Fashion Show: Jaded Visions

by Alphaville Herald on 27/06/05 at 7:52 pm

by Chipsen Queso

This evening, I attended the Jaded Visions fashion show at the new DoveVogue runway studio. My first surprise was that I wasn’t banned from the land. After how much Palomma and I squabbled, I suppose I figured I would be. I also expected that Tipsico would be packed: once again, I was wrong. The studio was never even three-quarters full the entire time. That, though, is honestly quite sad.

The designs this evening were delightful for the most part. The detail was enormous, and even though the seams didn’t always match, they were more than passable, and much better than other shows I have reviewed at the DoveVogue studio. There are a few specific outfits that I would like to point out that caught my eye.

First is an outfit that LadySue Perkins modeled. The hostess, Jazmina Firefly, never gave a name for this outfit, but it is quite lovely anyway, and is moderately detailed for the kind of outfit that it is.

Next up is Dark Princess, modeled by Cathy Jackson (shown at top). This outfit is very intricate and detailed, and creates a nice effect. As Jazmina pointed out, it can be worn in many different ways, and perhaps mixed-and-matched with other outfits to create a great ensemble.

Next is what I consider the WORST outfit from the show: “Tarttan Tart.” My first reaction when seeing this was to wonder if that was the correct top, because orange and ruby red do NOT go together. This outfit should be burned and everyone who has bought it should be given a colorblindness test, because this is just horrid.

Overall, the outfits were very good and had a good amount of detail. The models did a good job, with only a few bobbles, models coming out at the wrong time, etc. The “runway,” however, is of the same loop shape that I absolutely abhor. I’m sorry, but that is NOT a runway. It is a stage. When will the SecondLife fashion industry wisen up to that fact? Soon, I hope.

3 Responses to “Fashion Show: Jaded Visions”

  1. Jazmina Firefly

    Jun 27th, 2005

    I need to correct you.After reading this i scrolled back into the show and i did name the pink posh dress.Perhaps you misunderstood me an thought pink posh was part of the description but it wasn’t it is the dresses name.

  2. gman21

    Jun 28th, 2005

    Too bad they don’t allow stuff like this in the Teen Grid :(

  3. marilyn murphy

    Jun 28th, 2005

    kathy jackson needs to be a post sixx girl.


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