Tricking Out Virtual Rides: SL Gets its First Aftermarket Performance Shop!

by Alphaville Herald on 04/04/05 at 10:50 pm

Yeah, you bought your pixilated Audi TT, or maybe you got that sweet Primouth Fury, but you want more than the factory engine that came with it. Thank gopod SL finally has an aftermarket performance shop where you can soup up your engines with some nitrous and other essentials. In this interview Rizzo Ramona introduces us to Omega Groshomme and his aftermarket shop: Omega Performance.

Rizzo Ramona: omega tell us about ur new shop
Omega Groshomme: well… its an aftermarket performance shop for SL car builders
with parts and accessories

Rizzo Ramona: a new addition to sl.. tels us what first inspired u to create a performance shop
Omega Groshomme: in RL I’m a total car performance nut and admirer so it was simple

Rizzo Ramona: tell everybody what we can expect upon entering ur shop
Omega Groshomme: my first idea which is the Nitrous oxide bottles with sound from NOS,nitrous express (NX),and ZEX,as well as purge kits which emit nitrous into the air from the same companies and more to come later,but also am working on exhausts designs,intakes and engines. Its mainly custom orders but i make what i can.

some of the nitrous bottles for the happy muscle car

Rizzo Ramona: and by custom orders u mean?
Omega Groshomme: well its hard to create parts for all the different vehicles out people need to order. they can give me their vehicles and ill add the parts they want. i can make anything and everything that goes on a car..and not expensive either.

Rizzo Ramona: this in my opinion is a really good idea, and great for SL society hehe…. Hopefully we’ll see Pimp My SL Ride and car shows featuring your work in the near future!
Omega Groshomme: thanks!

2 Responses to “Tricking Out Virtual Rides: SL Gets its First Aftermarket Performance Shop!”

  1. Black Hand Street Racing Sydicate Owner- Santino Molinari

    Apr 5th, 2005

    GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!!! Awsome work Omega! the SL Racing Revolution has begun!!!

  2. Clark Ambassador

    Apr 5th, 2005

    I want Omega to pimp my ride.

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