You Can’t Steal Love

by Alphaville Herald on 14/04/05 at 9:52 pm

New information on the dramatic saga of Mr Fairplay and Alyeska Zamboni. The defenders of One Song/Mr. Fairplay say he had permission to take Alyeska’s property. She certainly gave him her password. But why? A test of her love for him? And isn’t seizing your girlfriend’s property an odd test of her love? But then, maybe it was revenge for her dalliance with ex-BF Baller Momo? The Herald has recently come into possession of the dramatic chat logs in which Alyeska, under her alt Vella Sunset appeals to Nigel Linden to have her property restored while Mr Fairplay makes a moving and poetic profession of his love, all to no avail. Thanks to both Mr Fairplay and Alyseska for permission to reprint these logs.

Here it is, raw and unfiltered. We report; you weep for the state of humanity.

Mr Fairplay: u need to calm down.
Nigel Linden: your pass on what site?
Mr Fairplay: woman
Vella Sunset: uyou changed it i pay fucking 200 a month and hold only 17 meters
Vella Sunset: liaison
Nigel Linden: if you are talking about GOM, we don?t own or control that
Vella Sunset: read mr fairplays last report in the
Vella Sunset: sl nes about lindens
Mr Fairplay: she is talking about the land here?
Mr Fairplay: that belongs to me now?
Vella Sunset: i want my land back now
Mr Fairplay: u can?t have it back now
Vella Sunset: i want it back now
Mr Fairplay: u want it back?
Vella Sunset: NOW fucking now
Mr Fairplay: u have to contact CS 9am
Mr Fairplay: and file an abuse report.
Vella Sunset: omg
Vella Sunset: please help me
Mr Fairplay: lol
Mr Fairplay: lol
Vella Sunset: he stold it
Mr Fairplay: lol
Mr Fairplay: now ur all desperate
Vella Sunset: i pay 200 a month
Mr Fairplay: why do u have to lie to ppl so much
Nigel Linden: office is normally open from 8am SL time
Mr Fairplay: why did u have to lie to me and say that u love and
Mr Fairplay: and hurt my feelings
Vella Sunset: no i need now
Mr Fairplay: what
Vella Sunset: this is my land
Mr Fairplay: so what if I have lots of things in this game
Mr Fairplay: and power
Vella Sunset: go through history
Mr Fairplay: I never nothing other than my heart
Vella Sunset: this is my land
Nigel Linden: Not something I can do
Nigel Linden: you need to contact the office
Vella Sunset: omg if you were andrew you would help
Vella Sunset: what other linden on
Mr Fairplay: andrew is my good friend anwyays
Mr Fairplay: he aint gonna help u with nothing
Mr Fairplay: so dream on princess
Mr Fairplay: just contact the office when it opens
Mr Fairplay: see for ur self
Vella Sunset: mr you fucking lie you said you love me asked for my pas that make you a man to take all i have
Vella Sunset: ?
Vella Sunset: hu
Vella Sunset: big man
Vella Sunset: fuck you
Mr Fairplay: I love u alyeska
Nigel Linden: ok. I need to go. Please contact the office and Vella?
Nigel Linden: Use the website to change your password
Mr Fairplay: why dont u love me?
Vella Sunset: i will post signs in ever sand box saying what you did that is 800
Vella Sunset: us dollars
Vella Sunset: you fuck
Mr Fairplay: I can make a story ion the herald for u
Vella Sunset: ok well
Mr Fairplay: about u giving me this stuff to prove ur love
Nigel Linden: Vella. that will get you in trouble, not a wise move
Mr Fairplay: I can make sure everyone knows
Mr Fairplay: thats not a problem to me..
Nigel Linden: ok Bye now
Vella Sunset: see
Mr Fairplay: cya nigel and thx for helping
Vella Sunset: he is an ass
Vella Sunset: give it back
Mr Fairplay: give me ur love
Vella Sunset: now
Mr Fairplay: i want u
Mr Fairplay: !
Vella Sunset: you fucking have it
Mr Fairplay: come to me on the 19th
Vella Sunset: fuck you onply reason i gave was becaue i wa sshowing i did
Mr Fairplay: u can have all this wrothless shit to u
Mr Fairplay: when u come.
Mr Fairplay: it means nothing to me
Mr Fairplay: ur love in the other hand does.
Vella Sunset: ok watch this
Mr Fairplay: and u said u love m

14 Responses to “You Can’t Steal Love”

  1. Cinda

    Apr 14th, 2005

    See? In her own words she said she GAVE it to him. NO HACKING HERE. You shouldnt write checks your ass cant cash. When you play dirty, and then get PLAYED dirty, whos fault is it? YOUR OWN.

