societies view, does not mean it is wrong.
    If any one is just misguided into thinking being sub or slave, Master or Mistress is just a sex thing that is a kink, then they are more than wrong. For some of us it is a way of life, & comforting, this one will alway’s remain girl, it is happy here :-) although many may not see it that way, they do not have to visit if they are not liking the life, just don’t frown on those that it is for, best wishes, & be well to all Masters, Mistress’s, sister’s & brother’s who may have visited here, or just those that have come here in peace

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