  2. BR

    Apr 15th, 2005

    hmmm, I remember the day that she created that alt and tried to play like she was a newbie…standing on GNO ILAND pretending she was just flying by and dropped down. She was really there to run game on Reno.

    I guess faking is a good part of her life, even down to the fake 1st life pic she posts on her profile.

    I’ll say it again..the day she WILLINGLY gave out the password for her account, she told them to TAKE everything because she was exposed for the faker she really is.

  3. Levi Anansi

    Apr 15th, 2005

    Oh, dear god. You have simply got to be kidding me. I can’t believe Nigel even stuck around to listen to this tripe. Personally I would have died from laughing so hard. This is that bad. Was Bruce Campbell around while this was going on?

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 15th, 2005

    I want Andrew. I want *that Linden who is my friend who will do it for me* ohhhhh.

  5. Gormz Gomez

    Apr 16th, 2005

    One song ur a fucking scumbag ur nothing dude u think ur all high and fucking mighty. If i didnt get baned for life on Sl ur ass would of been whiped out u fucking bald retarted ugly faggot, get a life dude besides Second Life bc its pretty pathetic how u think ur all tough on a video game if i seen u in Rl i wud smash ur fucking face in.

  6. boo parks

    Apr 16th, 2005

    lol at gormz man gormz would u smash his face in? I saw you in a rl pic gormz and you are a scrawny lil fella who could do no harm.
    lol but I like how angry you are it made me laugh my ass off.

  7. Mr Fairplay

    Apr 17th, 2005

    Gormz I’d love you give you the chance to smash my face in you little 16 year old thug wanna be. I grew up on the Ghetto myself, and any face smash was to be done would be smashing your scrawny little face into some road side curb. Don’t talk big when you ain’t got shit little boy.

  8. Reno Parks

    Apr 17th, 2005

    Gormz go take off that old ass Fila swat suit lil Biteeech

  9. boo parks

    Apr 17th, 2005


  10. Xaira Lehane

    Apr 27th, 2005

    My group and I have had run in with MR Fairplay before. He is volitile, rude, arrogant, a liar, cheat, and has no honor. He is a player, trying to get pussy any way he can.

    He is really a SMALL little man who has no real life so he walks around in Second Life pretending he is big shit because it makes him feel better about himself.

    MR fairplay….GET A LIFE and quit your name dropping and stuff, because no one really gives a shit in the end.

    Also any ladies out there who meet up with MR. Fairplay or One Song Run for your lives….as fast as you can……

  11. Mr Fairplay

    May 3rd, 2005

    Lets point out the fact that you are probably alyeska and that can be confirmed by looking at ur empty profile page in SL. All the ratings under this person is -3 given, so obviously an alt of someone who is so scared that won’t even neg rate people to their face. People like you make me sick. I’ll look into implementing a new rule in the SLH, no annonymous posting allowed in the near future have a good day all.

  12. Stacy Maracas

    May 3rd, 2005

    Xaira, aka Aleyska
    I AM A CHICK, and ummm I have ONE thing to say!
    Aleska, *cough* THATS FAMIGLIE BABY!
    *waves to all*
    *GM BEllini has left the building*

  13. Alyeska

    Jan 18th, 2008

    i so laugh at these comments nd old days btw been back in game a year kisses xoxoox

  14. Michelle Engel

    Mar 30th, 2010

    Just stumbled across this again, and man, did it bring back memories.

    One Song/Mr. Fairplay, you were one of the first I met in SL back in 2004, and I always had a great time. Returned myself to SL after an extended break, and am still one of the few members left of the One Song Fan Club :) Wonders how you are these days…. Take care One Song

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